26 things to do in Singapore with kids

A few weeks back my family and I were involved in something pretty special, the first emotion-based travel guide of Singapore. Say what? We headed over to Singapore and worked with some brilliant Neuroscientists who measured our brain activity as we went about exploring everything Singapore has to offer.

I was keen to see what my kids enjoyed, because I think I know them well and know what they’ll love most, but I was keen to figure out what they really enjoyed by measuring their brain activity. Sounds spooky, I know, but was actually really simple. We wore headpieces that were totally safe for small periods of time, which captured data from our experiences.

There were a few things that we discovered from the study:

1. We loved things that were unique and specific to Singapore, they made us happiest.
2. This will probably be no surprise {well it’s not to me} but food plays a big part in travel experiences, particularly in how happy we feel when we travel. We love to eat!
3. Activities that were free had us parents feeling most positive. I know it takes a layer of stress off when I don’t have to justify the cost of an activity, so activities that were free like strolling through Hajii Lane, Chinatown and checking out the light show at the Gardens By The Bay made us really happy.
4. We were most excited at the zoo. I think the breakfast with the orangutans would have added to that excitement, for sure!


1. Take a Bumboat Ride

I’m starting off with one of my favourite things of our trip. Bumboats are wooden boats that were once used to ferry goods from one place to another, and are now used to take people from one place to another. We took a Bumboat Ride from Clarke Quay, right near where we were staying at the Novotel to see the Merlion. It was a really easy ride, and perfect to take in the beautiful surroundings. Once you board the boat, I suggest heading straight down to the back so you can get an uninterrupted view of the City as you sail.

2. Walk and shop Hajii Lane

Hajii Lane is located in the Kampong Glam area of Singapore, and is a beautiful lane filled with colourful walls and boutique shops and eateries. You’ll find beautiful things to buy {I bought a really beautiful leather handbag}, coffee shops {there’s even one where you can get a picture of yourself put into the froth on the coffee} and a spot to make your own custom perfume too. It’s a great place to stroll with the family.

3. Eat at Roost

This is one of the newer eateries in Singapore and one worth trying out, especially if you’ve spent the day shopping away on Orchard Avenue. Roost specialise in Chicken Rice, and have given it a modern twist as well. We loved how delicious, and quick the service was and would definitely head back next time we returned.

4. Check out the Merlion

A trip to Singapore without seeing the Merlion, well that can’t really be a trip to Singapore, can it? The Merlion is a symbol of Singapore, a mythical creature that has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. You can head there via a beautiful Bumboat tour, and then chill out on the water watching the people, looking over at Marina Bay Sands, and doing some people watching.

5. Take an Aqua Duck Tour

Generally speaking this isn’t something that I thought I’d jump at doing, and I love when I’m pleasantly surprised. I really loved this tour. I recommend it to everyone because it gives you a really great snapshot of Singapore in one short trip. The Aqua Duck took us on a tour over the water, and the land, where we learned a little about the history of Singapore and a few fun facts too. Definitely put this one on your to-do list.

6. Get active at Bounce

We’ve been to other trampoline places in Australia, but never Bounce, so it was cool to stop in and have a visit at the newly opened venue in Singapore. It’s a good idea to turn up just before the hour, so you can get as much bouncing in as possible. Everyone loved jumping, and Lacey even loved giving the obstacle course a go. Bounce is a great place to beat the Singapore heat by heading indoors and having a whole lot of fun.

7. Jump aboard the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is one the biggest attractions in Singapore, and is definitely worth visiting. By jumping aboard the Flyer you can get a birds-eye view from the 165m high wheel. The really cool thing is that the Singapore Flyer has been created with a whole heap of Feng Shui in mind, there are 28 capsules and each one holds 28 people. Each day the Flyer does 28 rotations, and each one takes 28 minutes. Cool, right?

8. Eat at a Hawker Market

Dotted around Singapore are delicious Hawker Markets filled with yummy foods for you to try. They’re super affordable, have a great atmosphere and the food… oh the food… is so good. On our first night we met with friends and ate at their local Hawker Market, and it was awesome trying out their favourite meals. There’s a nice Hawker Market just outside VivoCity, and another delicious one under the Singapore Flyer.

9. Visit Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is my favourite zoo in all the world. It’s really beautiful, and the animals are in the most natural habitat, and they have a great breeding program too. I strongly suggest booking breakfast with the orangutans, where you can enjoy a buffet breakfast and then have an encounter with the lovely orangutans. It’s really special, and definitely worth experiencing. After breakfast you can make your way around the zoo and check out all the other animals.

10. Dine at Picnic

OMG, this place is THE best! Picnic is a newer eatery in Singapore and is a-mah-zing. It’s an indoor area, decorated beautifully like an outdoor garden, filled with 13 food vans. You’ll find the most delicious creations, and the best apple pie on earth. Seriously, my words won’t do this place justice, so just make time to get there and enjoy what there is to offer.

11. Visit Jurong Bird Park

This place is beautiful. As a bird-phobic, I was worried what this place might bring, but I really loved it. We enjoyed lunch and a bird show, and then went to explore the rest that Jurong Bird Park had to offer. During the show we watched a cockatoo do a painting, or three. How cool is that?

