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BLOGversation: Who inspires you?

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Around a gazillion new blogs are created every single day. I made that up. But I bet there are a lot. How many is a gazillion anyway? When I go blog reading I liken it to falling down the rabbit hole {like Alice in Wonderland}. I start on one blog, click through to another… until I’ve lost a few hours from my day/night and gained a whole lot of inspiration.

I have a few blogs that I would probably call my favourites, the ones that inspire me the most. I did have a list of blogs I love to read, but haven’t updated that since I did my blog makeover a year ago. Tsk. It’s on the to-do list.

If I had to share my 3 favourites, and why, this would be them:

1. Fruity Beauty

I just love the way Zoe writes. Being friends with Zoe, I know that the way she writes is exactly the way she is… and I like that. I like the realness of her blog, the quirkiness. If I hadn’t started reading Fruity Beauty, I may not have started my own blog.

2. Design Love Fest

Seriously, I may want to be Bri. Or have just an teeny bit of her talent. She just oozes it. Design Love Fest was a blog I stumbled across last year in one of those ‘rabbit hole’ moments. I love the eclectic-ness of it, and that I never know what I’m going to get when I pop over… but that it’s always going to be beautiful.

3. Love Taza

I love the personal side of this blog, plus the design too. I love the photos, the insights, the stories, the truths and just the coolness of it all. Love Taza is one blog that I just adore, through and through.

I’m sure if you asked me again tomorrow, I’d throw another 3 at you… but today this is them.

What about you? Who inspires you? Which 3 blogs inspire you to blog better, or just blog?

P.S. I recently put together a blog roll of blogs I love to love, you can check them out here.


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  • Kelsey Yoki

    Snack Therapy, because I feel like its me when I read it. Love Taza always makes me happy (so glad I happened upon their blog!). And lastly…the rest of the blogs I read! I’ve found a lot of inspiring people in the past few months and it makes me smile when I open up the tab for my blog feed. I just started blogging this year, and while its been a slow start, it is comforting that so much support is out there.

  • Taryn Elise

    Narrowing it down to three is so hard!!! Naturally Fat Mum Slim is in my top 3 for all the photography and social media posts! Joined by A Beautiful Mess for all their DIY posts. Probably Skunkboy Blog would draw for third place because her family is so darn adorable, with Sweetopia because of the amazing knowledge that’s shared – and the giveaways! Ahhh too many blogs! Love them all and that’s what’s inspiring me to start my own – one of the gazillion!

  • i read design love fest – the blogshops they do look amazing!!
    I’m gonna shout out my fav kiwi blogs..

    I have blogged about them 🙂

  • pixelhazard

    Oh Yay, recommendations! I have so many favorites but style bubble never ceases to inspire. Design sponge is a favourite too along with a lesser known hot chocolate and mint. So many great blogs out there

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  • Love Taza is great but I didn’t know about the other two. Thanks for sharing!
    Rowdy Fairy Blog
    Follow Me on Bloglovin!

  • Clearly your lovely self Chantelle otherwise I wouldnt be here today…But I can only choose 3 so…..
    Babymac. A tree changer like myself, I love the way Beth writes about nothing and everything. I can relate to a lot of her posts and she has a great sense of humor.
    Emily at the Beetleshack. Gees she keeps it real this lovely lady. Cruising along with her family and all the trials and tribulations of motherhood. I also love her decorating and style ideas. She oozes cool this lady. Remember her from the block? She does awesome interior decorating stuff around her house , excellent DIY projects to have a go at and lots of blogging tips. I generally love how she writes and bits about her family as well.

  • Lisalea68

    I’ve only just started to look around at blogs , yes late bloomer I am. I’ve noticed a common thread though. Blogs about mums with small children, blogs about eating well and exercise and a zillion blogs on self help, healing, spiritual guides etc. I have enjoyed what I’ve seen but does anyone know if there are blogs about life with teenager children and the craziness of family life that goes with all that?

