11 things you probably didn’t know about your own body

Brought to you by Nurofen Zavance.skeletonONE: Your nose has a REALLY good memory.

Well it doesn’t have a memory, but it can remember 50,000 scents. So THAT’S how you suddenly remember that smell that you once smelt when you were 4 years old. Your nose is a-mah-zing.

TWO: You’re leaving a mess behind and you probably don’t even know it. Your body sheds SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND particles of skin every single hour. So many kinds of gross.

THREE: If you don’t like insects, look away now. No, actually read this. I want to see you flip out. We all, yes even you, have mites living in our eyelashes. Did you just blink fast and hard to try and shake them? Me too.

FOUR: If you have lots of body hair, the chances are that you’re highly intelligent. So your hairy Uncle Victor must be a freaking genius, right?

FIVE: Your ears and nose never, ever stop growing. You’ll never look at old people the same again. Such big ears and noses {and often hairy, but that’s another story}.

SIX: Hey blue eyes, this one’s for you. People with blue eyes have a higher tolerance to alcohol. Drink up!

SEVEN: This will truly make you gag. The human body produces around a litre of mucus every single day. Gross. Yack.

EIGHT: Yawn. Getting less than 7 hours sleep each night actually reduces your life expectancy. It’s time to have a sleep-in.

NINE: Hey smarty. Your brain keep developing until your late 40s. And then? Well, it’s pretty much downhill from there. Sadly.

TEN: Oh baby! A human baby has 60 more bones than an adult. I don’t even know how, but it’s true.

ELEVEN: Ouchy. Your headaches may be caused by muscle pains in your neck or head.

Nurofen Zavance wants you to get to know your body better, particularly when it comes to headaches. You can target your headaches at the source, with Nurofen Zavance and also by treating your muscles to a little bit of help {massages, treatments, oh my}.

I’ve got a $200 voucher to go towards treating yourself to a massage. Simply answer the following question to go in the draw: What’s the craziest piece of advice you have ever heard? Share it below.

Competition ends February 28th 11:59pm. Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person.

30 thoughts on “11 things you probably didn’t know about your own body”

  1. I think baby’s bones grow and connect/fuse together as they grow and get stronger.. I could be wrong but I have an inkling it’s this!

    The craziest piece of advice I heard (maybe not the craziest but the oddest) is to work smart and not hard. I don’t really understand it as I think the two are mutually exclusive. Anyway, I definitely still work hard (probably too hard- i’m a perfectionist!) even though I think I also work in a smart way!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  2. “Don’t ever laugh at a man’s private parts when seeing them for the first time. And if you can’t help it, and giggle, say it’s just because you’re so silly happy to be with him and you laugh when you’re nervous.”
    The other bedroom advice was if your boobs are “very large” make sure you’re on the bottom during sex, and if your boobs are “very small” make sure you’re on the top!
    Now imagine the awkward silence and pause after your Grandmother in her 70 has volunteered such “useful” advice, talk about embarrassing!

  3. My grandfather told me to keep a cup/mug in my glove box as it can be used for multiple things. I always have had a plastic mug in my car since I learnt to drive, oddly enough I have used it quite a few times! From giving an injured dog a drink, to helping scoop out sand when bogged (not very helpful) to catching vomit when morning sickness randomly hit while driving!

  4. The first thing that popped into my head…I can hear my Nan saying…
    “If the wind changes direction, your face will stay that way!”
    I must have pulled a lot of faces when I was a child for that to be etched in my memory :]

  5. Ick eyelash mites!! I’m still blinking!!
    Weirdest advice…perhaps to stick slivers of garlic up your nose when you have a cold!! I’ve always been to afraid to try! ☺

  6. That thing about the eyelash mites is really going to freak out the germophobes 🙁

    The weirdest advice that I’ve ever received but really does work is saying “Watermelon” out loud to cure hiccups! It’s so strange but it actually works!

  7. Hi Chantelle… The craziest piece of advice I’ve ever heard was a cure for insomnia…. put your feet in the fridge, it cools the blood and helps you sleep.
    xxx Barbara

  8. The craziest or more the grossest piece of advice came from my high school home ec teacher. She told us applying our menstrual blood to our face would remedy our acne woes…yuk! I would rather have acne.

  9. The weirdest piece of advice I’ve been given is to massage your ear lobe to get rid of hiccups. Anyone with incurable hiccups should definitely enter this comp then!

  10. If you ever have a baby that is overdue you hear all sorts of comments about trying to encourage the baby to come out. But the one thing that every baby needs is very simple – time. Not castor oil.

  11. My mum tells us to drink from the wrong side of the cup to cure hiccups – you end up drinking upside down… sounds crazy but it actually works!!

  12. All the hiccup remedies work because it’s in your head. I worked this out when I was a kid because I thought hiccups would get me attention so as soon as I would get them, I’d try to keep them going and sure enough they would disappear right away. So if you say to someone with hiccups, ‘I’ll give you $100 if you can hiccup again’ 100% they won’t. As soon as they try, it goes away.

  13. Mum always was adamant that her holding our ears out while drinking milk got rid of our hiccups!! It worked most of the time, it was mum though and I always trusted what my mum told me!

  14. My mum got told when I was a baby and had a bad head cold to stick my head in a bucket of water to clear out the snot! Not sure if that relation liked me or not

  15. The craziest (and totally misguided) piece of advice I ever got was when talking about clinical depression and trying to explain what it felt like – like being in a well that you keep trying to climb out of, some days the light is closer and on other days, it is just a pin prick of light again.
    The person I was speaking to said “you just have to shake it off and get on with it.
    If only it were that easy.

  16. I’ve had some awesome crazy advice over the years. But the best, shaking my head, what did you just say one was: don’t be too confident or too tall. You don’t want boys to think they aren’t needed.

    Yep. Srsly.

  17. If you hang clothes on the clothesline….i.e the stretching……when pregnant ,the umbilical cord will strangle the baby . Another old wives tale for sure !!

  18. Craziest advice I ever heard was if I stepped on a crack, it would break my mothers back. I have therefore spent my entire life avoiding crack!

  19. that taking a photo everyday would make me appreciate the little things in life….and do you know, it was true! x

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