15 thoughts on “Borderline”

  1. I’m so happy we’re all on the same page and in the same time zone. I woke up on Sunday looked at the clock which said 5am, in my sleep deprived state, I thought it had already adjusted so it was 6am so I hopped out of bed, but it hadn’t adjusted and it was 4am! I didn’t realise that though til hubby got up a few hours later. I love the long days that daylight saving brings but gee, that number crunching it totally messes with your head!

  2. Right there with you! We’re in Caba and hubby works on the goldy.. Sooo happy it’s over. The whole east coast just needs one time zone already. I actually don’t care if we have daylight saving or not but qld and nsw need to work it out stat! Happy no-daylight-saving xx

  3. Those Queensland people need to get with the program and switch to Daylight Savings! I can’t even imagine how painful it must be living near the border for those 6 months of the year!

  4. Ah that’s so crazy and confusing! How much is the time difference when it is daylight savings? So NSW gets daylight savings but QLD doesn’t? Here in NZ the time goes an hour forwards EVERYWHERE (in NZ) but we love it because we get more daylight hours and it means summer. Our clocks went back over the weekend too, which is YAY for an extra hour in bed but BOO for arriving home from work/school and it’s dark already!

  5. I love the daylight savings here in Adelaide, that extra time in the summer means we are often swimming in the ocean at 8 pm…in daylight.

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