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Make Life Good #11: Start A Gratitude Journal

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I think it was probably my old mate Oprah that introduced me to the concept of a gratitude journal, and the idea of writing down a few things that she was grateful for each day.

I used to journal every night in my 20s {before kids}. I would just write and write and write, and I’m sure if I read back on them I would cringe. But when I’m most stuck in life, in a rut – I know that journaling helps me get out of it.

Do you journal?

I’ll be completely honest, nights are not fun at my place. They just never have been with kids, so I don’t journal religiously… but if I’m not journaling before bed, I’ll just take a moment to reflect on the day and think over the things I’m grateful for.

So, long story short – I’m totally PRO gratitude journals, or at least gratitude reflections. Which brings us to this week of the Make Life Good challenge, which happens to be ‘Start a gratitude journal’. Try it. If only for a week. See how it makes you appreciate the small things, and feel more positive. I promise you it will.

And if you like it, I’ve gathered some beautiful journals that you might like to nab.


one | two | three | four | five


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