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Dear Instagram

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Dear Instagram

Dear Instagram,

I’m cranky. Super cranky.

I don’t know if you know, but I run something called Photo A Day. It’s been going for years now, Donkey Years {4 years to be precise} and started when Instagram was a mere baby.

For years people have been playing along and there’s a pretty awesome community hanging out, having fun together.

None of that makes me cranky, but this next thing does:

NUDE LADIES. Progressively, over this year, there has been SO MUCH spam on Instagram that it’s making me frustrated and frazzled. I go to look at all the beautiful photos and BAM! there’s women starkers, hanging out in my #FMSphotoaday feed. Gross man.

It was like that one time when I was about 11 and I went to play a VCR {thinking it was something like Care Bears} and Dad had left an adult video in the player and my EYEBALLS. They burned. I’m still scarred.

I know that you’re all hanging out with Zuckerberg now, and he makes like a gazillion dollars every second, so I was thinking this: Why don’t you get someone in to monitor my hashtag and kill any spam that dares litter the feed? I’ll send cookies as payment. They might be stale by the time they make it to you, but yummy.

Or just have an emergency button so we can press it and you fly in and kill the porn from Instagram.


Yours crankily,

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  • You know you’ve hit the big time when the naked ladies come.
    Should be SO easy to fix. Just three people hitting ‘spam’ and it’s gone. But SM sites are always so crazy slow to act……

  • Yes! My eyes are getting burned with so many hashtags these days! It’s so not okay!

    • Oh man! It’s not ok at all. Upon signing up to Instagram they should have a video check or something, “ARE YOU WEARING CLOTHES?” No? NO INSTAGRAM FOR YOU.

  • I agree, it’s not ok. And while there is a spam button it’s just inconvenient to have to constantly be doing it. BTW, LOVE the new look!

    • And I’m not sure it does a whole lot either. πŸ™

      Thanks for the kind words about the design. x

  • My eyeballs, they burned…. hahahaha

  • Rosalind

    I used the good old hashtag latergram a little while back after not having used it for ages and then clicked on the # to find something and got a full frontal nude woman! #nothappyjan πŸ™

  • As a graphic designer I absolutely adore your new look. So clean and easy to navigate and pretty too. I stumbled upon the yuckiness on IG a while back and some of it is really full on pornography. I was quite horrified to find it in my happy place.

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Or the 15 second porn videos! They are everywhere!

  • Janet Jordan

    Thank you so much for this letter; I hope you did send it to Instagram. I’ve started using just the Facebook page, but I miss sharing on Instagram with my friends. They have young kids, and I don’t want them seeing these ads by mistake.

  • Yes to the emergency button and it’s always a yes from me when cookies are involved. I’m hearting the new look very hard by the way! It’s ace!

    • I know that if I needed to recruit someone to fly to San Francisco with me, cookies in hand, to meet with the Instagram people… you would be that person. You could do my nails on the plane, and we could chatter the whole trip. πŸ™‚

      • Lara Fowler

        Think you’d need two assistants … cause they’re the big guys you’d be meetin’ with … just saying!

  • Ugh! SO.TRUE. I no wannnnnnnnna seem the naked ladies any more either.

  • Yes there needs to be something to prevent this from our feeds. Well said Chantelle. V x

    • Surely it’s not that complicated. It gets reported, and it gets looked at and deleted pronto.

  • Love the new look! I went to share it on twitter and it comes up with this < ? php the _ title ( )

  • Oh Telle, I hear you!! For the past 3 weeks I have been getting BOMBARDED with new followers on IG everyday and majority of them are SPAM fake accounts, NUDE/PORN accounts or terrorist-like pages….it’s freaking me out and I have no idea how or why I’ve attracted this influx of junk! I’m having to block soooooo many accounts every single day. It’s really starting to upset me and I’ve hardly posted lately because I have no idea where all these ‘new’ unwanted followers are coming from!
    And I get sooooooo angry when breastfeeding shots or nude baby bums are banned…..but it’s ok to have naked women in porn scenes with every little part on show. Wtf?
    GAH! C’Mon IG you’re my fave – don’t let me down πŸ™

    • Rachel Baldacchino

      Yes, me too! I’ve had such an influx of followers that seem like fake accounts.

