The Annoying Wife

The Annoying Wife

This is a photo of my kitchen. To me it’s normal. Better than normal, actually, because there’s no toast crumbs on the bench from breakfast {because I refuse to butter the toast on a plate or chopping board. What about it?}.

You’ll notice the doors are ajar, and you can’t see but the drawers are hanging open too. I’ve left them open. This is a behaviour that is deeply ingrained in me, that I don’t even realise I do.

As I’m out at sea for this past week {which makes my sound like some kind of Navy Sailor, when really I’m some kind of lazy oaf who has eaten one too many buffet breakfasts}, I’ve had to wonder if my husband is missing me. Well, I know he’s missing me, but is he missing the annoying things I do? Like the way I pile the mugs and cups precariously in the cupboard in hopes that something doesn’t slip, and they all come crashing down.

Or the way I leave my wet towels on the bed after using them, accidentally {of course}.

I am annoying. Or I have annoying traits and behaviours. Lots of them. I know I should change them, but would I be me if I didn’t leave every single cupboard door open when I’m home. Would I?

I was discussing this with my sister just recently, asking her what annoying stuff she does that she just does because it’s who she is. She tried to tell me she’s perfect, but I’m not buying it.

What do you do that is really quite annoying? Or what does your partner do that is equally as annoying {like leaving empty toilet rolls in the bathroom like they’re storing for some kind of master craftathon!}?



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  1. I am terrible at putting my clothes away – they get piled at the end of our bed. Hubby is useless at taking an empty toilet roll from the bathroom. I consider it a level playing field

  2. I make piles of things to be put away or taken upstairs and then never do anything with the piles. My husband has the ability to use every dish while cooking and then leave them all sitting on the stove, but he’s an amazing cook so I’m okay with it πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh this is soooo me! I leave every draw or cupboard door ajar in the kitchen & it drives hubby nuts! However I can’t stand it when he or the kids leave the sliding doors or any doors to the outside of the house open…. Go figure πŸ™‚

  4. I do the same cupboard door and drawer thing and I play jenga in every kitchen cupboard too. I also often dump my handbag in the middle of the floor which is a serious trip hazard but other than that I’m pretty much perfect. LOL!

  5. My husband says I have a poltergeist who follows me around leaving things open. Makes it sound less of my fault…. Like I really can’t help it. Which I can’t.

  6. Your husband would be missing you a lot! I am domestically challenged in all areas of “keeping house”. My excuse is that I am far too busy being awesome at other stuff ? Have a great holiday!

  7. I tend to load the dishwasher, but always manage to forget to load it. I get distracted doing other things. My hubby (who is a mechanic) constantly touches everything with his greasy hands and leaves prints everywhere, so I have to go behind him with cleaner and clean everything he touches.

  8. I talk too much. He uses too much cling wrap. And I will do all of the laundry but stop short at folding and putting it away so we have towering piles of clean clothes all over our bedroom, which has GOT to drive him nuts.

  9. Now see? That would annoy the crap out of me! I am constantly telling my hubby/kids to CLOSE THE CUPBOARD DOORS! And I have been known to store a few toilet roll holders ?

  10. I organise everything, but am hopeless at actually putting things away.

    My husband puts everything away, but doesn’t organise anything.

    My way is better. At least I know where everything is… πŸ™‚

  11. I also pack the Tupperware cupboard like a game of Tetris! I always forget to hang the bath mat. There are enough crumbs between our couch cushions to feed a small village. But with three boys under 5, I have better things to be doing! X

  12. I buy doubles of stuff we already have in the house because I don’t do the cooking or the shopping usually (and I don’t check what’s on hand prior to shopping!). I’m quite partial to the aldi asparagus (its great and so cheap!) and really, who knows when a zombie apocalypse will occur!

  13. Ohhhhhh, I do the towel thing too sometimes! Then I go shower and have to call out to him to grab my towel because I’ve left it somewhere HAHA! He throws his clothes AT the wash basket, not in it.

    I am Homer in the episode where he is the last one to put something into the trash to make it so full to the point he’s forced to take it out to the bin or it topples over, also having to race out side and miss the garbage truck. Hah. Yeah thats me…

    Ugh, the toilet roll thing. I’m still training my kids to do that LOL!

