Easy hair, yeah yeah


My family wasn’t blessed with the best of hair. We’ve got frizzy, nothingness hair. I am sorry family, but someone had to say it. It’s just not that cool. My siblings have brown hair, and I’m the only blonde. My two sisters have curly hair, and I have frizzy. Blessed are we. My little sister… 

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What I learned on the weekend

Pool Floats, Rings

Last week the family and I went to stay at a resort up the coast for Lacey’s birthday. She was desperate for a birthday party, and I wasn’t so enthused about throwing one, so I bribed her with a stay at a hotel instead. Yep, I am going for mother of the year. Now don’t… 

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Angry birds

birds on wires over blue sky with clouds background toned with a

In 99% of families, the parent would step in and protect their child in any circumstance. Nod your head if you agree. And families with dogs, those dogs would step in and protect their owner too, right? You’ve heard the stories about dogs doing miraculous things to help keep their owners alive over the years,… 

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The void

Springtime Daylight Savings Time

Image source I live in the void. I am embarrassed to say, but up until a few months ago I didn’t know the name of the Premier of the state I live in. I knew his face, but not his name. I have an excuse. Well, kinda. I live near the border of New South… 

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