Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange 2014: Join us!

Submissions for the gift exchange are now closed. Thanks for your time. fat-mum-slim-gift-exchange

Oh yes, it’s nearly Christmas. Well, by nearly I mean a fair while but from this point forward you should know it’s happening. You’ll start hearing carols as you shop, and seeing tinsel where you walk. It’s happening.

Each year, since 2012 {I think I did one in 2011, but it was a little different}, I’ve been hosting an international gift exchange where people from all over the world trade gifts with people they’ve never met before. It’s a really fun, heart-warming movement to be involved in. If you’re into feel-good stuff, I’d love for you to take part {everyone is welcome}.

I’m just going to jump right in and tell you how it works.


You let me know you’re interested in playing along. You decide whether you want to send just within your own country {to save on postage costs} or whether you want to play worldwide. I give you someone to buy a gift for. We create a Facebook group where people ask questions. You stalk your partner and decide what to buy them, from their responses to those questions. You send them a gift wrapped all pretty {the budget is $25 – more details below}. They get really happy. You get all warm and fuzzy.

Sound like something you want to be involved in? Yes? Awesome. Just read all the things below so you’re across ALL the details.

This year I’m running it a little bit differently. Each year there are people that join up, and have no intention of playing along. They think FREE GIFTS, they play along and they get a free gift and never send anything out. It kills me a little inside each year. In order to inject a bit of accountability into the exchange I’m adding an initial extra step.

I’m asking if you want to participate in the exchange you donate AU$5 to my charity of choice, Rafiki Mwema. This is a great thing to do. For those that don’t know Rafiki Mwema is a safe house in Kenya for girls that have had unimaginable things happen to them. You can read about it here. It’s a beautiful charity, doing beautiful things.


I hope you understand my decision in adding in this step. I know this all sounds like so many rules. I can promise you this is a whole lot of love-filled fun. It is! I just want to get across how things are run this year before we get to all the fun bits!


Anyone can play. You must have a Facebook account to join, so that you can join our private Facebook group and be social. If you don’t have Facebook but really want to play along, I suggest you create one! It is preferred that you have an Instagram account too {but not essential}.


The budget for your gift is $25, so that means you should spend a minimum of $25 on your person. This is to keep it fair for everyone. If you’re crafty, by all means make something that your partner will like but make sure it’s around that in value, or add it in on top of something else that you’ve purchased for your partner. Postage is not included in this budget. Postage is on top of the $25 amount. If you’re going to buy a $25 very heavy gift, be mindful that it’s going to cost a lot to post. Some people had to spend $60 in postage alone to send their gift to their person last year. Gift smart! Remember that there is also the initial $5 donation to play.


In 2012 we separated the group into 4 groups to make it easier for people who couldn’t afford postage overseas. We will be doing this again, and adding in Asia. You can choose either WORLDWIDE, AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND, USA/CANADA, UK/EUROPE/IRELAND, and ASIA. So you can either choose worldwide {meaning you’re willing to send to anyone, no matter where they live. Remembering that this is random so there is a chance you might still get someone located in your own country}. OR you can choose the country you live in to keep your postage costs low.



♥ I am going to send you emails for each step of the way. Please make sure you check your emails so that you can play along. Last year we had almost 400 people play along. It’s hard to chase up on people, so please make it easier for me by checking your email and following the instructions.

♥ Please only play if you’re going to participate properly. It really doesn’t take up too much time, and can be really fun. Participating properly means being social in the Facebook group at least once a week, following through and buying a gift, and wrapping it nicely.

♥ Please know that this is an act of faith. Don’t join the exchange with expectations that you’re going to get that present you’ve always wanted {you can ask your mum, husband, kids, best friends for the stuff you really want}. Your gifter might buy you SOMETHING amazing, but they don’t know you and they’re taking a chance on buying you the right gift. Last year I got cranky emails from people not liking their gifts. It’s an act of hope, a leap of faith and a little bit of kindness.

♥ Last year I spent a lot of my own money buying gifts for people that didn’t get anything. Unfortunately I can’t do this again this year. Please know there is a chance that the mail system might let us down. Parcels do go missing at Christmas time. I honestly think it’s worth taking the chance. The number of parcels that went missing was VERY small.

♥ Please put some thought into your gift. Don’t just send stuff that you were once given and didn’t like. This is also a feel-good exercise, so please try and put in some effort for your person. It’s a really nice thing to do.

The hashtag for the exchange is #FMSgiftexchange. Share photos on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. I like to share photos when I’ve wrapped my gifts {before sending to get people excited!} and then photos of my gift when it arrives, along with a little thank you to my gifter.

♥ This year I have a helper! Kim will be helping me out with all the admin stuff. You can email either of us at giftexchange@fatmumslim.com.au and we’ll get back to you. Kirsty is going to be helping us out on Facebook as well.

I think I’ve covered everything, but if there is anything you want to know, please comment below with your questions or email me at giftexchange@fatmumslim.com.au

Thank you so much for your interest. The gift exchange is now closed. We are unable to take any late entries, but please keep an eye out to play next year.

If you’d like to donate to Rafiki Mwema to support the girls, you can do so here. They will SO appreciate it.

