BLOGversation: What are you passionate about?


Ah, passion. Get your head out of the bedroom for a moment, I’m talking passion in blogging.

Some people are passionate about fashion or food, or living a natural life, or parenting, or crafting, or current affairs or travel. I don’t reserve my passion for one thing, I spread it around. It’s distributed among creativity, photography, food, parenting, living life inspired, enjoying the daily life, clouds, cake… you know… stuff.

What are you passionate about? Does it create content for your blog?


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  1. I’m passionate about making nourishing food, taking it back to the day when it was all about being home made, the family around the kitchen counter… I’m passionate about health, superfoods, and YUMMY recipes. I’m passionate about parenting and renovations, and love… thats what is all about 🙂 if you don’t have a blog about whatever you’re passionate about, how will it thrive?!

  2. I’m passionate about finding simple pleasures in life and saving money. I also love good food, I love fashion and I love home decor. These things and crafting are mostly what I blog about at Other things I care about such as education, theatre and my friends don’t feature on the blog – some things are best shared with only your closer circles. Katie x

  3. I’m a passionate advocate for animal welfare. Whether its a puppy, a whale or a spider, I genuinely believe my purpose in life is to help protect and give a voice to animals. It’s the thing that can have me elated or devastated in a moment, and something I know I’ll never give up on. The love I have for animals is essentially what keeps my blog going deep down. (Wow – heavy thinking for a Friday morning!) x

  4. When it comes to passion, I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket so I spread it around too. I love eating, baking, running, living and finding things to smile about – so that’s what’s going down at The blog began as a way to share my experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment, so strange as it sounds, I’m passionate about being positive about my Cancer experience too.

  5. I am passionate about becoming a sign language interpreter. I have written about my journey on my blog and have had some lovely comments too!

  6. Wow, I blogged about finding your passion last week ( It is something that is on my mind a lot at the moment due to a pending change in my work. I have many passions, but I also chat with girlfriends who don’t know what their passion is. People often think that you have to pursue your passion from a career perspective, but it can be a hobby, it can be in your down time, or is just the thing that you do for yourself. I have core passions that I have always had since I was a kid, such as art, photography & writing, and then passions that come along as your life changes. At the moment I am passionate about learning about and educating people about dyslexia and dyscalculia as my son has been diagnosed. I love hearing about, and chatting to people about their passions!
    susan 🙂

  7. My passion is reaching others who may be feeling isolated, alone or just in need of connection. At times my sharing is deeply personal and intimate, and that reflects my passion to support others. Sharing the lessons that can be found in life’s dark times is my mission and my passion most definitely feeds all of the content for my blog, and my aim to live a life that is truly authentic xx

    • That’s pretty awesome that you talk to people who are in need of a good talk and just to let them know that there is hope out there is so wonderful. I have a niece who is in need of a talk cause she thinks that no one is there to listen to her and we all try. She’s tried to commit suicide three times.X

  8. I am a passionate advocate for people with disabilities, in fact i really thing they should not be labeled at all. I believe we are all people with disabilities and we all learn and do things at our own pace. When society accepts everyone for who they are then we will have a beautiful world. We can learn so much from everyone and through out my life I have learn so much from people with disabilities. there attitude to life is fantastic and i am humbled to be able to learn from then. The word “normal’ should not exist we all have our flaws and anyone who thinks they are “normal” need to spend some time in the real world.

  9. I’m passionate about human rights and poverty alleviation. Issues that the modern world should not still be facing. X

  10. I, like Serena, am passionate about animals and avidly against animal cruelty. I don’t even kill spiders. I catch them and put them outside or leave them be. I am a proud puppy parent to 3 Shih Tzu’s and would have more but we only have a queen size bed 🙂 We have a local shelter here in Kansas City, MO (USA) that has managed to be a no-kill shelter for over a year now. They are so wonderful. My aunt passed recently in a car accident and I rec’d life insurance money and I made a donation in her honor and plan do to so monthly and one substantial one yearly on the anniversary of her passing as I feel she would be happy knowing that given her love for animals. Most recently, we had a heartbreaking story about a 2-year old Shih-Tzu found in a dumpster w/ a skull fracture. People are heartless. ( So, I try and give as much time and money as I can to help these animals find their forever homes and to help support them while they are in the shelter.

  11. I’m passionate about my family and especially being able to be a SAHM so I can care for them and be there to nurture every need the best way I know how xx
    Also I’m very passionate about saying NO to factory farming
    I’m a member of this and when you look into this most certain everyone wants to help. It’s so cruel what these animals go through and without a voice they can’t win.

