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BLOGversation: So… what’s your niche?

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About six months after I started blogging I got a hunger for it. I wanted to read books, blogs about blogging, take courses on blogging and just consume as much as I could. One thing that always came up was that you HAD to have a niche. A blog without a niche wasn’t going to result in much at all.

I didn’t have a niche. It made me all anxious and worried. I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself into one category. I wanted to be free to blog about whatever it was that came to mind, filled my heart or made me want to write.

Your niche, I believe, when it comes to blogging should be how you answer this question if a stranger was to ask you: So, what do you blog about?

My answer is always different. Today I’d say: “I write about anything relevant to me. Parenting, food, inspiration, photography, life… everything. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Say I ran into you today and I asked you just that, how would you answer? So, what DO you blog about lovely?


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  • exactly what I answer. I love blogging about everything that inspires me and my intention is to inspire everyone who reads my blog. So I blog about motherhood, decor, tecnology and so on.

  • I have no clue.

  • Daneyl Green

    I blog about whatever I’ve been doing. Cooking, crafting, reading, parenting. I was just going to write ‘I lblog as a Mum for Mums’ but that’s not exactly right. I’m more than ja Mum. I blog as someone who wants to share their story with others.

  • Mostly I blog about leading a natural lifestyle and natural parenting. I love food and cooking and making everything from scratch and using healthy ingredients. But I also blog about daily happenings, post photos, humour, do product reviews etc. Like you, it varies and I don’t want to pigeon hole myself too much!

  • Kate

    I blog about the stuff we do – things for kids and families to experience in Melbourne. It’s a bit of a catalogue of all the things we’ve loved over the past few years.

  • Kimba Likes is all about family, fashion and frivolity – the things Kimba likes! Having fun, style tips, family outings, recipes and craft for the extremely non-talented, entertainment, beauty reviews.

    Not having a defined niche means I can pretty much write about whatever I fancy as long as it slots (somehow!) under the three Fs!

  • My Little Sunshine House is about anything in or around my little home on the north coast of NSW. X

  • davine

    53 Buddhas and Me is about my life, which at the moment is travelling on a12 month adventure around Australia

  • I realised that lately I’ve been blogging about trying to improve myself, and trying to be happier and more grateful. Though when I scroll through my blog it looks like a bit of a mess. Ah well, it’s only been 3 months. I’ll see where it goes. šŸ™‚

  • Once upon a time I blogged about getting Cancer. Then I wrote about fighting it. Now I’ve survived it, I blog about my life and things that I love. Cooking, eating, running, living, laughing. Just a little of what I fancy!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Bake Play Smile is about baking and teaching. I love sharing my favourite recipes and teaching ideas. I probably blog more about baking purely because some days I find that after a long day at school I just want to switch off and focus on my other love! šŸ™‚

  • samantha morrisey

    I started my blog originally to write about all of the research I did and things I tried to get pregnant after a low AMH diagnosis. It then took on a life of it’s own really. I was recently tossing up re-branding or starting a second blog, but then I realised it really didn’t matter. Blogs evolve. I’ve watched some of my favourite bloggers evolve over the years and I’m still following along.

  • Belinda @ MyOodle

    I started out not planning on having a blog, just wanting a forum where Oodle dog owners can ask questions and provide answers but then realised I had some things to say and needed a vehicle for saying it. Started a blog and now show off super cute pictures of Oodles and other things twice a week and loving it.

  • I mostly reply that I blog about motherhood but actually, I blog about being a woman who has kids. They’re different things, you know? And the distinction is kind of important…at least to me.


  • Ninie Pouce

    Same than you, when I want to talk about something, I do. That’s it !

  • Sew Brunswick

    I blog mainly about sewing my own clothes but I also share my adventures in gardening, travelling with kids, being a working mum, cooking and exploring Melbourne.

  • Sharlyn Lauby

    My blog is a “friendly place to talk about work.” I write about leadership, management, career development, recruiting, etc.

  • I blog to share my recipes and to make people laugh. Although I’m usually at my funniest when I’m 2 champagnes in, which actually makes blogging a bit tricky, so maybe I don’t make many people laugh at all?!

  • Michelle Lisle

    I blog about every day things that happen in my life, about revamping pieces of furniture for my house or to sell and about my fave beauty tips and tricks…….and life in general…

  • ahukader

    I blog about my life. About important dates in my life. About the thaken pictures and why I have taken them.
    I blog about my foreign homecountry Turkey. I’m blogging in turkish, just to not forget my language. Sometimes I am translating my poems into german.

  • M. Bette

    My niche is very similar to yours and some others. Like you, I didn’t want to be stuck writing about just one thing, so I blog about the everyday things that I notice. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes it’s global. It could be as simple as a fall pictures during a walk or as wide as the government shut down that happened in the US a couple weeks back. Like you said about your blog: you never know what you’re going to get.

    I just like having a voice and an outlet, and I feel like that’s what my blog truly is about.

    Thanks again for this topic! Really eye-opening and helpful


  • MeganBlandford

    I used to worry about that niche stuff too – until I realised my niche is “me”. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes useful, sometimes funny, just like in life.