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  1. This was so much fun last year. And I think the idea of a donation is a brilliant idea. Thank you for doing this again. <3

  2. I’ve made my donation but it just took me back to this original gift exchange page, no confirmation? Or further instructions? Just checking I did it right

  3. Yay! Just registered! Love the idea of a charitable donation to keep things honest… What’s 5 bucks? My first time playing along and I’m so excited!!! I love Christmas! Just under three months to go…

  4. YIPPEE!!!! I really enjoyed taking part last year……the sneaky ‘stalking’ was so much fun! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the announcement of this years swap and I’m so excited!! I’ve signed up and can’t bloody wait!! Thanks for again organising it Chantelle and good on you for using it to support a worthwhile cause

  5. Chantelle, thanks so much for coordinating the gift exchange again this year! Such a lovely idea to make merry (and new friends ~bonus!) with people from across the globe. Can’t wait to play along! Xx

  6. Thank you for your bravery and big heartedness running the exchange again. It really does involve organisation of epic proportions and I really appreciate you putting the time and effort in to making it possible, and spreading so much merry around the world. Not only will the donation weed out the gift dodgers, it will also be giving something back and making a difference to those who need it most, which is what Christmas is really about. You’re a real life Chanta Claus! xx

  7. All signed up, and I’m a little excited for Christmas!! I love surprises AND finding beautiful things to make others happy. Thanks for organising this!

  8. Beautiful idea. I just participated the The Sweet Swap and that made me all kinds of happy. I cannot believe people emailed you because they were disappointed with their gift!?! They need to be sat down in front of a christmas movie marathon and not leave until they have absorbed enough giving spirit 🙂

  9. Donation made and ready to roll….or wrap as the case may be! I ❤️ the gift exchange and I go in to it happy that I’m gonna put a smile on someone’s face with a gift and also knowing that, for whatever reason, I may or may not receive a gift. If not then Im a big girl and really don’t expect anyone to replace it as. I’m sure everyone agrees! So, once again, thank you for being you Chantelle and making the World a better place

  10. I am so excited! It’s my first time and I think it’s a brilliant idea to make a donation! Thanks for organising the whole gift exchange!

  11. Signed up this afternoon 🙂
    The only thing that’s put me off in previous years was the thought that my partner might not send something in return. I love buying thoughtful presents for people and love love love wrapping them up pretty. Hopefully the donation will put the naughty people off of joining. I’m so looking forward to this.

  12. I’m excited to do this for the first time this year. I just registered and clicked on paypal, but how do I pay? The page just took me back to your main page.?

  13. I’m in… first time and I’m so looking forward to hearing about all the happiness this will bring to people!
    Donation is a great idea! Well done as usual Chantelle 🙂

  14. Yay! So glad you are doing this again. I have joined the last two years, I made a friend in Australia and New York. Super fun. The donation is an awesome idea. I am in.

  15. Yay! I’ve signed up again. I’ve chosen worldwide because I had a beautiful Secret Santa last year from Costa Rica. It’s so lovely getting snippets of someone’s life on the other side of the world. And I love the idea of a donation. Those people who are playing for the giving part are getting a double bonus. Thanks Chantelle 🙂

  16. I think I just signed up twice??? When I clicked on send donation it took me back to the original sign up page so I did it again…. and it took me back to the original sign up page? Help?

  17. I shouldn’t do things when I’m half asleep – can you please check for me I ticked worldwide & didn’t claim I live in Europe or something? 😛
    Very much looking forward to this. I love planning gifts. Great idea with the donation too 🙂

  18. Yay! Registered last night. I did it the year before last and was blown away by the creativeness and generosity of some people, and the selfishness of others. I think the donation is a great idea! I don’t envy the job you have in organising this atop of Christmas itself!!! Thank you Chantelle x

  19. Just registered. This is my 1st year and I’m really excited about joining in on the fun. Plus I think it’s a great idea to support such a wonderful charity, it’s a nice way to keep giving and to remind us of what Christmas is really about.

  20. I was going to opt out this year due to, well, life. But two things convinced me to join in again: I’m so happy that you’ve chosen a wonderful charity to support and this way everyone is able to spread a little love their way on Christmas time. And that you’re going the extra effort to offer geografical groups again, I know it’s a lot more work to organise, but it really does help being able to consider a slightly lower postage. Thank you, Changelle! I can’t wait to start elfing! 🙂

  21. Money donated and registered! Looking forward to participating this year – excited how it all will go down! As I’m living overseas in a non-christian country, this will definitely amp me up to be in the Christmas spirit! Thanks for organising such a great event, and happy to donate to the girls at Rafiki Mwema. Hope it will help them in the best way possible! And helping them is so in line with a wonderful Christmas feeling 🙂

  22. All sone. Thank you! I am so excited to take part! Also, I think the donation is such a good idea. It’s only $5 to each of us, but if you get 400 participants again then that’s quite a decent donation you can make on our behalf 🙂

  23. This sounds amazing!!! Would love to have joined in! The closing date says the fifth, which is today? Did it close early? Merry Christmas to all players, have fun! xx

  24. Just got my email (early) to confirm who my person is! Yay! Have already tried facebook stalking but it’s mission impossible to know if I’m on the right profile. Will just have to wait until the gift exchange groups are all up and running =) P.S I think it was a great idea to split the groups into three so it’s easier for us to ‘stalk’.

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