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9 lessons I’ve learned in blogging

Fat Mum Slim /

This year my blog will turn the ripe old age of 4, not long after my daughter does. In blog years that’s like 72 {or it feels like it}. There are a few things I’ve learnt along my blogging travels, here are a few:

1. Content is queen
You can have the prettiest blog on the block, but if it’s not worth reading, it’s not worth reading. The blogs that I adore deliver great content post after post. Fresh ideas, content you’re passionate about and words worth reading are the key to a good blog.

2. Blogging is a hungry beast, much like a newborn baby
Sometimes it feels like I could spend all of my waking hours on my blog {writing, commenting, tweaking, writing some more} and still not spend enough time on my blog. It’s a hungry, hungry beast, willing to take up as much time as I let it. Many bloggers haven’t survived the hungry beast. It needs to be tamed with a little time management. If not, blogger burnout threatens. Eek!

3. Haters gonna hate
I’ve run into a blogging bully {or two} in my time. They’re out there. Just know it’s unpleasant. It’s icky. It’ll make you cry {well I did}. You are the better person. Be the bigger person. Let them hate. Just keep doing what you do. It will pass. It will.

4. Lovers gonna love
To counteract the negativity that haters can bring, there are the lovers. The community that visits and reads each posts, and share their lives right back with me The lovers {the readers} make it all worth it, and some. Never forget the lovers.

5. A picture tells a thousand words
People are quite visual creatures. They love pictures and beautiful things. A blog without a picture, isn’t a blog post I’m likely to want to read, and are ones that are read on my blog. As well, the blog posts I enjoy writing most are picturesque. Pictures for the win.

6. Social Media will change tomorrow
Today everyone’s talking about Pinterest, undoubtedly in a few months there will be a new whizz-bang social media platform that we’re all playing with. Social Media will constantly evolve and change, and give us something else to tinker with.

7. You get what you give
You get from your blog what you put in. I’ve learned that what energy I put into my blog I get back. If I’m lacklustre in energy output on my blog, I get that back in response to my blogposts. If I’m enjoying what I write and put out there, I think it shows.

8. There are no rules
What works for one blogger might not work for me. What works for me, may not work for you. But I think there is something we can learn from everything, whether we agree with it or not. Don’t tie yourself to one person’s rules for blogging, explore others and make your own way, your own rules.

9. But actually there is this one rule
Just do it. Just write. Just share. Just blog. You’ll be glad you did.

Bloggers, what have you learned in blogging?