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A very naughty Mexican layer salad

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Mexican Layer Salad

In my mind salads are meant to be healthy and a little bit boring. If someone says to me, “Let’s go grab a salad!” I’m not jumping out of my seat and running for the door {if it’s about cake, then we’re talking}. Don’t get me wrong, salad and I are good friends. Rocket is one of my favourite foods, I like lettuce and every vegetable known to man. Even brussell sprouts {man, they have it tough, don’t they?}. Anyways I’m getting off track… It’s all about balance and this salad has it. Good stuff at the bottom, naughty stuff at the top.

My cousin Julie bought this salad to a BBQ we had recently, and everyone fell in love with it. I’ve made it twice since and it’s never, ever disappoints. I call it naughty because putting corn chips and sour cream in a salad feels sinful, yet oh-so-delicious. I think if you wanted to make it healthy you could make a great Greek yoghurt with a good squeeze of lemon juice and some coriander chopped through to make it magic {instead of the sour cream} and then swap the corn chips for some from the health food shop, or some baked and seasoned pita bread cut into triangles. But try it this way first, if only for the experience…

Mexican Layer Salad


I’m not going to give exact amounts here. It’s just layers. So by all means empty your vegetable crisper and use up whatever you think suits. Add grated carrot, or cucumber if you desire. Or keep it simple like we did.
Iceberg lettuce, chopped
Shallots {spring onions}, chopped finely
Cherry tomatoes, chopped
Red capsicum, chopped
Tinned corn, drained
Avocado, chopped
Low fat cheese, grated
Old El Paso Mexe-Beans, drained {or if you like the taste of the liquid – leave a little in}
A big tub of low fat sour cream
Corn chips, crushed

♥ Assemble the salad by placing the ingredients into the bowl in the order that I’ve listed them, ie lettuce at the bottom, then shallots and so forth.
♥ Don’t put the crushed corn chips on until you’re just about to serve. No one likes soggy chips.
♥ When serving to want to dig down deep and make sure that you and your guests get a bit of everything.
♥ Enjoy. And then schedule a workout for tomorrow.