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FREE printable: Meal planner

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FREE printable: Meal planner

I don’t know how we lived without meal planning. But there was a time when we {Hubby and I} totally winged it all. I think we must have had a lot of food in our freezer, or we ate a lot of take-out. I can’t even remember.

Everyone has their own shopping/cooking style I guess, but for us we’re planners. We sit down and plan out our dinners. I find it to be pretty uninspiring at times, I’m not gonna lie, but it makes shopping easier. I refuse to plan out my lunches because I need a bit of spontaneity. Rebel.

FREE printable: Meal planner

Today I’m bringing you a fun and fresh, free printable meal planner made for us by the talented Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. If you don’t plan out your meals you pretty much need to print this out and try it because it’s a bit of a game-changer. Don’t make me come over and there and print it out for you. Don’t make me.

To grab the planner, just click the image below or click here. You can download it to your computer or print it out, or both. Enjoy.


  • Just what I am looking for as I was thinking of meal planning only today.

  • I have tried meal planning so many times & it never sticks ! I desperately need to be a planner so I’m going to print this out & try again. Thanks x

    • Rebecca Sumby

      You need to put a meal to a certain day just make a list of dishes you want to make that week & pick on the day what you feel making, I have found that easier!

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I am so obsessed with food I have to meal plan, but like you only I still like some spontaniety at lunchtime! Meal planning saves us heaps of time, money and angst about what to magic up at mealtimes! And this planner is so pretty! Thank you muchly x

  • Okay, now you’re reading minds, too? I freakily was thinking this morning, as I was doing the grocery shop, that I needed a better meal planner than my post-it! Printing, stat. Thank you! x

  • Well this is a lot prettier than the scrap of paper I usually plan meals on-thanks!

  • iamlindsay86

    Haha, I rebel along with you for breakfast and lunch;) whoo! But yes, so into planning our meals, saves us money and waste of food. I also love a prep day, where I can steal an hour to chop and get meals ready for the week!

  • I struggle with meal planning… so many times I have and life gets in the way and the food goes off or in the freezer for a later date.

    This is lovely and as persevering with meal planning is something I want to keep doing and also as a ways to try new recipes rather than falling back on the old ones this will help!! Thank you!! Jx

  • I plan meals too, in fact I am a note taker of most things – helps keep my mind straight. I recently created for my readers a free daily wellness planner which has everything from diary to food to exercise + to do list. You can check it out here I think you would really like it

  • Rebecca Sumby

    I menu plan as being a single mum meal planning is part of budget planning which I need to do on a weekly! Wasting food is wasting money here which I can not afford to do! Some people think you have to put the meals to a day of the week but I just make a list of meals & cook what I feel like on that day from the list!

  • hardcore planner here. its shameful. and awesome.

  • Tammy B

    Thank you for sharing this Chantelle x

  • I wish I had read this earlier. We have as a family decided to eat healthier and stop shopping/eating on the run and on Friday I bought a meal planner kit off etsy. I have never meal planned, but hope to stick to it.

  • Love Meal Planning! It saves my sanity on the days I work. It this planner is so pretty!

  • I’m so into meal planning, it has as even made more more adventurous in the kitchen. We are pretty flexible on the weekends depending on our plans but mid week it’s meal planning all the way it saves so much time, effort and money!