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The very best diaries for 2015

Fat Mum Slim /

Would it be sad to reveal that I already bought my diary for next year? Yep, I’m a sad sack. I did. I bought one. Like a kid in a candy store, I went and bought one three whole months out from the New Year.

Because I like a little drama and suspense, I won’t tell you which just yet. But I will tell you that I researched, and these came very close to being mine. Here’s the best diaries for 2015.


ONE: Master Diary
This one is specifically designed for families, with spots to put what your whole family has on that day/week/month. You can plan meals, remember birthdays and lots more stuff {cos families have lotsa stuff!}.
Cost: $34.95
Get it here.

TWO: Frankie Diary
The Frankie diaries are always whimsical and fun, and will make you smile each day as you open them. They sell out quickly so if you want one, grab it early.
Cost: $26.95
Get it here.

THREE: Pretty Organised Printable Planner
I love a printable, and this is up there with the love-factor. You can buy it, download it and use it {and print again if you like!}. It’s pretty too, right?
Cost: $20.00
Get it here.

FOUR: Mi Goals Diary
This is for the dreamer! I know this picture is of last year’s diary, but hopefully these guys release one for 2015. You can use it to dream big, to make a 5 year plan and to make good stuff happen.
Cost: $19.95
Get it here.

FIVE: Erin Condren
The Erin Condren diaries are nothing short of amazing. You can custom make your cover, and they will whip your life into shape in no time with all the organisational possibilities. And they’re bright and fun too!
Cost: $50.00
Get it here.

SIX: Typo
Typo does a whole heap of diaries every year, but this is my favourite for 2015. A little spotty, a little gold, a whole lotta cool.
Cost: $16.95
Get it here.

SEVEN: The Collective
I’m obsessed with The Collective magazine, and this looks to be just as good as the mag. It’s a little more simple, but stylish.
Cost: $19.95
Get it here.

EIGHT: Lorna Jane Diary
Beautiful blue with gold foiling, what more could a girl want? It’s got recipes, inspiration to get you moving and little pops of colour that will get you excited.
Cost: $39.99
Get it here.

NINE: Manifest your 2015
I think this one is perfect for the creative, inspired person. It’s got places to dream and doodle, and manifest all that good stuff to make it happen.
Cost: $30.00
Get it here.

And the diary that won my heart? This one. I like a day to a page, a bit of fun, and nice smooth pages. Yep, that stuff matters. Sssh.


Are you a diary person? Or do you do everything digitally?