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DIY: Feel good jar


Feel good jar

I don’t know anyone that’s happy all the time, do you? I can’t imagine being in a state of happy each and every day. Exhausting. I feel stuff. Happy, sad, cranky, excited, melancholy… all of it. It makes the happy times better, knowing how the not-so-great feels. {Must remind myself of this when I’m smack bang in the middle of crankyville}.

I saw this concept on Pinterest recently, and had to bring it to life. When the rest of the world is trying to go paperless, I still love the stuff. Little notes, inspiring pieces, bits of art – I love it.

Feel good jar

The Feel Good jar is a place to store little notes of goodness. On Pinterest they suggest starting at the beginning of the year and placing little notes inside when good things happen, and then pouring them out at the end of the year and having a read through. Magic.

I like the idea of starting now. Taking an empty jar {mines from Ikea and is great for holding anything – I’ve used it as a vase, a flavoured water holder, button holder and now this} and placing good stuff inside as it happens. Like this little happy face that Lacey made for me and stuck on the wall in my bedroom.

Feel good jar

And when good stuff happens, I’ll write it down and place it inside. Like yesterday Lacey came to me with a funny little discovery. In the jar it goes. I often get lovely emails from readers of my blog letting me know good stuff; like how Photo A Day has changed their life or how reading a post has resonated with them. I might put them in too. Because why not?

I can imagine my sisters reading this post and thinking, “It’s official… she’s kerazy!” I love this stuff, crazy as it might be.


I probably wouldn’t wait for the end of the year to peek through, I’d fumble through when the not-so-happy days hit. Cause they do. And they will.

What do you do when the grumps hit? Do you ride through it? Eat chocolate? Or find a way to change it?