    • shambolicliving

      There is a website with a blog called The Kids Are All Right which is all about parenting teens. While I often blog about life with my teenagers as well (with a lot of editing, careful thought and permission seeking from said teenagers because you know they are old enough to have an opinion about what goes on the blog!!!) That’s at Shambolic Living

    • Tina Gray Dot Me is a good blog about parenting kids of all ages too. Try that one. x

  • I am so with you on Fruity Beauty…you can tell that Zoe’s personality is exactly the same as her writing…lovable, quirky, straight up & sweet 🙂 I would add A Beautiful Mess to the list, they are one of the first that I check on every time I’m reading…and Aussie bloggers House of Humble are amazepants also. Is amazepants a word? Oh well, it is now 🙂 xx

  • I like
    Oh Happy Day
    Jen loves kev
    Naptime Diaries

    Crafty, trendy, Jesusy.

  • I love Baby Mac. She inspires my blogging, and me as a person. I seem to resonate with a lot of her posts. She probably thinks I’m a creep, ha!

  • Cara McKee

    Weird you should ask! I just wrote a blog post on blogs I like: as you’ll see, you’re my go-to for inspiration. Thank you.

  • Well, of course I love Fat Mum Slim. You do such a great job, Chantelle! I also adore Edenland, she keeps it so real and I also love Kerri Sackville’s Life and Other Crises. which is always such a resonating read!

  • Thanks for the links! My top three are (word nerdery at its finest), and
    And yours, of course! Thanks for entertaining. I can’t believe how regularly you’re still blogging with little Luella in your life! x

    • Ah, it’s all an illusion. Most of my posts were scheduled in advance. I’ve been pretty lazy with bub.

  • I’m gonna cheat a little here as I’m having trouble narrowing it down to 3 blogs. I’m not mentioning FMS (because I’m here) so in addition, the 3 blogs I find most inspiring are… – this was one of the very first blogs I read and remains a fave. I’m sure Elizabeth thinks I’m a crazy stalker! – Kirsty inspires me with all that she does, and I’m lucky enough to have her as a friend too! – Em is just such a scream. She tells it EXACTLY like it is. This blog is always an entertaining read.

  • shambolicliving

    I enjoy the On The Couch series of Interviews on the blog Show and Tell.

    • Oh yes. I always forget about them, but when I spot them in my Twitter feed it’s a little treat. Thanks for the reminder. x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Styling you,Woogsworld Babymac and Edenland sorry that is 4 and I love so many more and I will have a read of the others you mentioned:)

  • Ninie Pouce

    Every blog I read inspires me (and there is too much)

  • Oh hard! Here are 3 of many….
    cos Yum just YUM.
    Peter’s food photography is just amazing.
    makes me smile everyday. I love that everyone has a story.

    • Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know HONY had a blog as well as his Facebook page. I am going to buy his book. x

  • Oh Happy Day, A Beautiful Mess and The Daybook are my top three right now! Love all the positivity and beauty they bring to everyday.

  • YOU!
    And Bri. And Design Mom. And Attic 24. And Bitches Gotta Eat.

  • Apart from FMS, without a doubt Edenland hands down fav (and she has been a big support to me since my brothers death, feeling for HER so much right now and always), then Inked in Colour because the name suckered me in and I got hooked and then Faux Fushcia becuase she also lives in Brisbane and I like spying her at cool local places!!! That sounds stalkerish…not intended!!!

  • Wendy Wei

    It’s so hard when some websites don’t have an easy subscription service. BTW, I’m subscribed to you but I’m not getting them in my emails. But for example, your subscription service is FeedBurner but for Design Love Fest, there is no FeedBurner or BlogLovin’, Blogger or Google subscription service available. It would be difficult for me to get notifications or emails that the blog has updated. I had to result to bookmarking the page but I will forget about it later on.

  • Paula C

    My top three blogs aside from this one are 1 craft blog and 2 mommy blogs.

    The craft blog is: Sarah Hamer was mostly paper crafting when I started reading. Now she does so much more 🙂 I love her!

    The mommy blogs are: I have been reading her for about 2 years. I started following her on YouTube while I was pregnant. Morgan is upbeat and full of tips 🙂 she also posts some yummy recipes 🙂

    The other blog is a Crunchy Momma Blog: I also started reading her during my pregnancy. She is all about natural living and I love her YouTube channel too 🙂