How to make cute origami cats


I’ve got a sweet little origami lesson for you. This one was great for both my girls. Lacey and I could fold together, and Lulu could decorate our creations

DIY Easy, Cute Origami Cats Tutorial


STEP ONE: Get a fresh piece of origami paper ready. You can pick up some at your local craft shop, or even your closest bargain shop.


STEP TWO: Fold your square in half, to make one triangle.


STEP THREE: Gently fold your piece in half again, and put a small mark to show the halfway mark.


STEP FOUR: Fold the tip of the triangle down.

STEP FIVE: Using the halfway crease that you made earlier, fold the sides up from that middle point, as shown.


STEP SIX: Fold both sides up.


STEP SEVEN: Turn over!


STEP EIGHT: Decorate! Use textas, stickers, markets, and whatever you please. Make them cute and fun.

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  1. .. this is a great cat Chantelle… my great grandchildren will love making these…. thanks .. Barb xxxx

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