Wobbly bits


I used to be afraid of the beach. Deadly afraid. And it wasn’t because of sharks, or man-eating jellyfish or even sea lice. It was because of something else. I lived in beautiful Bondi for 10 years. Seriously the closest beach was 200m from my house. Our apartment almost died of concrete cancer because it… 

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I can’t make this stuff up


Something happened at our house on Valentine’s Day. I’m not talking romantic dinners, and fireworks and all that jazz. Something quite the opposite really. It all started earlier in the week at Byron Bay. Our favourite butcher is in Byron, so when we visit we grab supplies and bring them home. On this particular day… 

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Magical Chocolate Mousse for Two


Hello! I’ve got another beautifully delicious post from Erin today. Enjoy lovers. So Valentine’s Day is around the corner guys. Get ready for the beautifully styled Instagram pictures of roses from your friend’s husbands/partners/secret admirers because if they don’t appear on social media, they never actually happened, right? I know I’m sounding particularly jaded, but… 

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The internet

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.58.59 am

The internet is a funny thing. It’s allowed us to believe that anything is possible, and to get the news faster than newspapers can print it. Like seriously, I knew about Bruce Jenner having a car accident faster than I ever needed to know that stuff. And I shouldn’t even really know who on earth… 

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How to be a nice human


I think it might be the full moon, or mercury retrograde, or that people are stressed, or that the price of chocolate is going up {or the size of the blocks is going down} or all of those things rolled into one… but I think some people are forgetting how to be nice human beings…. 

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