12. Put the kids to work at KidZania

KidZania might just be the coolest thing for kids since… ever. It’s a world made just for kids, and you’ll realise as soon as you enter the world with them, that you kinda need to take a step back and let them rule the roost. Once they enter they set up a KidZania bank account and then choose from a huge array of jobs to do, to earn money that goes into the bank account. They can be a fire fighter, an actor, a surgeon, a mid-wife, a radio DJ, a postal delivery person, a worker at KFC and so many more. You’ll need at least half a day at KidZania, maybe even a full day… and it’s really a time where you can sit back and watch your kids shine. Once they’ve collected all their hard-earned money, they can get busy spending it… which is always the fun bit, I’m sure you’d agree.

13. Stroll through Chinatown

Chinatown is filled with sights and smells that just take you to a whole other place. Every time I’ve visited it’s been busy, and filled with lots of energy. You can pick up souvenirs for cheap, and yummy eats too.

14. Enjoy a little Yum Cha

Hidden in Chinatown, and up a little staircase is the best Yum Cha you might ever try. I am a huge fan of Xiao Long Bao, and this place does the yummiest. On busy days they have the trolleys out and they wheel around the beautiful offerings.

15. Spend a day at Universal Studios Singapore

Located on Sentosa is Universal Studios which promises hours of good fun. We loved the Madagascar area for the girls, as well as the Sesame Street area. There’s so much for the big kids, with huge rollercoasters and rides.

16. Chill out at Adventure Cove Waterpark

So, Singapore is known for being a warm place. The humidity is next level, so heading to a waterpark is pretty ideal when you’re holidaying and looking to cool down. Adventure Cove has a wave pool, slides, jumping boards, a snorkeling pool with fish and so much more. Best of all it was a lazy river that snakes it’s way around the park, so you can float, chillax and do pretty much nothing at all.

17. Shop at VivoCity

VivoCity is a super huge shopping centre {the largest in Singapore}, and a great spot to get your shop on. We love the toy shop a whole lot, and eating at the Hawker Centre located just outside.

18. Explore at Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is a beautiful indoor garden, two actually, and is stunning to stroll through and check out the flowers, plants, waterfalls and take it all in. It’s one of Singapore’s most popular attractions. At night they have a beautiful light show too, that is definitely worth checking out.

19. Visit Little India and get a little henna

Oh, Little India. You have to go to Little India, look around and take in all the colours, and have a little Henna done too. It starts from around $10, and is super beautiful.

20. Shop Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a busy, bustling street in Singapore that has amazing shopping, and is the place to go if you’re into shopping. At night it’s beautiful with all the lights, and at Christmas time is even better. Definitely a must-do when you visit.

21. Eat at Chatterbox

Located on Orchard Road, this restaurant is really beautiful. We ate with friends, and opted for more traditional dishes {the Mandarin Chicken Rice is really good} while the kids opted for fries and chicken. It’s super yummy!

22. Learn at the Chinatown Heritage Center

On our first trip to Singapore we stopped into the Chinatown Heritage Center and really loved learning about the history of Singapore, and actually seeing how they used to live. It’s a great spot to stop into before heading to Yum Cha, and learning a bit about the beautiful history of Singapore.

23. Indulge in a Japanese crepe

Located underneath the Novotel in Clarke Quay is a shopping mall called Laing Court. We strolled around and found these amazing Japanese Crepes on the bottom floor. Try one, or two, or three. So good!

24. Eat at Satay Street

At night the busy Financial District of Singapore closes down, and the streets come alive with Satay Street. The whole street is filled with tables and chairs, and people cooking satay. Pick a stall, buy some satay and sit down with a beer and enjoy the delicious food.

25. Ride the MRT

The train line in Singapore is an easy way to get around the country, and affordable too. We were nervous to try it out, in case we might get lost, but it was actually super easy to navigate and really clean too.

26. S.E.A. Aquarium

Last but definitely not least is the S.E.A. Aquarium located on Sentosa. It’s the largest oceanarium in the world, and definitely worth stopping in to visit. The girls love watching the oceanlife swimming by, and getting hands on as well.

Have you been to Singapore? What did you love? And if you’ve never been, is it on your travel bucket list?



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  1. This all sounds amazing! We’re definitely considering Singapore as an affordable option for an overseas family holiday. Did you go over to Legoland while you were there?

  2. Love Singapore – did a pit stop there when my youngest was almost 2 and he and I were on our way to visit friends and family in the UK.. it was the best thing I chose to do as we arrived in the UK sane (man jetlag with a toddler is hard) and I was blown away by how clean, friendly and easy Singapore was with a little one on my own… I admit beforehand I was nervous – but it was not the hustle bustle madness of say Bankok or Hong Kong that I recalled from my youth… it’s a lovely city and really interesting too. Sentosa blew my mind as I knew nothing about it before I went and felt like I was walking into the future (or a movie about the future!). Can’t wait to go back properly and see everything… my trip 7 years ago was a small taste and I expected I would be back in a couple of years, but life hasn’t quite panned out as I planned… so I live vicariously Chantelle! xxx

  3. Hiya Chantelle, lovely post – great to see you had a lovely time. Singapore is one of my favourite countries and is one of my homes too! I spotted a typo that I thought you might like to know about – number 11 above should be ‘Jurong’ bird park 🙂

  4. Thanks for this guide we are going to Singapore for 3 days during next school holidays. We are also staying at Legoland plus a few days atca beach resort in Port Dickson Malaysia. Can’t wait!

  5. Fantastic write up – thank you! Heading there to board a cruise to China next year. Will 5 days be plenty?

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