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Letter to Luella: Twenty-nine months

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Dear Lulu,

Have I told you lately that I love you?

I have, actually… and you tell me, “Love you too mummy.”

And sometimes you’ll say to me, “Love you too mummy” even though you’re the one to say it first.

You’re such a bright little munchkin. So clever, and cute, and brilliant. One day you went from counting to 3, and then you blew us away by counting to 13. I’d love to take credit for teaching you that, but I’m determined to keep you a baby forever… so it wasn’t me. Lacey says she taught you.

You’re like a little sponge. You soak up more than I can even comprehend. I wish I could remember everything you do and say, and tell you all about it… but I’m too busy soaking you up.


My second-time-around baby, how I’ve enjoyed you. It’s different in a way that’s hard to explain. You’re just joy and bliss and love. I change your nappy, and you’ll say, “Thank you mummy” like I’ve done you the best thing ever.

I’ll be all frizzy-haired, and exhausted as a I pour you a bath, and you look at me and say, “You so beautiful mummy” and I want to cry.

I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I feel so lucky.

You, do, of course have your very colourful tantrums. You’ll be having a hissy fit about something {usually about food} and get so worked up that I can’t even figure out what you want.

“Lulu, if you tell me what you want, I’ll get it. I just can’t understand you.”

But you keep kicking and screaming. Usually a hug will fix it.


You’re crazy about food. You’ll wander into the kitchen and say, “I bit hungry” and then the search starts on just the right food for you. You know what you don’t want, that’s for sure.

The one thing you don’t want, ever, CHEESE. How can a kid not like cheese?

Each morning, you wake, and together we’ll snuggle on the lounge until you’re ready to face the world. Right now you fit perfectly into my lap, and I treasure the mornings. I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world. They’re special and sacred and my favourite thing.

I hope that when you get to your teens or adult years you’ll be able to tell me, “Mum, I felt so loved” because you are. You’re so loved.

Thank you for being so easy to love,

Mama. xx