Recipe: Afternoon Teal Cake


You know when you don’t really feel like doing anything, you’re bone tired {I think I finally figured out what that feels like, so tired down to the bones}, your hair has regrowth majorly, a pimple has taken up residency on your chin and you’re just not in the mood? But then you do, you […]

Dancing and distractions


The littlest person in the house is a little under the weather. Poor little thing. She just wants to be held all day long, by me. Only me. I’m happy to dispense all-day cuddles. Time for a little distraction, and dancing. Last week {or the week before?} an invite arrived in my letterbox for a […]

It’s kinda a big deal.


This week Lacey started big school. It’s kinda a big deal. The morning of the ‘big’ day I mentioned on Instagram that I was nervous. I had one comment from a person saying they didn’t understand why people {mums/parents} cry, and that attachment issues can’t be good for the kids. Lacey was so ready. I […]

What sort of student were you? {+ get a free trial}


Brought to you by Reading Eggs. I have something to confess. I was a bit of a nerd at school. I was voted either most proficient or most conscientious each year in Primary School, which meant at speech night I’d be given a sweet round medal at each speech night. By the end of year […]

An update: The Scatter Love Project


We sat in a dark, dark room in silence. Each person held an unlit candle, and we waited. One person lit their candle, and put out the match. There was that one lone light in the room. That person then reached over, using his candle, and lit the candle of the person next to him, […]

February Photo A Day 2014 List: Feel the love baby!

feb 2014 fmsphotoaday

Hey you. Today I’m sharing the new February Photo A Day list with you, and introducing you to another artist who has designed the list. This month the lovely Lindsay of Pen & Paint put on her clever clogs and gave the February list a bit of a loved up look. If you haven’t met […]

The Scatter Love Project


I’ve always loved snail mail, so much so that I used to subscribe myself to some pretty weird stuff {you know that you see in the TV guide?} just so I could get mail. I’ll take what I can get, junk mail even makes me happy. But as I’ve grown snail mail has become an […]

Behind the blog: This totally happened in January


I thought that each month this year I’d share a little bit {in photos} of what happened behind the blog. So this is what happened in January… We went to the beach. A lot. Poor Bronte hasn’t had as much exercise as she should have since having Luella, and we realised that we’d been feeding […]

Chopped salad: The one where you empty your crisper and chop it up

chopped salad

Well, it’s not quite as the title suggests. I certainly don’t want you just emptying your crisper and thinking it makes an ace salad. We all have varying degrees of quality lurking in our fridges. I will wear my halo and let you know I do a market shop for most of our fruit and […]

Letter to Luella: Five months old


Dear Luella, I love you. It’s a love that I can only describe while scrunching up my face and using exaggerated hand gestures, because I love you so much. And as if to reward me for my overflowing love you’ve been sleeping. I know the way to kill a good sleeping pattern is to write […]

Top 5: Exercise gear for the curvy fashionista

female for life

This is a sponsored post for This is how I shopped for exercise gear in the past: Walk into the department store, unenthusiastically, head for the plus size section {which is usually a wall of uninspiring pieces} and grab what I can in my size and walk to the checkout. Usually I’d buy 3 […]

Get your juice on: 35 juices to get your taste buds dancing {a free eBook}


If you asked me a year ago to drink a glass of stuff that was bright green in colour, I would have politely said, “No thank you, I’m busy washing my hair.” But I kept seeing people sharing photos of their funky juices on Instagram, and it got the better of me. We started making […]

No longer a newborn


Brought to you by Target. They say {‘they’ being books, parents and people in the know} that the first 3 months of a baby’s life is called the fourth trimester. It’s a time when they’re getting used to the outside world and finding their place. Can I just say that the first 3 months are […]

Oh sweet jaffle! Easy peasy apple pies


If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you might know that I’ve been off dairy since having Luella… because she gets VERY cranky when I have it. I was totally fine with it. In fact I might have thought it was even a little bit fun to find dairy-free recipes and try […]

Enough about me, I want to know about YOU.


For me, I guess because I’ve been online for so long, it’s so natural to leave a comment on a blog. I know for some of you reading right now, it’s not. Some of you message or email me to tell me what you want to say in a comment. I think it’s so stinkin’ […]

14 ordinary things to do in 2014


Did you write resolutions? You know the big, lofty ideals you want to achieve this year that we know just might not happen? I hope they do. I do hope you you climb Mt Everest while wearing heels and eating a burger. I hope you do. I didn’t write any this year. Each year I […]

Carol’s cookies: Pretty much the easiest biscuits in the world


My sister and I had quite the debate the other day, well by debate I meant quiet conversation while munching on some high tea goodies. I was salivating over the details of how good cake is. I haven’t met a cake I didn’t like {except for this one time I went to my Aunt’s house […]

Back to school: 5 fun ways with tape


This is a sponsored post for Scotch® Expressions Tape. You know that saying, “like a kid in a candy store”? I want to create a new one, “like a kid/adult/Chantelle buying stationery for back to school”. I loved me some back to school goodies when I was little, and I still love it now. So, […]

Photography Lesson: Black + White {+ 4 inspiring images}


Each month I’ve been sharing a little bit of a photography lesson {you can see all the past posts by clicking iPhoneography in the right hand column}, and this month is on the topic of Black + White. If you play photo a day the prompt for today is Black + White so this post […]

From the uncalm…


Where to start? Last year after having Luella I did very little on this blog. I’d planned and scheduled and arranged guest posts so that I could enjoy lots of lovely time with my new baby, and that I did. A few times a year I talk to a life/business coach who has helped me […]