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Easy-peasy recipe: Fruity-flavoured water

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I used to be addicted to soft drink. I loved the lure of those sparkling bubbles and that sweet, sweet taste. Now I’ve switched to water, mostly still, sometimes sparkling. Sometimes I miss soft drink and it’s fun ways. All those bubbles and flavour {let’s not talk about the chemicals, okay?}. So this past weekend I decided to spice water up a little with some fruit.

It was deliciously refreshing, subtle yet tasty. I’m crazy about mint, so it was a great addition. I used still water in this recipe, but you could go all out and experiment with a little sparkling.


In season fruit, washed
Cold water


♥ Slice your fruit and place in the bottom of a big jar or jug. I used limes (2 limes) in one of my drinks and oranges (just one) in the other.
♥ Using the end of a wooden spoon give the fruit a good poke. This will bring out the flavour in the fruit so it can release into your water.
♥ Top with ice until the jug is 3/4 full.
♥ Fill the jug/jar with water.
♥ Top with herbs. I added mint to my lime-flavoured water and it was delicious.

The flavour options are endless, depending on what fruits are in season. You could try watermelon cubes and rosemary, or pineapple and mint, or a berry mix too.

What’s your drink of choice?

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  • Rudelle Jade

    That looks refreshing & it’s loads better for you. A colleague of mine drinks hot water with fresh mint leaves in it when everyone has a coffee. My favourite drink, of this kind, especially for a DIY spa day, is cucumber water.

  • Mmm this reminds me of our Bali holiday in July. They had fruit flavoured water at breakfast each morning – was so lovely and refreshing!

  • taniamccartney

    My tipple is definitely sparkling water (or sparkling wine!) and I love your idea to add mint!

  • libbywilko

    We had some beautifully fresh water in a lovely restaurant in Scotland which put either strawberries or cucumber & ice in the water… Maybe mint too. Gorgeous !

  • Tiia

    I used to be a Pepsi lover, I always thought it was my one allowed vice, since I didn’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or even drink coffee that often. I didn’t drink large amounts of it, but a glass or two per day. Then I got really sick last winter and while nothing tastes good when you’re sick, I also stopped drinking Pepsi. I started drinking water instead. A lot of it. And whoop, just like that, I lost several kg’s in a very short time! Now I drink one big cup of coffee in the morning to get my daily caffeine, and still water for the rest of the day. I sometimes have a small glass of Pepsi or Coke when I go out for dinner, but I can’t really stomach the overly sweet sugary taste anymore. Not to mention the bubbles, drinking anything with bubbles makes me feel so bloated these days. I’m not into the sour tastes of lime or lemon, but I could definitely try water with berries or watermelon, or my new favourite mix: raspberry & passion fruit!

  • Maria

    That looks sooo good!

  • I love water and I love fruit…never thought to combine the two 🙂 I am so going to try this tomorrow with oranges/and with rock melon 🙂

  • looks amazing!

  • Get a soda stream and then your fruity water can be fizzy!

  • I started doing this a few weeks ago – not by the jug but by the glass. I’ve recently started weight watchers and one of my ‘sins’ was drinking whilst cooking. I now have a glass of fruity water in a wine glass instead. I’m still having my ‘cooking drink’ but as it’s in a wine glass, it ‘feels’ like a wine. End result is that I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption (and my waist line).

    G. xx

  • thelifeofclare

    I love it! I’m always adding a lime and matey some mint to my drink bottle, it makes it exciting!