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BLOGversation: So… what’s your niche?

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About six months after I started blogging I got a hunger for it. I wanted to read books, blogs about blogging, take courses on blogging and just consume as much as I could. One thing that always came up was that you HAD to have a niche. A blog without a niche wasn’t going to result in much at all.

I didn’t have a niche. It made me all anxious and worried. I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself into one category. I wanted to be free to blog about whatever it was that came to mind, filled my heart or made me want to write.

Your niche, I believe, when it comes to blogging should be how you answer this question if a stranger was to ask you: So, what do you blog about?

My answer is always different. Today I’d say: “I write about anything relevant to me. Parenting, food, inspiration, photography, life… everything. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Say I ran into you today and I asked you just that, how would you answer? So, what DO you blog about lovely?


photo credit: Tintin44 – Sylvain Masson via photopin cc