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Aussie Animal Collectables: Get your swap on

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This is a sponsored post for Woolworths.


Have you got the fever? I mean, have the kids got the fever this time around?
With such a short burst this year {time-wise and card-wise} we’ve almost managed to collect all the Baby Animal Cards already. And aren’t they cute?

In case you haven’t heard {Oh boy, where have you been?}, Aussie Animal Collectable Cards are back, and this time they’re sweet little babies. For every $20 you spend you’ll get a FREE set of 4 cards. There are just 36 new cards to collect, and each card shares a little bit about each baby animal {so educational and fun}. They’re in stores until the 24th December or until stocks last.

You know last time when everyone went crazy for the cards? Well, I remember my Facebook feed being filled with parents trying to trade and swap to get the collection for their kids. We had a few swap meets at our local Woolies too. Between a friend of ours and us, we managed to get a full collection pretty early but had a lot of extras.
So dedicated was Hubby with his extras pile that I woke one morning to find him at the dining table after a long night shift sorting the extras into numerical order. All for a good cause of course. When any of our friends would ask for any particular cards we’d send them off to them {via mail} or give them to them next time we saw each other. He’s a good egg {although slightly meticulous}.

Again Woolies has created a place online to swap with other card collectors, called the Swap Zone. You can pop over and find more information here.

School holidays starts this week for us, so we’ve got close to 8 weeks before Lacey starts big school. With a new baby on my hands, that’s a lot of entertaining her at home. Last school holidays these cards were quite the entertainment, and I know they will be again this break. I’m sure by the time school goes back I’ll be well versed in everything baby bush rat, and grey-headed flying-fox to name a few. There’ll be lots of baby animal learning going on.

At present we’re just 2 cards off the whole collection, how are you going?

  • Georgie

    Which 2 cards do you need? We have a few duplicates

  • scissorspaperrock

    We filled the baby animals quite quickly with all the pre-xmas shopping 🙂 What two cards do you need? I have a HEAP of doubles 🙂

    Claire xx