    • Do you go through & block all those dodgy accounts that follow you Claire?? I never know what to do with them!!!!! Insta is my fave too….. Great post Chantelle!!!!

    • I’m sorry you’re going through that. How stressful. πŸ™

  • Samantha Keane

    YES! I quite often use Hawaii related tags to see what’s going on in my Soul Town and now get nudes. Love this doggy pic BTW

  • Brittany

    Every time I see that spam, I go to the page (grossed out) and mark it as inappropriate to the “staff” at instagram. This is the main reason I don’t look at many popular hashtags anymore… Yours EXcluded. Lol

  • Instagram SPAM is killing me. I block any SPAM accounts that follow me. The thing that really annoys me is when there is all this SPAM out there but gorgeous images of women breastfeeding or promoting positive body image are reported. Maybe if the good people at Facebook Corp put their efforts into the right place it wouldn’t be such a problem. x

    • That’s what frustrates me. People have lost their accounts for so much less, and these nudies are left hanging {literally!}.

      IT KILLS ME.

  • Argh! My hate for spam on Instagram is equal to my hate for like for like-res. Like me because you what to see my feed not because you think I am going to like you back. Which I would like back if they had a cool pics and I want to see more.

  • Susie

    you should be able to own the hashtag and delete anything inappropriate!

    • YES! Or I should own Instagram. That’ll do! πŸ˜›

      • Susie

        lol that’ll do for all of us! even 1/4 of insta!

  • Well said! Spam is getting way out of control on Instagram!

  • Yes, I saw some on there this morning! I reported it, not sure that will do any good? What kind of people? They know it is a huge hashtag, so they jump on it with their inappropriate content, so sad.

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    Totally agree! It’s so annoying! I’m still laughing at the adult video comment! You poor thing!

  • PerlaRM

    I noticed the nudity spam happening yesterday. I don’t mind nudes if it’s classy but these were just trashy. Maybe if they followed the prompts haha. I also dislike the buy stuff spam. I agree that cookies should definitely help.

  • Absolutely.. its the nakedness on random tags that is just all wrong.. I mean I can get if they get into #dogsofinstagram as some truly are growlers but under #florals ?

  • Drives me insane! I’m a travel blogger…if I want to see chicks with no clothes on I’ll go to the local nudie beach!

  • Dee

    I hate it and I hate the fact that I know patents of 8 year olds that let the kids have insta. Its not on! I was having the problem of a lady stealing my photos and posting them as hers.

  • Lianne Dawson

    I haven’t seen any nudity but I want to know when I started following Dubai travel and some of the others that have crept in recently

    • Oh yes, somehow I followed them too! Interesting you say that because I have no idea how it happened!

  • It makes me so mad too Chantelle. It’s really ruined scrolling tag. I used to scroll it everyday to see everyone’s creative photos but the boobs + bums + handbag spam has stopped me many times. I report them when I see them. And you’re so right. Instagram needs to clean up their act on this. Go get ’em Telle. We are all right behind you! Let us know what we need to do.

  • I’ve been having issues with this too … I report but it’s just a sight you can’t un-see x

  • Holly Clark

    Well said! I feel like I need to cleanse my eyeballs with bleach after seeing all those nudies. It makes me cross, because it spoils IG for the rest of us. These pop up all over the place and it seems like nothing is done, but an innocent, beautiful breastfeeding or baby bum photo is pulled quick sticks! What the hell IG? Cookies seem like a good trade for fixing the problem. I’ll throw in some cupcakes if it helps!

    • Yes, gimmee the cupcakes. I’ll book the flights.

