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BLOGversation: Who inspires you?

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Around a gazillion new blogs are created every single day. I made that up. But I bet there are a lot. How many is a gazillion anyway? When I go blog reading I liken it to falling down the rabbit hole {like Alice in Wonderland}. I start on one blog, click through to another… until I’ve lost a few hours from my day/night and gained a whole lot of inspiration.

I have a few blogs that I would probably call my favourites, the ones that inspire me the most. I did have a list of blogs I love to read, but haven’t updated that since I did my blog makeover a year ago. Tsk. It’s on the to-do list.

If I had to share my 3 favourites, and why, this would be them:

1. Fruity Beauty

I just love the way Zoe writes. Being friends with Zoe, I know that the way she writes is exactly the way she is… and I like that. I like the realness of her blog, the quirkiness. If I hadn’t started reading Fruity Beauty, I may not have started my own blog.

2. Design Love Fest

Seriously, I may want to be Bri. Or have just an teeny bit of her talent. She just oozes it. Design Love Fest was a blog I stumbled across last year in one of those ‘rabbit hole’ moments. I love the eclectic-ness of it, and that I never know what I’m going to get when I pop over… but that it’s always going to be beautiful.

3. Love Taza

I love the personal side of this blog, plus the design too. I love the photos, the insights, the stories, the truths and just the coolness of it all. Love Taza is one blog that I just adore, through and through.

I’m sure if you asked me again tomorrow, I’d throw another 3 at you… but today this is them.

What about you? Who inspires you? Which 3 blogs inspire you to blog better, or just blog?

P.S. I recently put together a blog roll of blogs I love to love, you can check them out here.