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The Best Thing I Ever Put In My Mouth

Fat Mum Slim /

I had to get my calculator out to work this one out. I’ve been alive for 37 years now. I didn’t really eat for that first year, or at least that puree food isn’t really worth remembering… so let’s imagine I’ve been eating for around 36 years. At three meals a day for 36 years, I’ve consumed around 39,420 meals in my lifetime and that’s not including snacks or desserts, or second lunches {cos sometimes a girl gets hungry}. That’s a lot of food.


And if I had to reflect on those meals, which I’m making myself do for the record, that’s a whole lot of memories. What’s the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth? EDIBLE, people, edible. I’d have to say it was a dinner I had recently. For my birthday Hubby and I went to a Japanese restaurant up the coast called Kiyomi. We opted for the 10 course degustation and it was next level. I have a thing for raw fish, and light food that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy… and those 10 meals were amazing. In particular there was a kingfish dish which had some kinda crunch to it as well… and I want to go back and eat it one day very soon. So delicious.

And now I’m handing it over to you. What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever eaten? Tell me all about it. Please.