21 thoughts on “Exercise is bad for you”

  1. I remember those days. Early riser. Jogging stroller (though I just walked). Now at 50+, those pounds that would never happen to me, have happened. I, too, salute the Instagram videos. However, I’ve yet to find the “some baggy t-shirt/chubby lady videos”. Any chance you could post a link? Recently discovered your blog, and did one of your photo challenges, though I’ve opted out for the last two months. Keep doing these good things. We are out here listening, even though we’re in different life stages.
    P.S. I love your photo feed. Good eye.

  2. Omg I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have but I might have loled when I read the hand-in-fan part. I do hope your hand is okay though. I completely understand the struggling to exercise part. I’ve only just managed to actually go to the gym this year, and my son is two. Granted it is with a trainer so I feel more accountable if I feel like missing, so I guess that’s something.

    • Oh you can laugh, I am too! 😛 I hope you’re enjoying the gym. Back in the olden days I had a trainer too, and I never skipped a lesson. There’d be days {on the weekends} when he’d call and say that he was bored and he’d give me a free session if I wanted. I wanted to tell him no, but I felt bad and exercised.

      Trainers are good, but huge task-masters! I’m scared of them!

  3. Reminds me of when the Wii first came out years ago. My sis-in-law in an OT specialising in hand injuries. Her workload skyrocketed that year due to hands in fans and smashing furniture whilst attempting to catch, throw or hula! And yes, hubby did do that very injury, whilst hula-ing on the Wii and had to show his sis!!

  4. The other day I decided to do a workout DVD – my first workout since having my baby 5 months ago. And then I remembered that I had converted my one and only sports bra into a pumping bra. Oh well, it wasn’t to be 🙂

    • Oh no! Ha! I thought about doing the exercises with a normal bra, and I started and then it was all FLIPPITY FLOP OUCH BANG, and I had to stop to change bras.

      So much better. I think you need to go shopping!

  5. I have to agree with you. I always used to manage to diet or lose weight without having to exercise, now that I have reached an unmentionable age and everything has gone south, no amount of dieting and eating healthy foods will budge those wobbly bits, but never time to exercise, or always something better to do ?and by exercise I mean walking on the treadmill and I will probably poke my eye out trying to get all the dust off it?

  6. My husband is 6ft 4 and always stands under my parent’s ceiling fan, in the lounge room, to take off his t-shirt before he hops in the pool…EVERY TIME – you’d think he’d learn. I feel like he has taken years off my mother’s life – maybe that’s his aim {joking}.

  7. I’ve just started boot camp in the last week and I’m the youngest (at 24) and by far the least fit….

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