17 Self Date Ideas {fun things to do on your own!}

I wrote recently about the kinda crappy start to the year that I had, and then receiving news that everything was okay {read about it here}. So last week I kinda felt like I wanted to do something for me. So I went for a massage. It was perfection.

The first time I’d heard of a self-date I was confused. A self-what? Date? I didn’t get it. I was so engrossed in parenting and surviving that a self-date seemed foreign. In the past few years something in me has shifted though, because I self-date often. I don’t feel guilty for taking care of myself or treating myself. It’s not always as luxurious as a massage, but it’s always about me.

Have you ever been on a self-date? If so, how long has it been since you’ve had one? I’ve put together a few ideas to get you going. Pull out your diary, make a date. Make it happen!

17 Self Date Ideas {fun things to do on your own!}

17 Self Date Ideas {fun things to do on your own!}What’s the Make Life Good Challenge?

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3 thoughts on “17 Self Date Ideas {fun things to do on your own!}”

  1. These are all great self date ideas – but as I like to call it “me time”.
    When my role was made redundant in mid 2014, my hubby bought a motorbike, so I decided to go to Bali – I did ask if he wanted to come with me, but he sad no, so I went by myself. It was one of the BEST things I have ever done. Our four kids are all 19 and over, so no young kids to worry about.
    I am also mobility impaired and cant walk for long or stand for long, so I managed to do everything I wanted to do, but in my time and what may have taken somebody else an hour, might have taken me three, but I did it.
    I walked a bit, then got a cold drink and people watched for a while, then walked a bit more – got a foot massage, walked a bit more etc.
    I didn’t have to have the worry of holding up someone else, and I ate or didnt eat when I wanted.
    I have now done two solo trips to Bali and eagerly await my next.

  2. Time out for ourselves is such a good idea, and so needed! I rarely spend time by myself as having a young baby makes that a little tricky, but sometimes when he is napping and the older kids are at school/kindy I will say stuff it to the house work and spend time taking photos, something I love doing but don’t get the time to indulge in at length very often! Before our youngest was born I used to treat myself to pedicures, movies and solo shopping trips and I will do so again once bub is a little older!

  3. Good on you me time, I have a friend who definitely needs me time at the moment, she runs her 2 kids (who are big now) around to sporting, and work until one of them gets a licence.
    I often go into the city on my own and take pics and have a coffee, and pretend to be a tourist in my own city, its fun you don’t look out of place, cause lots of people taking pics.
    Sometimes I ring friends to go for coffee, they are unavailable, so I head off and most places have newspaper or something to read. People watching is always great also.
    I remember one time I was travelling in Italy on my own, you have to eat, I went to restaurant just close by where I was staying, there was a table of men over other side of room speaking english saying something like look she’s eating on her own, can’t remember exact words, obviously didn’t realise i could understand them.

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