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6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

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6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

We just returned from a weekend in Surfers Paradise. As a kid it was the place we holidayed to, and having it only 40 minutes up the coast, it’s a novelty to escape to the coast’s playground for a few days with my own family. Today I thought I’d put together a few things you can do with kids on the coast, like we did this past weekend. Six easy things that you can enjoy, and some don’t even cost a cent.


6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

We headed into the heart of Surfers on Saturday night, and I was part expecting there to be no families, and all party people. I was wrong. It was filled with families. It felt buzzing and awesome. Throughout the main mall there were a whole heap of street performers; younger kids singing, a man in a metal outfit {who freaked me out when I went to give him some money!}, and people playing instruments too. It had a really cool vibe about it.


6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

Surfers Paradise offers such a nice, long stretch of beautiful sand, and it’s straight off the busy hub of shops and cafes. So grab some food, or some toys and let the kids have a blast on the sand. If you’re swimming, be sure to keep between the flags.


6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

Each year the Gold Coast plays host to the Sand Safari Sculpture competition, and they’re mind-blowing. HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS? I want to do it too. This is this year’s winner, and it’s brilliant. There’s loads to see, it’s free and the kids can even do some sand art themselves. It’s on show until February 28th so stop in soon.


6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids

I ate so much beautiful food over the weekend, and I wasn’t expecting to at all. For breakfast we stopped in at Elston, which is a cafe right on the main street. The menu is awesome. They cater to kids {Nutella pancakes!} and adults have so much to choose from. I had corn fritters with poached eggs and Hubby had a trio of bacon. Highly recommend it! For lunch we ate at Vapiano which is an Italian restaurant just off Cavill Ave. This is another must try. Each adult is given a card upon entry, and you go about the restaurant visiting the pizza, pasta and salad stations ordering what you please. I had mushroom risotto, and the kids had bolognese. Everything was fresh and filled with flavour. Lastly, we ate at Chiang Mai Thai, which was at the bottom of our hotel and I beg you to try it too. We’d heard that people raved about it, so had to try it for ourselves. The Pork Larb salad was light and refreshing and awesome. I’ll be dreaming about it until next time I eat there.

6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids


I know it’s totally old school, but I will never, not ever, get sick of a basketball off with my husband. We love a quick play in Time Zone {it’s Lacey’s treat place… if ever she’s working towards a reward, it’s time at Time Zone}. Definitely pop in and wear the kids out and let them have some fun.

6 things to do in Surfers Paradise with kids


We stayed at Mantra Crown Towers and we spent a lot of our time, just hanging out in the pool doing nothing much at all. There’s a beach pool, with sand and shallow waters for the kids, and a warmer pool with slides for the smaller kids. There’s something for everyone, and enough deck chairs that no one misses out.

I hope this helps with any Gold Coast trips you have planned.

Have you visited Surfers Paradise? Do you have anything to add to the list?

We traveled as guests of Surfers Paradise Tourism. We paid for our own meals at Elston and Chiang Mai Thai.