Dinner idea: French onion meatballs

My little sister and I met up recently, as we do, to let our kids play together. We had grand plans, as we do, to take them all out to sushi and have a fun lunch, but then we remembered that we had two tired toddlers, one baby, and not very much sleep the night before. So we headed to my house instead.

Jenna was playing with the kids and I promised I’d rustle something up for lunch {rustle is such a grandma word!} and when she came out I’d put together this. The kids played, the baby slept and we ate lunch. We laughed all the way through because it felt hilarious to be sitting down to a lunch, and not have it be vegemite sandwiches. It felt very grown up.

Oh it was funny when it was happening, but doesn’t sound even remotely funny now. IT WAS FUNNY. Laugh dear reader. Ha!

Anyways, I tell you that not-funny story because I want to bring you these meatballs. It was another recipe that I found at my Ma’s house in her recipe folder. I am generally pretty hopeless at meatballs because I just throw whatever in, and they end up falling apart. THESE though. They’re magic. We have them once a week now because they don’t fail and everyone eats them. It’s a modern day miracle.

french onion meatballs



500g minced beef
Half an onion, diced finely
1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs {I use panko because I love them}
French Onion soup mix {40g packet}
1 egg
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
Plain flour for dusting


♥ In a large bowl combine everything except the flour. Mix well. Honestly, it’s the kinda job you’ve got to put your hands in and get them dirty. Wear kitchen gloves if you need, just mix it well.
♥ Roll small balls of the mixture {about a tablespoon} and place them onto a plate. Dust with plain flour to coat, and then place in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes.
♥ Heat a large frying pan {I like to use one with a lid to help them cook all the way through, but you might have better cooking skills than me!}, and place a small amount of oil into the pan. Cook the meatballs for 10 minutes, turning to make all the sides beautiful and brown. Make sure they’re cooked through and then serve!




6 thoughts on “Dinner idea: French onion meatballs”

  1. Cornmeat fritters (for the last time this year now it’s no longer Winter!!) from leftovers. It was originally my Grandma’s recipe, and my Aunty always made them when we were kids, and now I have tweaked her recipe for us! And they were awesome!

  2. Yum, this is easy and delicious. A good one for fussy kids! I’m a huge fan of panko crumbs too – especially on little lamb cutlets. Not sure ours was the most inspiring of dinners but it was quick and easy for a basketball game night – steak for us, lamb chops for the boys and steamed veggies. Our boys are mad about chops! x

  3. … So happy to read that your meatballs fall apart Chantelle…. I thought it was only me that this happened to… I’m definitely going to use your recipe….. it sounds delicious and Mum likes this style of food…. We eat o lot of sausages, chicken, stews and mince. Mumfinds steak and chops to hard to chew… xxxx Hugs…… Barb xxx

  4. We had Korean BBQ pork ribs (from woolies, already marinated and cooked, you just heat them on the BBQ or in the oven), with an asian inspired crispy noodle salad and corn on the cob.
    I totally don’t have the patience for meatballs, but I do occasionally make rissoles, not sure what the difference is lol!

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