Orpheus Island, Queensland {our trip!}


Imagine there’s a place where you’re treated like the Queen, even when you’re just a commoner, where food just arrives and it’s just what you’re feeling like, where kind people play with your kids so you can actually eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with two hands and no stress, and the sun kisses your skin softly, warming you up just enough that you could go for a swim but not so much that…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 25

week 25 photo a day

Because of the internet, you can find people from all corners of the world doing beautiful things. Good things. Rin is one of those people. She’s here in lovely Australia, but without the internet I would know about her, and I very likely wouldn’t have received happy mail from her. She does good things like makes people happy through sending them beautiful letters. She’s also a Montesorri School teacher. She’s…

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Food wars


I’m not sure if you’ve heard this rumour, but when you have kids they expect to eat dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Without fail. I know. I know. This means that dinner has to be cooked or sourced each and every day. You don’t read that in the parenting books. Or perhaps you do and I skipped that chapter. OK, I’m joking. I know it’s obvious, but I didn’t know how…

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Magnetic Island, Queensland {our trip!}


I know a place has a bit of magic in it when I feel a sense of sadness about leaving. And I felt that sense of sadness when I left Magnetic Island. It’s just got something about it. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few of the islands in Queensland {but have so many more yet to visit!}, but Maggie, as the locals call it, is different. The…

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Photo A Day // Week 24


This photo a day list is brought to you by Disney. I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but I’m a bit of a Disney fan. I pretty much love everything they do, and love how they bring so much joy to the world. When I first started working on my blog I talked to my agency about who I would dream about working with, and Disney was at…

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Getting my yoga on


It’s time. I’ve been putting this off for years, because it scares me… but it is so time. I am going to start doing yoga. {Next week when I get home and back to normal life}. I know this isn’t revolutionary. People have been doing yoga for donkey’s years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone tell me that I need to do yoga and that it…

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Just fate


Yesterday we got the train for 1.5 hours on an old scenic railway. It’s something I thought I wouldn’t love, but I actually really enjoyed it. As we got into our carriage the woman in front of us approached the man behind us to ask if he spoke Chinese. Her camera wasn’t working and she wanted to see if he could help her. Over those 1.5 hours we saw them…

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Slow cooker beef tacos


Ah, you probably hate me for saying this but I haven’t cooked dinner for such a long time. I know that sounds deliciously lazy, but I’m actually craving pots and pans and cooking things from scratch. I’ve been out of home for almost a month now, traveling but next week I’m back to normal. Yay! So today I have my friend Erin sharing a recipe for slow cooker beef tacos…

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Catching my breath


I feel like, lately, I’m forever trying to steal moments to catch my breath. I’m sure that many people feel the same way, with kids and work and life and everyday demands… it can often feel like we’re searching for a moment to just catch up, and remember to breathe. Do you feel that way too? Last week we flew home from the States, drove home and showered and then…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 23


How are you? I hope good, and well rested and healthy and happy, and most of all ready to embark on another week of photo-taking. This week the list is another beautiful one, as they always are, and it’s designed by the lovely Megan of Makewells. I’m loving the softness of her artwork. Don’t you think it’s beautiful? I have to apologise because there was a glitch with the downloadable…

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5 fun eateries I found on the Gold Coast


Having just spent a very lazy and relaxing week on the coast where we indulged in such good food, I felt it a community service to share what we discovered. Our home is under an hour away from the Gold Coast, so we often head up to explore and grab something yummy to eat, but it was nice to be living right in the middle of everything for a week…

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So there’s something I didn’t tell you…


And it’s because I’m mortified. I probably need to back it all up and start at the beginning. While we were in Disneyland we were riding on the carousel and saw Mariah Carey. Like seriously we were going around and around and around, and she was metres away from us going around and around too, only surrounded by a big bodyguard, a nanny and a Disneyland escort. Later she picked…

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Quick & easy zucchini slice


Do you know when I feel like I’m most winning at life? When I can make a meal that lasts us two nights, or if I make enough for leftovers for lunch the next day. Sometimes it’s the small things. My favourite zucchini slice is delicious in so many ways, but every time I pour that oil in I get a bad case of the guilts. This recipe comes WITHOUT…

