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My Favourite Plus Size Active Wear Stores

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Work it! Ha, I have been at the gym now for over six months {I mean not six months continually, I have left for breaks, sleeps and life! ?} and it’s really changed the way I think about gyms and exercise. Yesterday I was the only girl at the gym, while it was filled with burly football players and I totally didn’t care. Who am I? Best of all, they don’t care about me either. Everyone just does their thing and it’s just how it should be.

Anyways, this blog post isn’t about me… it’s about active wear. Plus size active wear. For such a long time I found it really hard to find good workout gear. I just wanted Lorna Jane to come to the party and design clothes that fit my bigger body… but now I’m all Lorna Who, because there are so many great alternatives.

Today I’m sharing five of my favourite plus size active wear stores. Honestly, you will not be able to go past the Active Truth pants. I have not seen anything that compares. Mine are almost a year old and get worn every other day {I have two pairs that I alternate} and they still look brand new. More on them below, but they’re definitely worth the investment.

I think I’ll do a post specifically on sports bras for bigger boobies soon too, because that’s something that I found challenging but when you find a good one… it’s awesome.


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OK guys, meet the best exercise pants you’ll ever find. There’s no see through, no roll down… these are like that best friend you have that never disappoints, is super reliable and always shows up with wine. They are GOOD. I have actually donated all my other exercise pants to charity now because these have set a standard that nothing else compares to. They’ve also got a little zipped pocket on the back which is perfect for your keys, phone or I use it for my gym card when training. Click to shop here.


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Fiona Falkiner has just collaborated with Autograph to create this really beautiful and fun range of active wear. I’m loving the colours, the simple styles, as well as some of the prints. They’ve done a beautiful job together, and it feels like a real celebration of all bodies. Click to shop here.


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I love what Running Bare does, they mix patterns and beautiful simple styles really well. I am loving their range of muscle tees at the moment and already have one in my cart ready to go. They go up to size 22. Click to shop here.


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This Aussie brand does a whole range of beautiful exercise gear in beautiful bright colours {for those sick of wearing black, black and black!}, and it goes up to size 24. Click to shop here.


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I do love my Nike shoes, but in the past I’d kinda dismissed Nike in Australia for Plus Size clothing. Not anymore. I’m currently lusting after this top, and it’s only $31. Click to shop here.




What are you doing for exercise lately? And what are you wearing?