  12. I love creating interesting areas in our garden, especially upcycling stuff, I adore good food, good wine, street art, books, the list goes on. But im passionate about raising awareness and preventing youth suicide. Ive seen first hand the devastation when a young person takes their life. Since 2009, three young men our eldest son went to school with have taken their lives, the youngest a baby of 15. Everyday 6 Australians die by suicide and 179 people attempt suicide. More people die by suicide than car accidents! Yet its not really talked about. Its a taboo subject. That HAS to change.

  13. I have many passions. I am passionate about exploring my photography, about standing up for women in domestic violence situations, and about my education and learning web design. I am a DV survivor and I feel a responsibility to share my story with those I believe it can help. Since I did not “look” like a victim to the outside world, I want others to know there is more to DV than black eyes and broken bones.

  14. My passion is showing and helping others to live happily and realising that everyone has beauty no matter who, what and where they are from. Everyone should be happy in their own skin and put their best selves forward. Live life and be happy.

    • Oh and I am also passionate about fashion and I would love to help others in looking and feeling great.

  15. I’m a little like you Chantelle, I’m passionate about a number of things! At the moment I’m loving healthy, clean food and finding my path to being a good step-mum. I’m still finding my feet in the blogging world –

  16. What fires me up and inspires my blog is looking at the funny and sometimes bewildering aspects of being a working Mum. All too often, mothers are pitted against each other,esp. the age-old stay at home v working Mums. I am passionate about breaking down the stereotypes and judgements (we are all in this together, after all) and being allowed to share our stories and allow each other to laugh at our mistakes, and above all, to know we are all doing our very best! Feel free to pop over and visit my little blog and let me know what you think!

  17. It’s interesting you posted this…it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and your response helped! Because like you, I’m passionate about a lot of things. Just wrote a post on it as well and realised that my passion is life and living it! 🙂

  18. I’m passionate about teaching, cooking, justice, photography, travel, equality and vegetarianism. Just to name a few

  19. Helping beautiful women restore their beach confidence so they can have an amazing precious summer holiday (and summer!). Sure we sell resortwear and swimwear but the joy and the passion comes from what we can do through that. When women email us to not only say thanks but to tell us their stories like, how for the first time in years they’ve tossed the boardies and hubby’s T-shirts away and stepped out in a new cossie and kaftan and feel fabulous, our hearts melt and we know we’re doing something that makes a difference. Thanks for asking! Hope all is well with you Chantelle. A xx

  20. my passion is craft mainly knitting and crocheting, and so that’s what I blog about, I’m still really new to the the blogging world so I’m still learning lots about what makes a good blog and how to get more people reading my blog. Blogs like this one are a great inspiration on what a blog can become

  21. I’m passionate about to much things : travel around the world, friendship, house stuff, photography, Photoshop skills, videogames, fashion… And not enough time to do everything 🙁 So I often share passions of others on my blog ^^

  22. I’m passionate about many things as well. I blog about my favorite finds which could be recipes, things, decorating ideas, books, or projects. I also like to share things that inspire me and make me smile!

  23. I’m a pediatric nurse, and I am so passionate about the work that I do. I love working with the kids and helping to make their hospital stays not so terrible, and of course I love when they get to go home feeling better. But I’m also super passionate about cooking and food and blogging and dream of owning a restaurant someday. But I can’t imagine my life as not a nurse. Sometimes passions can be so strong and so conflicting they leave us feeling so confused… until I figure it out, I’ll keep loving my job and blogging on the side. 🙂

  24. I’m passionate about education. At the heart of it, I just really want to be a good teacher. Someone that makes a positive imprint. A role model. Someone that helps outside of the classroom walls. Someone that goes above and beyond to make kids know I care about them. Someone who really believes the best in kids and understands that they are learning just as much as I am. I really wan to get this across in my blog. Currently, I’m still focusing on fun things to write about, eventually there will be more and more posts on teaching. It’s only my first week!

    Congrats on the win btw! Horray 😀


  25. I love people who are passionate about some thing(s). I also have so many subjects i feel passionate about…mainly creativity. A lot of inspiration for my blog, but so little time to cover it all 😉

  26. Acting!!! 🙂 I firstly created a blog to share my life as an actress, I immediately loved blogging and felt the desire of sharing my other passions too: travel, photography and fashion. My acting blog switched to a lifestyle blog and became a big mix of passion! 🙂
    Love the idea of sharing all our passions! And love to discover others’ ones! <3


  27. Animal welfare. Living your own life without fear of judgement. Infertility awareness. Education. SO MANY THINGS 😀

  28. Im passionate about life. Living it and enjoying every moment you have in this earth because you only have 1 life to live and you must live it stress free and no regrets!

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