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Catching my breath

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I feel like, lately, I’m forever trying to steal moments to catch my breath. I’m sure that many people feel the same way, with kids and work and life and everyday demands… it can often feel like we’re searching for a moment to just catch up, and remember to breathe.

Do you feel that way too?

Last week we flew home from the States, drove home and showered and then packed our bags to head up the coast for a week.

Tourism Queensland does this thing where they send bloggers off on their bucket list trip for a week, of all the places they think you’d love to visit, and then the following week they put you up in a beautiful apartment and let you relax, unwind and as I like to say, catch your breath. It’s called the #room753 project.

Due to our impromptu trip to the States we had to mix up the order of our Queensland trip, and we did our rest and relaxation week first, and will head off on our bucket list trip today {so freaking excited}.

So our rest and relaxation apartment was in Broadbeach which is my favourite part of the coast. It’s trendier than Surfers Paradise, and quieter too. It feels like home to me.

We arrived and the apartment actually really felt like home. I wish that I’d videoed us arriving because our minds were truly blown. I think the girl showing us to our room was slightly scared by our excitement.


They’d {Tourism and Events Queensland, and Peppers} decked out the apartment with little touches of family. Bronte {our dog} made an appearance, as did the girls.

spare-roomThe girls had little gifts on their beds, and BALLOONS.


There were little signs all around the apartment with things like EAT ME, READ ME, WATCH ME, DRINK ME. And my face was put on a whole heap of bottles of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Not weird at all, opening the fridge to see yourself looking back at you!


There was beer for Hubby, and chocolate cake for everyone. Seriously the best cake I’ve had in a loooooong time. Chocolatey and ganache-y and good.


They’d even stalked me enough to find out that my favourite movie is Beaches {don’t judge me, OK?}. They also included a huge pile of movies that were either filmed in Queensland or have some connection to this fine state.

giftsI know that we should have probably done more this past week. But the view from our apartment was insane and I miss living near the beach, so we mostly hung around, went to the beach, looked at for whales {didn’t see any, but we saw lots of dolphins} and just recharged our batteries. {And drove Lacey to and from school each day because we didn’t want her to miss out}.


They also have a cinema for guests that doesn’t cost anything that we used twice to introduce Lulu to the world of Toy Story. I’m dreaming up sleepovers for friends with movie marathons. I think it has to happen.

cinemaI know I’m so lucky to have experiences like this, and nothing has felt more surreal than how we’ve lived this past fortnight. I’m not sure how Lulu is going to handle leaving here today. If we even think of moving a suitcase she freaks out. She really likes it here, I think because we’re all so close together in this space, or maybe because we’re relaxed and chilled out?

I wish that you could all experience this good stuff too. And now we’re off. New adventures await. I’ve changed travel partners for the next week. Hubby is out, and Ma is in.

Wish her luck! 😛

We traveled as guests of Tourism and Events Queensland.

  • I think seeing my face on ginger beer would freak me out, but the rest would be awesome 🙂

  • MyInnerPollyanna

    Ahhh… Burleigh Brewing and their “My wife’s bitter” is a favourite of Mr Pollyanna, too. Mind you, he’s also a fan of the Bundy Ginger Beer… but would be as freaked out as you to see his face on all the bottles. I can just imagine him muttering “I’m seeing far too much of myself” if he’d opened that fridge. 😀

  • What a fantastic idea to have a bucket list trip and also a wind down (or wind up) trip as well.. the absolute best of both worlds. Enjoy the next adventure!!!

    • It’s such a cool idea. Tourism Queensland are super generous with everything and think of cool things like this. My favourite people to do things with. 🙂

  • Enjoy, lovely! Enjoy every bit x

  • I’m wondering if they included the epic Queensland-filmed movie, The Delinquents … starring Kylie Minogue … and me? Sounds like a fabulous way to unwind and breathe. Following along for what’s next x

    • You? How did I not know this?

      It wasn’t there… but I think we need to do something about it!

  • This has to be one the coolest things EVER! Can’t wait to see what your bucket week trip involves… x

  • Wow that is amazing attention to detail! We just spent a not as fancy week, but still very relaxing, housesitting for our cousin here in Australia. We are staying the guest room of our other cousins for the rest of the trip and our little lady definitely was upset when we started packing up to go back to the guest room. I think you are right, they become more relaxed as we do! Enjoy your trip!

  • Nice Gig! Its amazing how far you have come in a matter of years – go Chantelle!! x

  • Marteen Lane

    Oh it would be so cool if Bord Failte here in Ireland did something like that for Irish bloggers. Enjoy your next adventure Chantelle 🙂

  • Our kids love just being together as a family, and I think when you are on holiday you spend more time being a family and less time sweating the small stuff! Enjoy

  • That looks amazing – Tourism Queensland really have thought of everything. I think the week you’ve just had sounds pretty much like my Bucket List, a complete week of chillaxing with chocolate cake, people you love and personalised ginger beer! Winning at life! Enjoy the next part of the adventure!

  • Oh gosh! This sounds pretty amazing! I haven’t been on holidays in ages, and was set to go away to Tassie for a week (for my b’day) but looks like my partner has the measles, so we may not be able to go. I love all the special touches they added!

  • To think you were just a stone’s throw away from me – and me you! Yesterday I was in the Tweed and thought of you. x

  • Oh wow! Those personal touches are truly wonderful. Bet you were pinching yourselves after the states and now this! En

  • Oh wow. Those personal touches are so wonderful. Bet you were pinching yourselves after the states and now this. Enjoy lovely xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    mind blown just reading this…how wonderful x