DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Today I have my beautiful mate Babs sharing a DIY with us. She’s so clever, and I insist you follow her blog, Patchwork Cactus, because she will continually blow your mind with her creativity. And she’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Alright, who’s ready to get their craft on? I am for sure. After making and wrapping and baking and eating my way through Christmas I was pretty ready for a holiday. So I did nothing for two blissful weeks. Nada. It was freaking amazing.

But then of course I got all relaxed and refreshed and had to make something. Because that’s what I do when I’m happy and well slept.

A-crafting-I-went and this little ice cream collage picture was born. He is very happy hanging (he he) in my kids’ room. Would you like to make one too? I promise ANYONE can make this, no matter how craft-challenged you may be.

You will need:

Some water colour paint, thick paper, cardboard, a picture frame, this template printed and some bright paper for the background. I used a 20 x 25 cm frame from Kmart – $8.

Grab the template here.

DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Step one.

Paint lots of cool patterns on the art paper with the watercolours then use the template to cut out the ice cream shapes. Make a bunch so you have lots of different pieces to choose from.

DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Step two.

Measure the frame and cut out the background paper to the right size then pop it onto the frame backing. I used some pages from a magazine, but I almost went with the pink paper my birthday flowers were wrapped in. Be creative.

DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Step three.

Arrange your ice creams where you want them and pop them in the frame and you’re done. I didn’t even glue them but you can if you want to.

DIY: Awesomely easy ice cream artworks

Don’t forget to tag me if you share your finished products on Instagram @patchworkcactus, I’m pretty excited to see how different they will all be.

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