      • Holly Clark

        ?? We’ll convince them… No one can resist Lamington cupcakes or cookies. ; )

  • Rachel Rooker

    I tried to “report” the inappropriate images but there are so many that I can’t keep up. Also, who knows if that even does anything…

    • I know. If I knew it was doing something I’d do it more often… but I feel like Instagram are doing nothing in response.

  • The nudie spam on instagram is just ridiculous. I hate to say it Telle, but it’s the reason why I stopped participating for a while. I rarely look at the tag feed any more which makes feel sad and guilty because I’m not participating in the community like I used to. *sadface*

  • It’s revolting. I saw porn spam at the beginning of this year and blocked and reported the person. Why do people have to ruin a good thing? Sorry that it’s entered the FMS photo a dad hashtag. It’s awful. Just awful. It needs to be blocked asap.

  • Paula

    OH yes, hearing you there! I used to love scrolling through & supporting others that posted on FMS daily posts, but all those boobs & arses, never seemed appropriate with my son sitting next to me. I guess because your hashtag is so popular, it’s a quick way to be seen??? It’s such a shame they felt the need to highjack your lovely little feed. cheers Paula

    • It’s so upsetting, and yes, having to hide it from our kids… frustrating. It changes a lot.

  • This is exactly what I’ve been thinking Chantelle. I agree that since under the Facebook umbrella (who are not exactly the best for policing spam) I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of spammy stuff. I haven’t seen the nudes but the comments/tags from people selling likes is prolific. It’s so disappointing – you see the number of comments and think they are from friends – such a let down when you have to go through and report them all (and another time drainer). Plus I’ve reported the same accounts several times (and from some accounts I run for businesses too) and they still prevail. This sort of thing has the potential to kill the platform (like trolls are doing to Twitter) – it sucks the life out of the community spirit. You’d think they would value this…. why are they not protecting the interests of big influencers like you who are fostering that community involvement?

    • P.S. Love the new look

      • Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

        If I owned Instagram, I’d be protecting it with all that I had. They have the resources, so why aren’t they doing something?

  • Jeni Stott

    I so agree!! I have given up looking through the hashtag feed.

    • And that’s what makes me saddest. It’s breaking up the community. πŸ™

      • Jeni Stott

        I looked this morning and noticed this morning most of the hashtag photos have been removed. So all the loveliness has been removed πŸ™

  • Barbara

    I looked up the crochet hashtag the other day and almost vomited my breakfast back up! Full on spread asunder vajayjays! I wish I could scrub my brain clean! And a video of some dude giving himself a hand, so to speak. Revolting.

  • Jacinta Rebola-Thompson

    Oh my goodness I just searched the hashtag looking for this week’s list and all I got for the first 20 photos was naked ladies. Then the next 100 or so we’re 80% naked too. It is horrible. I hate that the good you are trying to put out into the world is being hijacked like this. I feel angry and icky.

  • Maggie Giles

    I feel sorry for Carly who chooses the fab 4! Can we please change the hashtag daily to include the prompt? Getting rid of spam only works for so long… Xx

  • lyndawilkins

    Wow, thats not on. I only add my photo a day pics on facebook and the group on there, so I haven’t seen this… Its disrespectful! And people should have the choice whether they want to look at that, not have it randomly popping up like some kind of reverse anti-privacy.

  • That is super gross and needs to be fixed asap. PS. Love your new look lady! x

  • sayhellojo

    Oh far out! I knew it was bad but this is the worst I’ve seen it! Hope their assess disappear soon! ?

    • Me too! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. πŸ™‚

      • sayhellojo

        Hold up. You wanna see my ass this weekend? What kinda lunch is this?

  • Jacinta M

    I think they jump on the most popular hashtags. They got onto the freethenipple campaign, and now that hashtag is blocked. I guess it’s a compliment of sorts! Your hashtag is so popular!!

