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Photo a day June: it’s time!

Fat Mum Slim /

Well May has been and gone and now June is here! It’s a big month for me. I’ll be in The Great Barrier Reef for a week, we’re moving house, I’ll be celebrating a birthday and more! I hope that means good photos.

May was a rollercoaster month for me. Looking back on the photos I can remember each day and how I felt, or what I was going through. It makes me realise that this is just like keeping a journal. We’re capturing snapshots of each day, and they trigger memories … well for me they do anyway.

Over 1 million photos were shared on Instagram for #photoadaymay. Isn’t that mind-blowing? I wonder if we added up ALL of the photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram {plus those using the incorrect hashtag}, blogs etc if we’d get close to 2 million? It’s mind-blowing stuff!

So, a big thank you to everyone for sharing their lives through their photos. It’s impossible to see them all, but I try and take time every day to see as many as I can. This stuff will never get old for me. The sharing, the photos, the community – I really love it. So, thank you.

There’s no time for snoozing, June kicks off today – and here is the list again:

Let me explain each prompt a little, so it’s easier for new photo-takers:

1. Morning
Take a photo of anything from your morning; you in bed, breakfast, commuting to work, anything!
2. Empty
Take a photo of anything empty; an empty room, glass, bottle, sky, beach, anything!
3. On your plate
What’s on your plate? That could mean – what’s on your to-do list today? Or literally what’s on your breakfast/lunch/dinner plate?
4. Close-up
Take a photo of something close-up; your eye, the grass, a toy … absolutely anything!

5. Sign
Take a photo of a street sign, a shop sign, someone doing sign language, any sign!
6. Hat
Take a photo of you wearing a hat, someone else wearing a hat, a hat in a shop – and yes those in cooler months – beanies count!
7. Drink
Take a photo of a drink, a beverage etc
8. 6 o’clock
Take a photo of what you’re doing at either 6am or 6pm. Or take a photo of the clock at that time.
9. Your view today
What’s your view today? What can you see? Snap it. Share it!
10. Best bit of your weekend
What was the best bit about your weekend? Take a photo of it.
11. Door
Take a photo of a door, big or small.
12. From a low angle
Get down low and shoot.
13. Art
Take a photo of a piece of art you have displayed in your home, you’ve created or you see while out. Any art will do!
14. Time
Take a photo of time; a clock, a watch, before and after – anything that symbolises time!
15. Yellow
Take a photo of anything yellow – the sun, or something you see!
16. Out and about
Get out and about today and take a photo of what you do.
17. In your bag
What’s in your bag? Share it.
18. Something we don’t know about you
Can you twist your tongue? Did you get a diploma in something? Do you love Justin Bieber bad? Share something that we might not know about you
19. Imperfect
Share something imperfect. Is it you? A broken glass? An irregular shape. Something!
20. Fave photo you’ve ever taken
Re-share a favourite photo that you’ve taken over time or shoot a new favourite!
21. Where you slept
Where did you sleep last night? Take a photo and share it.
22. From a high angle
Shoot your photo from a high angle looking down.
23. Movement
Take a photo of movement; a car flying by, a person dancing, someone jumping – anything!
24. On your mind
What are you thinking about? The news? Your family? Yourself? Share what’s on your mind.
25. Something cute
Did you spot something cute? An animal? A person? A thing?
26. Where you shop
Do you shop online? Or in a store? Share where you shop.
27. Bathroom
Share a bathroom – yours, a public one, a friends – can even just be the door.
28. On the shelf
Shoot a shelf and what’s on it.
29. Soft
What’s soft? Is it your hair, a toy, a sofa, or something else?
30. A friend
Take a snap of a friend and share it.

If you’re playing and sharing somewhere – leave a link below. I’ll be sharing to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and then here at the end of the month. You can find me as FatMumSlim in all of those places. x