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So Christmas sure did roll around quick, hey? You’re either organised or you’re not, I guess. And I was organised. I had ALL the shopping done, and wrapped and I was ready. So ready. And then I wasn’t. You see, I forgot people on my list. I forgot parties I was going to, kids in my life, teachers, and people. I forgot about them. I hope they’re not reading this. I still love you, I just forgot.

I know I’m not alone. I know other people have forgotten people too. So this post is for you. It’s for me. It’s for us.

I think this old – last-minute-shopping-itis happens to 99.4% of people. Except husbands, because you know they ain’t buying for no one. AMIRIGHT?

I’ve put together a whole heap of gifts that you can grab that won’t break the bank. There’s something for everyone, even the hard-to-buy-for people. You know who they are. Best of all everything on this list is under $20. If you’re an American Express customer {I’ve got the Platinum Edge card}, you can grab any using less than 3000 points of your rewards {yay! It’s like you’re not even spending money!}. Simply check out the David Jones website, and as you shop you’ll see the points value next to the item price. When checking out choose to pay with your points instead of cash. You can do it all online, and you don’t have to fight for a carpark or TALK to people. That’s winning at life.

{Psst, if you want to gather points for next year’s shopping adventures, there are a few different American Express card, but with mine you can earn while you shop – 3 points for every $1 you spend at the supermarket, and there’s even a free flight each year}.


  1. Country Road daisy necklace / $19.95
  2. Gregory Ladner pearl earrings / $19.95
  3. Maxwell & William salad hands / $12.95
  4. Country Road oat & lemon biscuits / $17.95
  5. Natio nail polish set / $19.95
  6. Natio apricot and orange brightening mask / $19.95
  7. Peace Love Selfie pouch / $12.95
  8. 4 Ingredients Cook Book / $19.99
  9. Believe In Magic mug / $19.95
  10. Ladybug melamine plate set / $19.95
  11. Tara Dennis watercolour plate set / $10.00
  12. Harold helicopter / $14.95
  13. Wooden police car / $10.95
  14. Mitch Dowd Funny socks / $12.95
  15. UNO card set / $10.95
  16. Cow shake me rattle / $12.95
  17. Where is the green sheep? book / $19.99
  18. Tiger puzzle set / $19.95
  19. Monopoly travel game / $14.95
  20. Hot wheels set / $14.95

Who do you always forget to buy for {don’t worry I won’t tell them!}? Anything above tickle your fancy?






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  • Renaye Knight

    I always forget the town xmas party gifts, (for santa to give the kids) i always race to the shops the same morning as the party LOL and it’s actually really hard to buy a present for $10

    • Oh, we don’t have that, but we did as kids. I remember my aunt buying my cousin LIQUID PAPER for Santa to give to her.

      We laughed for years and years and years. I’m still laughing. x

  • michelle barrington

    We only remembered the swimming teacher at the very last minute yesterday. Considering my son and his mates have caused this poor guy a nervous breakdown nearly all year as they tried their best to water kung-fu each other as only 4 year olds can a present was in order.

    • He might need a nice bottle of something! With sickness and travel we only made it to one lesson this term.

      I hope your teacher enjoys a little break {if only from the kung fu fighting!} ?