The very best diaries for 2015

Would it be sad to reveal that I already bought my diary for next year? Yep, I’m a sad sack. I did. I bought one. Like a kid in a candy store, I went and bought one three whole months out from the New Year.

Because I like a little drama and suspense, I won’t tell you which just yet. But I will tell you that I researched, and these came very close to being mine. Here’s the best diaries for 2015.


ONE: Master Diary
This one is specifically designed for families, with spots to put what your whole family has on that day/week/month. You can plan meals, remember birthdays and lots more stuff {cos families have lotsa stuff!}.
Cost: $34.95
Get it here.

TWO: Frankie Diary
The Frankie diaries are always whimsical and fun, and will make you smile each day as you open them. They sell out quickly so if you want one, grab it early.
Cost: $26.95
Get it here.

THREE: Pretty Organised Printable Planner
I love a printable, and this is up there with the love-factor. You can buy it, download it and use it {and print again if you like!}. It’s pretty too, right?
Cost: $20.00
Get it here.

FOUR: Mi Goals Diary
This is for the dreamer! I know this picture is of last year’s diary, but hopefully these guys release one for 2015. You can use it to dream big, to make a 5 year plan and to make good stuff happen.
Cost: $19.95
Get it here.

FIVE: Erin Condren
The Erin Condren diaries are nothing short of amazing. You can custom make your cover, and they will whip your life into shape in no time with all the organisational possibilities. And they’re bright and fun too!
Cost: $50.00
Get it here.

SIX: Typo
Typo does a whole heap of diaries every year, but this is my favourite for 2015. A little spotty, a little gold, a whole lotta cool.
Cost: $16.95
Get it here.

SEVEN: The Collective
I’m obsessed with The Collective magazine, and this looks to be just as good as the mag. It’s a little more simple, but stylish.
Cost: $19.95
Get it here.

EIGHT: Lorna Jane Diary
Beautiful blue with gold foiling, what more could a girl want? It’s got recipes, inspiration to get you moving and little pops of colour that will get you excited.
Cost: $39.99
Get it here.

NINE: Manifest your 2015
I think this one is perfect for the creative, inspired person. It’s got places to dream and doodle, and manifest all that good stuff to make it happen.
Cost: $30.00
Get it here.

And the diary that won my heart? This one. I like a day to a page, a bit of fun, and nice smooth pages. Yep, that stuff matters. Sssh.


Are you a diary person? Or do you do everything digitally?

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  1. I Really like number 3 but I’ve never used diaries. I either record everything in my phone or record it on our family planner on the wall in the kitchen.

  2. Master Diary has been my go to for the last 6 years. Only reason I haven’t bought next years is I am trying to decide on next years colour! I never feel bad about buying it now though as it starts in October, very clever on their part.

  3. I saw the 2015 planner section in my local book store and I got overly excited! These ones look amazing as well. It’s such a hard choice to pick just one for the whole year! 😀

  4. I’m a paper diary freak from way back. My friends laugh at me and tell me I live in the dark ages for still using a paper one but there’s nothing better than pretty pages and writing in plans, colour co-coordinating stuff. I’ve just been thinking I need to find my perfect diary for next year. I do love these that you’ve listed. Ta x

  5. I’ve tried a few different ones over the years. I love the look of the Erin Condren ones but the postage to get one to New Zealand is astronomical. I love the look of the one you chose from Kiki K Chantelle, I think I’m going to go for the same but in the week to a layout format, love the month overview at the start of each month.

  6. When I saw the pic I was freaking out thinking where is a kikki k one? & even reading I’m like how could she miss that one & then there at the end is my most fave diary I have ever had 🙂 every year I try to branch out & look at others but my heart always ends up back with kikki k 🙂

  7. Love kikki-k!!! I don’t do ‘cute’ but those diaries are so cute with their little pockets and even some stickers in the back

  8. I have a new Erin Condren diary on its way to me, I’m so excited!! I love my diary and had two on the go this year, the Lorna Jane one for school/home and a Personal planner diary for all my Project Life stuff!