  • I began my blog as a way to help increase my photography skills. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would ever read it.
    I now have over 700 followers, and I’m amazed everyday that people want to stop by and see what I’ve been up to in my life. I adore having a blog, and the sense of community and togetherness it brings to everyone involved. I have learnt a lot from having one over the last year or so, and know I have SO much more to learn! But that is honestly why I began the blog in the first place.
    I wouldn’t really say I have a niche as such (doesn’t everyone seem to have a photography blog these days?!), but it has been a fabulous experience, helped me to grow my passion for photography and lead me to some wonderful adventures along the way!
    Bring on 2014 and more blogging šŸ™‚

    • Emily Skeels

      Love it! I’ve been trying to do this as well, but unfortunately, I’m having a tough time regularly sticking with it. Any suggestions?

      Also, what size do you make your image in order to post it online?

  • I blog about eating veggies and trying to be a healthy chica. I initially started my blog to learn more about how they all tick in the background, but nowadays I’m addicted and as I have grown more as a person, that is how I’ve found my ‘niche’. Robyn xx

  • katypotaty

    I blog about life and style. More specifically, MY life and MY style. It’s not for everyone, and some people laugh when I get invited to stylish events… but I love what I write about!

  • Traci Ling

    The niche bothered me, too. But then I said,”Whatever, this is for me and I will write about what I want and what inspires me.” And whoever wants to read it can and those who don’t like it don’t have to read it. šŸ™‚

  • Barbs LeCupcake

    i am currently botherd with it and i have no idea what direction to take, it started as a simple “year abroad diary” but i like it now, i want to achieve something. i’m not saying i wanna be e-famous or anything, but i’d like ppl to read my blog, and link it to friends cuz i said something interesting, or bookmark the page cuz they wanna remember it for future reference. sigh.

  • A year in and now when I say that I blog and people ask oh what’s your blog about I never really know what to say! out of context when you say some of the topics, it does sound a bit pants. I myself really don’t have a niche either, my blog is random and scatty a lot like myself, it covers so many things not just pigeon holed to one. I love how you have explained your blog above there. Thank you too, because I think after reading this that I will be proud to describe my blog as scatty and random, from the heart, what I enjoy and what I feel/think there and then! xxx

  • Maf.

    I have a blog, the same one, since 2006. I was 14 when I started witting on it. Of course, with the years there were a lot of changes, that reflected directly on my blog. I’ve erased stuff, changed tittle, change everything, and re-started it hundred times. Inicially, I was wtitting about me, about all that was relevant to me since I wasn’t a popular girl, or something. I was quite anti-social, because I understood very early how people in general, but specially kids (same age as was then) could be cruel to the ones who were different. I was a little different, I liked ballet, music, books and photography. They liked shopping, hang out, be better than everyone instead of being better for everyone. By now, I still have that same blog, I always go there to write something, or to show my pictures to the world, even if nobody’s there. As MeganBlandford said: “my “niche” is me”, for all these years. Maybe I’m just a boring person, who knows? :p

    instagram: @lucyseesaw

  • Croila

    I started blogging ten years ago, then deleted the lot at the end of last year to stay afresh.

    I have no niche either but just regard my blog as “a magazine of me and stuff in interested in”.

    So, all is good šŸ˜€

  • sarah buckle-dykes

    I think it’s about making connections with people. So even though I write about subjects that i’m passionate about: family; decorating; books; op-shopping! I am hoping to find a like-minded audience – readers who enjoy the same things as me. We empathise, sympathise, energise and inspire each other! Would love to get your opinion on whether that’s ‘enough’ to have a broad appeal. Would love to know whether you think my blog is achieving my aims. Yours looks so great šŸ™‚

  • Cara McKee

    I got asked this today, and could only say ‘all sorts of things’. I gave some examples of recent posts. Mainly tbh I blog to get writing practice, but I’d like my blog to be fun, useful, and interesting too.

  • Filipa Cortez Faria

    My niche has increased over the last year. I write and post about children-mums fashion, decor, nutrition and lifestyle and I absolutely Love it.

  • May

    My blog is fairly new but I had another blog a couple of years ago, I never understood why we have to have a niche, I still don’t. As Megan said my niche is always been me and people like me.

  • sharingmummysmagic

    I have found my niche…. Healthy living. Seems broad but it really encompasses myself and my family šŸ™‚ It’s sprinkled throughout my blog but not flooding it. A nice balance.

  • I just want to thank you for all of your very useful, simple, easy to follow tips on blogging. They are so helpful! I have been searching everywhere for a blog like yours! I am a new blogger myself and am like you! I want to write about anything and everything and your tips are helping me out a lot! I can’t thank you enough.

  • Abby Ramirez

    I really don’t know. I mean, I am fairly new to blogging and I have an anything-and-everything blog. I am still a mess at blogging so yeah, I still have tons of stuff to learn.

  • Aimee

    I love to design, bake, cook , love, fashion, photography life!

  • I love how you started your blog initially to document your weight loss but has evolved as you have. I first started blogging about my journey into motherhood, then dabbled into finance, then product reviewing and now just whatever I feel like blogging about. Sometimes I think about closing my blog and starting again because I change my “niche” so much but it’s encouraging to see even though a blog evolves readers / followers will too. Keep up the great work!

  • I blog about life!