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Food for kids: tuna vegetable boats

Fat Mum Slim /

I’m not into hiding vegetables in foods for Lacey. Well, not often. Instead I like to tell white lies and tell her vegetables are magical. If I tell her zucchini will make her run fast, then she’ll eat it and run reeeaaallly fast. Or so she thinks. If I tell her broccoli makes her jump high, she’ll gobble it up and jump for the sky. At least this way she tries them, and realises they’re not so bad.

Sometimes when I’ve run out of white lies and I want to have a bit of fun with food, I make boats with tuna and cherry tomatoes. OK, I lie {this fibbing is becoming a regular thing, isn’t it?}, I’ve only made these once, but there were cute and yummy. AND they make you swim really fast. Promise.

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 slice of white bread
1 425g of tuna in oil, drained
2 tbs of spreadable cream cheese

♥ Place tuna in a bowl, along with the cream cheese. Whiz with a hand blender until smooth and combined.
♥ Cut cherry tomatoes in half, and then de-seed them using a small spoon. If the seeds are not easily coming out, use a small sharp knife to ease them out.
♥ Cut crust from bread, and flatten with a rolling pin. Cut into small triangles for the sails. Put aside.
♥ Cut the cucumber in half. Cut one half into rounds for the boats to sit on. Take the skin of the other half and cut thin strips for the other sails.
♥ Assemble the boats by filling the tomatoes with the tuna mix. Pop a toothpick through the sails and stick them into the filled cherry tomato. Alternate the sails so that some are bread and some are cucumber. Place the boats with bread sails onto the cucumber rounds.
♥ Serve to the kids, and the adults!

What’s the last white lie you told? C’mon, fess up!