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How to add a little fun to your snail mail

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This is a sponsored post for Australia Post’s Video Stamps.


Hands up if you like snail mail? Well, snail mail other than bills. You? Me too. I’m crazy about it.

I’ll take anything I can get. I got so excited when we moved to the country because we actually got junk mail. It was like Christmas every week. Sad? I don’t think so. I’m such a lover of snail mail that each year I create a Gift Exchange so that people all over the world get a little happy in their mail. Fun times!

But even better than getting a letter is receiving a parcel in the mail, right? What is it? Who’s it from? Open it already!

Recently Australia Post decided to make parcels a little more fancy and fun by adding video. When I first heard about it, my head hurt. Send video in the mail without the hardwork of a DVD, tape, USB? BUT HOW? I asked.

The idea is that you don’t just send a gift this Christmas, particularly to loved ones you can’t be with at this time of year, you can send a bit of yourself. This video shows how it works. You can make your present a whole lot more personal and make your gift pretty much come alive. I like it.

It would have been such a treat with our gift exchange. People all over the world have been sending gifts to people they don’t know. Wouldn’t it be great to send a 15 second video to introduce yourself, hear another person’s accent?

We had a little play around and sent a video to my brother.

“We miss you was Merry Christmas!”

Once you’ve made your short video, all you have to do is this:
♥ Collect a video stamp from your post office. They’re free when you’re posting an express parcel.
♥ Stick the video stamp on your parcel. You can actually send the parcel before you record the video. You’ve got 12 hours to create it.
♥ To create the video, download the free Australia Post Video Stamp app. Scan your record code with the app, and record your 15 second message.
♥ Send your parcel.
♥ Wait for your recipient to get all warm & fuzzy when they receive your video.

Are you a fellow fan of snail mail?

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love snail mail especially parcels! This is a wonderful idea i love it,i saw it on TV but did not know how it worked ,now i do thankyou Chantelle xx

  • Adorable and cool at the same time!

  • Yes, I especially when friends send me cards or little notes. In the age of everything moving so fast it’s nice to actually go to the mailbox and see that someone took the time to post a letter to me.

  • Hack Roslyn

    I love the idea. I clicked on your link and it comes up with an error message saying its a private video