    • Kirsty i’m interested to know how you make it work to manage / fit time in to coordinate two diaries…is the project life you speak of, the scrapbooking range? Am keen to do as you thus the curiousity 🙂

  9. I love that Kikki K one, I’ve got one just like that for 2014 and I love it so much I’m totally going to get the 2015 edition, not only because I love it so, but because it’s pink! We will be diary twins all year long! Of course, I’ll have to get the pencil case to match because hello… PINK. And PUPPY! The best combo ever!

  10. I love a good diary! I buy mine from I personalise it with different columns for each family member for each day. The only reason I haven’t yet ordered mine is because I haven’t named the new family member yet! I’m feeling disorganised not having a 2015 diary yet, but I can’t just call that column “baby”.

  11. Loved this post, it’s like I wrote it myself – I’m as obsessed with diaries as you are! Hubby doesn’t understand why I get off on looking at them in Kikki K for 20 minutes straight hehe. Thanks for the inspiration for next years journal! x

  12. Kikki K is my all time favorite !! I have the 2014 one. It was a lovely gift from a friend.
    This diary is gorgeous, I love the stickers, the colours, the little pockets to collect tickets ! Can’t wait to get the 2015 one. I already know I’ll start writing down the birthdays, anniversary, the holidays 🙂

  13. Love your round up Chantelle… I use’s family organiser to keep track of everyone’s busy schedule, there’s a column for 6 family members and 368 stickers to mark events and special occasions. Keeps everyone organised at a glance.

  14. Lol not sad at all Im running a week behind I always buy mine the 1st week of October…I believe a paper diary is a must still for me….

  15. YAY I’m glad I’m not alone I brought one of my 2015 diaries nearly three weeks ago wasn’t looking for a diary that day but it found me. I usually have 2 diaries plus a journal on the go every year and two of you top picks have my attention 🙂

  16. I have been on the search for the perfect planner for me for over a year. So far? I have been making my own. 2 days on one page with notes so I can do a weekly review. Also, I have room for a month review and goals for that month. Most planners don’t have that. Or they stick Sat/Sun together. And most weekends are just as busy as the rest of the week. Sigh. One day I will find one.

  17. I’ve been using the OTi diary this year. Space to record exercise (or lack thereof), meal plan, to do list and who to contact with a week to a view. Works for me!

  18. I LOVE this post. I am a diary fanatic but have asked for one for Christmas this year… So I will only have a week before the new year to sort it all out! I have the ‘Cute’ 2014 diary from Kikki.K and I have asked for it again for 2015. Samesies!! 😀

  19. Oh I love diaries so much! Something about the clean anticipation of the year ahead and fresh starts. And despite my love of technology, I still use a pencil and a real diary. I have been touching up diaries in shops for a little while now (it’s all about the feel). I think I’ve settled on a teal A5 one from Kikki K and your post has inspired me to make a final decision and go and get it tomorrow!

  20. These diaries are great! I like to buy things that last the test of time so I’ve invested in a beautiful Filofax that I customise with pretty inserts. Sad but true.

  21. I have had that Kikki K diary for the past few years…I think I need to upgrade this year!
    I still love it but I need more room!
    I had been using that alongside a weekly print out sheet but I think I would like to have everything in one place in 2015!

  22. I’ve been using Moleskin diaries for the past 10 years (!) because of the quality of paper to doodle in. When the other day I grabbed one to buy and I stopped myself, I thought it’s time to invest in a different style and not black!

    So thanks Chantelle, I’m glad you posted up this info because I think I found a brand new style of diary!

  23. Ooooh, I love the Kikki-K one that you bought. I’ve bought that one for the last three (maybe four?) years but for 2015 I think I’m going to break out of my comfort zone and pick up a copy of the Lorna Jane one. I’m a bit obsessed with LJ at the moment. I also bought the Frankie one for a friend’s birthday- love it x

  24. Paper diary all the way. ALREADY HAVE MINE for nect year too. Got a katie daisy one but it is small so i also got a day to a page for daily planning. In the past i loved Moleskine for years and then kikki k. I adore paper planners xx

  25. I love a good diary my go to for the last few years has been the Collins 24 hour home and work diary planner journal

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