    • Oh I hate taking the rubbish out. Just recently I was doing it and some bin juice {or something} flew up at my face.

      I nearly died, so therefore taking the rubbish out is an absolute health risk and I can no longer take any chances by looking after it.

      It’s now a husband job. πŸ˜›

  14. My husband leaves cupboard doors open and it drives me nuts. But then I look at the collection of empty toilet rolls (Most from me) and I bite my tongue

  15. I am the queen of folding piles. I don’t iron – at all. Hubby has to iron all his work shirts and pants himself or risk going into the office like I put him through the dryer while still wearing his clothes. I don’t like silence and darkness together so I have to have SOMETHING making noise to fall asleep at night – which basically means I am a night owl and that can be HUGELY annoying when I’m doing housework at 2am. On the bright side, our kids can sleep through anything, including bagpipes (don’t ask).

    He puts empty packets and boxes back in the fridge or pantry and doesn’t tell me we’ve run out. Our kids have picked up on this awesome trait. He also has an irritating love of technology and this means a steady stream of gadgets, computer parts, accessories, programs etc are always floating around with no permanent home as he is also a DIY incompleter. I have been waiting 2 years for skirting boards and a study nook.

  16. My husband firmly believes that the dirty dishes will melt through the Caesarstone benchtop and into our F&P dish drawers. He does not see dust – there is about 1cm of dust on top of his computer tower, and he doesn’t see it. He’s a computer programmer but is awful with cables of any type – there is no organisation and the cords and cables are jumbled up together, so if he needs to disconnect one thing, everything has to be disconnected to untangle one cable. He will leave every light on in the house if I don’t shout at him to turn off the lights all the time – he flicks on the light to use the bathroom, but upon leaving the bathroom, he “forgets” to turn the light off. And he is the original “Boy Looker” – ask him to go to the pantry and look for something, and even with specific instructions on which shelf and whereabouts in the pantry to look, he won’t and can’t see the item, because he has a “boy look” (a very short glance with glazed eyes) and declares the item not found, when it is right in front of him the whole time.

    I’m sure I do lots of annoying things too, but the only one Hubby can name is when I ask him to get me something just after he’s sat down on the couch. In my defence, a lot of the time, it is to tell him to get up and turn off a light that he’s left on.

  17. Husband cannot put a banana peel or a paddle pop stick in the bin – only ever makes it to the counter top next to the bin. But he gets up me when I don’t clear the table within 3 seconds of the kids finishing breakfast, you know, because my toddler is screaming “JUMP” and my 5yo is yelling for me to help her after no.2’s. He does this righteous cleaning frenzy right when we have to leave the house because I’ve got myself and the kids ready and annoyingly left behind a wake of nappies, clothes and toys while he’s lazed on the bed reading his phone. Yep I coulda done that too but I was busy doing bugger all, Hun! Gosh it feels good to share that!

  18. I bug my husband for months to take a turn at mowing the lawn then I won’t let him do it again for months cause I don’t like the way he does it

  19. I’m terribly messy. I wish I was a tidy person but it just doesn’t happen! My husband always leaves fluff in the bath and never throws away empty toothpaste tubes!

  20. … wow Chantelle…… I can’t stand cupboards doors land drawers left open. We have a tiny kitchen and I got hubby to take the doors off the lower cupboards and I have curtains in place of doors… much safer…. Hubby and I annoy each other all the time.. but when I go to write things down I realise how unimportant these things are.. xxxxxx

    Have a great day. … hugs …. barb xxxxx

  21. So I am normal after all!! I leave clothes on the bathroom floor, dishes soaking in the sink, sweep the floor and leave the pile in the corner, oh and I have baskets of washing waiting to be folded or ironed. My husband thinks he’s perfect. This has been the most reassuring post and comments I’ve read in ages. Gave my daughter and I a good laugh and lots of “I do that” moments. Maybe a new years resolution is in order? Who am I kidding :).

  22. I have an annoying trait of leaving the clothes on the line for more than 1 day sometimes. Im just lazy n hate folding the washing lol. Feel quite ashamed with this but anyway.
    I too am one of those people that leaves wrappers from lollies out but am getting better with this one

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