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In defence of the plovers

Masked Plover or Spur-winged Plover

I can’t believe I’m writing this post. But here goes… Do you remember a few weeks ago when I got attacked by plovers? If not, then read this and then come back. I’ll wait for you. So, I don’t much like plovers. They attacked me. They haunted me, and I don’t like them. When I wrote that post there were a few people that came to their defense. Like seriously,…

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The bests and the worst


Ah, I feel like my brain is somewhere up in the air, somewhere between the USA and Australia, yet my body is firmly planted here on the couch in Australia. The past week has been a bit of a wild ride, with seven full days in Disneyland. It was fun, like truckloads of child-like fun, but exhausting all the same. I was on a media event, invited over to celebrate…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 22


Hello! I’m coming to you from America today, and will be in Australia very soon. But I’ll actually lose a whole Sunday being up in the air. Weird. Sundays are my favourite day too! Sob! Today, like every other Sunday, I’m bringing you the new list for the week ahead. This one is a beauty. The prompts are easy and the design is super pretty. It just screams, “PLAY ME!”…

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Win an on-the-go prize pack!


Brought to you by Yoplait Bon Appetit. I’ve recently lost 10kg. Yes, throw the confetti. Blow up the balloons. But don’t worry about serving up the cake. My husband has also recently lost the same amount. We’re disappearing before our own eyes {well, not quite but I thought that sounded like something I should say}. But things have changed at our place. Before losing weight might have been about looking…

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Photography lesson: Mastering the rule of thirds technique


Hello and welcome students. Take a seat, get your cameras/phones/photo-taking devices out, and let’s get started. If you’ve been playing along with photo-a-day for a little while now, you’ll know that each month I share a photography technique as a prompt. It gives us all a chance to grow, stretch and explore a little more with our photos. Some are harder than others, and some are ones that I use…

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The celebrity experience


We’re in California, which means there are celebrities in the very near vicinity of our presence. On the drive from the airport to our hotel I had a very eager, jet-lagged eye out for the Kardashians. They’re like, everywhere, right? Last night I was locked in our room, watching Luella as she slept. Not creepy at all. And Hubby and Lacey went out to ride rides and have all the…

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Stupidly optimistic


I want to tell you that my kids get better at flying with experience, but they just don’t. Actually one does, Lacey is pretty much a dream on the plane. She people watches, makes friends with anyone sitting near her {does not care about their age, anyone will do} and watches movies until she falls asleep. She also makes friends with the hosties so she can get her fair share…

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Chicken, leek and mushroom slow cooker casserole recipe


Brought to you by Coles. I love this cooler weather. It means I can wear jeans, sleep better at night and not feel guilty about watching television in the evenings. And… I love winter food. There’s nothing better than a slow cooker meal. Do you love this cooler weather too? Slow cooker meals are good on those days when you’ve got a lot on {whether work or play}. Wednesday was…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Howdy! Today I’m heading off and away to DISNEYLAND. I am so excited, and nervous about flying so far with kids. I’m trying to be all zen-mama and be totally cool with being in a confined space with small children for so long. I’ll report back from the other side. Until then, I bring you the new list for the week ahead. I am looking forward to sharing photos from…

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Mushroom Triangles


Brought to you by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association. I’m going to tell you something and you’re going to think I’m fibbing. I’ve written this very thing on my blog once before, I’m sure, but I just can’t find it. If I had to take one good onto a deserted island, it would be mushrooms. I know, I know… for a cake-lover like me, it sounds weird. It’s true though….

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DIY Fun Kit: How to make your own


I am so in love with this project. I knew it would be fun, I just didn’t know it would be so so so so so so so much fun. It’s fun. I know some people are asking, WHAT THE HECK IS A FUN KIT AND WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT? So let me tell you in 30 seconds. A Fun Kit is a box of goodies that…

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Tell me all the things about Disneyland


On Sunday we fly to the land of magic, Disneyland. I’m equal parts excited, and equals parts can-not-wait-for-the-flight-to-be-over-already. I know we’re going to have the very best time once we’re there, and it’s we’ll be making life-long memories. You know, good stuff. One of my favourite things to do with travel now, is to ask the people who have traveled before me for their tips. So this is what I’m…

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