  • Jill Garvey

    Yikes! I hadn’t had this problem but just posted and after looking at the hashtag… That is a lot of naked ladies. Note – do not open ig on a work computer!

  • Princess Squishy

    What if we kept using the FMSphotoaday Hashtag to keep it popular, but you came up with a new hashtag that changed monthly like you used to do a long time ago. Then people would still use the FMSphotoaday to post their gross nudie pics, and we could all search under the new changing hashtag? Assuming Instagram doesn’t fix this ASAP. So each post would have #FMSPHOTOADAY and also #FMSPHOTODEC15. Then when we are looking at what has been posted we look for #FMSPHOTODEC15, not look at things tagged only FMSPHOTOADAY

    • Hey! I like you’re thinking.

      Someone suggested this, that we have a daily hashtag as WELL as #FMSphotoaday {in case we ever get it back}. I fear it will confuse the heck out of people, but for instance yesterday was golden so it would just be #FMS_golden or #FMSphotoaday_golden

      What do you think?

      • Princess Squishy

        Sounds like a good idea, then we can search for fms_golden and hopefully not look at the nudies. I hadn’t noticed it yet because I don’t send a lot of time on instagram but I checked yesterday and wanted to bleach my eyes. You’d still want to keep #fmsphotoaday in case we get it back

  • Cherie

    I spent an hour last night reporting and blocking those spam accounts… I checked back this morning and saw that most of it seemed to have disappeared, so I’m guessing that the mass reporting by people here has done some good… We have an email filter at work that automatically detects if there is too much “flesh tone” in a photo and sends warning emails if too much “skin” is seen – why can’t Instagram do something like this, or delay publication of these images until they have been reviewed? Admittedly it is annoying at work since I work in a clinical environment, and the vast majority of photos I email are to medical professionals of skin rashes or wounds or similar, so I get a LOT of emails checking that I’m not inappropriately sending rude photos at work!

    • YES! Why don’t they have that?

      I checked this morning and there’s more than ever… so I’m guessing you’re not seeing that account anymore because you blocked it.

      Cherie, I want to cry. This is so messed up and I feel so powerless. Can I have a tantrum?

      • Cherie

        Oh no!!! I didn’t think about “blocking” as rendering invisible to my eyes – I might as well have shoved parsley in my ears and sung “la-la-la-la-la”… Now I want to have a tantrum too… I’m afraid I’m cynical enough to believe that Instagram won’t take spam seriously until it crashes its site or in some other way renders Instagram powerless…

    • Also, thank you for reporting and blocking. I love people like you. x

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    Hear, hear! I am so tired of having to block and report spammy and downright pornographic accounts, ugh. And having such accounts hijack hashtags, double ugh.

  • I haven’t seen these nudie ladies. My beef is with Facebook’s so called hate speech regulators. I saw some truly horrible religious hate speech, reported it, and nup – by Facebook standards it was fine! Let me just say it included derogative names, the a very evil death threat. I was offended, and I am not from that religion. Anyway, I sometimes wonder whether these ‘policies’ or whatever are more lip service than anything else. x

  • Tiffani Evangeline Cornish

    I just noticed this yesterday and it made me so so sad:( I report as many as I could! IG needs to give this some attention!

  • Maria Ledwidge

    Yep. Detest the spam on the fms hashtag. Also shocked to see T and A scrolling through the “discover” pages…based on photos I like apparently. Um I like photoaday shots, animals, food and babies.

  • Mossy Jojo

    Oh gosh … I feel exactly the same with you Chantelle. Recently I also checked another popular hashtag that’s normally filled with beautiful pictures, it was also filled with adult images! I’m concerned especially with those younger kids/teens who really don’t need to see those stuffs.

  • Kate

    Thankfully my daughter hasn’t discovered hashtags when perusing my Instagram – because ewwwww it’s a scary messed up world out there. They are definitely not having iPhones or their own social media accounts for as long as humanly possible… preferably after they finish uni ?