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BLOGversation: Let’s look into the future. What do you see?

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I’m a dreamer, and a bit of a planner. I love a mind map, an inspiration board or just some simple day-dreaming… but I have to say it’s been hard to think ahead of time work-wise when I’ve been so stuck into bringing a new baby into the world.

So, I don’t really have an answer to this question right now, but I’m looking forward to reading your responses and getting inspired!

Where do you see you and your blog in 12 months time? Do you have big lofty dreams, or do you just take it all as it comes?


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  • davine

    As I’m currently in my 12 month trip around Australia I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing this time next year. Will I still be travelling, will I be sitting at home, will I have some other project I am into? As for my blog I would like to have her grow into a place where readers can join me in whatever life adventure I’m currently in. That’s the joy of my life – never knowing what’s around the corner.

  • I would love to have a larger readership base in a year’s time, but only because that would mean I’ve made a whole lot of new friends in the world. As awesome as it would be to have a badge that says 1000+ followers, I’d rather have 20-30 (hopefully more) people that regularly communicate with me, develop a friendship with them and who knows, maybe meet them in one of my travels some day.

  • I personally think in a year, Jen and I may be in our own place. If not, I truly think our room will be made over! I see my art being better, and my blog being better as well. Bigger and better sponsor features, updated About page, my own graphics, and so much more! I also think by then, I’ll have a good camera, and can provide better quality pictures. ♥ I see a Nintendo 3DS in my life, and lots of gaming. Maybe even extra money every month! AND by November, all of our bills will be paid – this year! Can’t wait. 😀

  • Katie Rainbird

    I am mid re-assessment of my target audience & feeling uncertain about my ‘niche’ but for now I’m going to keep trucking. In 12 months time I hope to have made the side step to freelancing whilst maintaining the blog as I need to start earning!

  • I’d like to have a significantly larger readership, and I’d like for my blog to be a bit more focused in the coming year. Right now I’m trying things out and not at all sure which direction to go.

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Hmm I definitely hope to still be blogging and meeting lots of other new bloggers in 12 months time!! I started my blog focusing on three areas: life, education and teaching ideas, and of course baking. Now, I’m not sure if I need to focus on just one of those areas or whether to keep blogging about all of the different things. I like a bit of spice in life so I think I’ll keep it a bit varied!

  • In 12 months time I would like to be still blogging. Over the last few months I have found my niche, and hope to interact and collaborate more with other bloggers to increase my readership. The goal is 5000 followers, but I also have to remind myself that I blog because I enjoy it (and like being able to look up my recipes when I forget them lol). I am also hoping to really improve on my photography skills. Robyn xx

  • Ceri

    I’d just like people to comment on my blog from time to time! But all my other goals are based on me making time to write every day so I can build enough of an audience to justify writing a book (or an ebook at least!)

  • Mel B

    We’ve just registered our business name and applied for an ABN too. Just about to move to self-hosted with a new blog design. Much excitement for that. Our plan for the next year is to develop a stronger community within our readership and expand it; attend a blogging conference and meet some awesome other bloggers; release an ebook and also do some freelance writing as well. Big plans are afoot and I am so excited about it 🙂

  • 26 Years & Counting

    I’m moving to self-hosted this week and have some small ideas on growing my blog that I want to experiment with 🙂

  • Taryn Elise

    I’m starting my blog next week, and hopefully it will follow me next year as I move to Canada for four months to study confectionary art! In 12 months time I hope to be on my way home from Canada with a stop over to visit the boyfriend in California, ready to start the next phase of my life – trying to work full time in cakes!

  • Caitlin Taylor

    My goals seem simple, but for me, they are a large challenge. To blog more regularly – with a family of five young kids I am finding it tricky. And to build my readership. I’m not entirely sure how to do that, so blogging more regularly might have to be part one for that one and we’ll go from there…