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If I could jump for joy right now, or do cartwheels or even pop some champers… I totally would. Immediately if not sooner. You see, last week I asked begged you to vote for me in the Australia’s Most Clickable Women awards, and on Monday I discovered that I won. Cue: Happy face.

Thank you so much for voting. Man, best email to get on a Monday is one saying that you’re a winner. Thanks to everyone who voted, for the lovely girls who I shared the Grand Finalist spot with Kristy, and the Hard to Find ladies, and to Mamamia as well. Thank you.

As I also mentioned last week, I have dreamed of making an App for Photo A Day for a long time now and wanted to use the prize money to put towards that. As the winner I will receive $6000 to put towards a business venture. I’ve been told that’s a tight budget to work with, but it’s an exciting start… and I’m very grateful.

So because Photo A Day is a big community thing, I wanted to know what you thought would make for a good App. Of course, I can’t do everything… but I will try and make it the best darn App I can. I have a few initial concepts that I’ll be talking to a developer soon about… but throw some more at me. I’m all ears {or eyes in this case!}.

What do you think would make a great feature on the App?


photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc