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Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange 2013

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I love me some Christmas. I do. It’s the most wonderful time of the year {hey, someone should write those words into a song!}. For the past few years I’ve been hosting a Christmas gift exchange, and this year I thought about not doing it – but I’ve had emails and messages begging me to do it… so here I am.

This year it’s going to be really simple. Last year I tried to cater to everyone and it was just too complicated. Plus I have a baby, so simple is best. So let me share the details.

What is the Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange?

I have two great loves {among others} and that’s the online world and Christmas, so I’ve decided to combine the two. The gift exchange is a way for people with a presence online {i.e. are social on Instagram or have a blog etc} to get involved in a feel good gift exchange.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, once you’ve read this post and decided you want to be involved you’ll fill out the form below. Once we reach the closing date, partners will be assigned. You’ll get an email with their name and postal address. You’ll then pop over to our private Facebook group and get to know your partner {without telling them, because this is all a secret until the gift arrives}. Once you have ‘stalked’ your partner enough you’ll buy them a gift with a value of AUS$30 {nothing less so it’s fair to everyone} and post it off to them. The budget does not include postage {so $30 for the gift and then whatever the postage costs are to send your gift}.


♥ This is only for people active on Instagram or blogs {preferably both}. Your account can not be private, because it takes the fun out of it. People want to ‘stalk’ you.
♥ The budget for the gift is $30. So you’ll spend $30 on your partner {nothing less so it’s fair all round} and postage is on top of that.
♥ Last year I catered to locations so that people who didn’t want to send overseas could just send locally, but this year I’m just opening it up to one big group. You must be willing to send anywhere in the world. So all up this exercise will be about a AUS$50 exchange including postage. You can just make sure your gift isn’t too heavy to send to make sure it’s not too pricey.
♥ You must be willing to be active in the Facebook group. You will have to answer at least 5 questions. Hopefully you’ll be enthusiastic enough to pop in a few times a week and answer a few to make it easier for your partner.
♥ When sending your gift you must get a tracking code so we can track parcels. We’ll keep track of these in a document in the Facebook group.

Now before you sign-up…

I have to say this. This is a feel-good activity, where you take a chance on a person somewhere in the world and the postal system at the busiest time of the year. Sometimes people sign-up and don’t play along. And sometimes gifts get lost in the mail. What I’m saying is that there is a chance you might get disappointed. I do everything I can to make sure you don’t, but there is still a chance. So if you sign-up for this you have to know that you’re taking that chance… Personally I think it’s worth it. Each year there are so many happy people, and even some of those people who didn’t get a gift last year {for whatever reason} are super excited to join up again this year.

Next steps

1. Does this all sound like something you want to be involved in? Yes? Sweet. Fill out the form below.

Sign-ups have now closed.

2. I’ll send through an email once we’ve reached the closing date for you to sign up to Elfster. This is the site that assigns partners. You’ll log your postal details there. It’s private so only your partner will see them.

3. I’ll also give you a link to join a new, private Facebook group. This will not be the same group as last year.


Sign-up closes: October 30th
Email will be sent to participants to lodge their details on Elfster & join the Facebook group: November 8th
Partners assigned: November 12th
Gifts will be sent by: December 10th

Last thing!

I would love to grab a handful {say 5} of people to help me out with the admin side of the exchange. If you can do this please email me at:

Hopefully I’ve covered off everything. If you have any questions just leave them below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. x