Epic Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

I recently spent the day out at my mum’s house going through her recipe collection. I don’t know if it’s because I love food and I’ve been chubby forever, but I’ve loved flicking through her recipes ever since I can remember. Doing it again all these years later made me so happy and nostalgic. There were recipes there that have been passed down through her family, and I am so…

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Photo A Day Challenge 2015 // Week 32


Howdy! I’m going to jump right in and show you this new list for photo a day, because it’s simply beautiful… and I can’t wait for you to see it. Kate, the designer of this list, is so super generous and so talented. You can check out more from her here. Thank you so much for designing it Kate. You’re so clever! How to play on Instagram + check out…

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Hello. If you get my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook, you might know that last week we had a loss in my family. My cousin lost his son. He was on a trip overseas and he drowned. It’s shocking and sad and unbelievable. Death and I, we don’t do well. It makes me question everything. I don’t want to believe that we’re all only here for a short time….

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THE online plus-size shopping guide

the plus size shopping guide

I’ve always had to shop in the plus-size section, but when I was in my teens and early 20s, there didn’t appear to be any plus size clothes. It wasn’t fun. I love fashion, and I now love that there are so many options for dressing our bodies. I wanted to put together a guide for all the online stores I love to look at that feature plus size clothing….

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Photo A Day Challenge 2015 // Week 31


Hello you. How are you? Good? Good. I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine was good, with the highlight being grabbing some Oprah tickets. I am so stinking excited. Today I want to share with you the list for next week’s photo a day. It’s been kindfully designed by Jeni, of Jeni M Design. Pop over here to check out her beautiful art pieces for kids. Here’s the beautiful…

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10 years


I actually can’t believe it, but in a few short months I will have been married for 10 years. I think it’s a miracle just quietly. Not because my husband isn’t the most amazing person to walk the planet, but moreso because I get sick of people pretty quickly and I’ve been waking up to him for 3650-odd mornings, and that mere thing still makes me smile. I knew he…

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Why you should never, ever lie… ever


I always believe it’s best to be completely honest, except when you’re telling little white lies. Little white lies are a-ok. On Monday I woke up and my phone had a weird pattern on the home screen. It was like I’d woken at midnight and taken a photo of a ghost, except I didn’t. As the day went on the screen worsened and the ghost got bigger. I asked myself,…

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5 ingredient {easy peasy!} banoffee pie recipe

5 Ingredient Banoffee Pies -13

Each month Erin, of Erin Made This, emails me through a recipe that she’s made for us. Each month it’s like Christmas. I’m such a big fan of what she does {easy recipes, stunning photos!}, and I love that I never know what I’m going to get. This month she kinda blew my mind, and now I’ve got a hankering for something very sweet. Like these… I think it’s important…

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Exciting news!


It’s been a while since I’ve had an exciting announcement to share, and today I’m pretty darn excited to be sharing this one. OK, so things you should know about me. I love photography {der!}, I love food {double der!}, and I love meeting my readers {triple der!}. I love those three things, A LOT. And when they come together, well that’s a moment of awesomeness right there. Next month,…

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Fat Mum Slim Birthday Giveaway: Day Five {over $800 worth of goodies}


Aww, it’s the last day! What a week it’s been. Today I’ve got some really good goodies to end a brilliant week of giveaways. Good luck! A $200 Triumph lingerie voucher We’ve all heard of Triumph, and maybe even got a piece of two in your underwear drawer. Whether you like fancy or plain, or tummy sucker inners or something sexy, there’s something for everyone. Now you can give your…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 30


Hello! How are you? I’m over here feeling like I’m sitting in an igloo. Is it cold, or IS IT COLD? OK, so I think my idea of cold is the same as other people’s summers… but it’s colder than normal and I’m ready for it to be over now. Who do I have to speak to to make that happen? This list seems fitting, with it’s ice blues, don’t…

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Fat Mum Slim Birthday Giveaway: Day Four {over $900 worth of goodies}


Hello! Welcome to day four of my birthday giveaway! It’s been fun. You can enter each day, for as many prizes you like {once per each prize} so please come back and enter for each prize. Good luck! A $200 Pumpkin Patch Gift Voucher One very lucky person will get a $200 voucher to spend in a Pumpkin Patch store of their choice. Pumpkin Patch stocks clothing for kids aged…

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It’s a party! {FREE birthday invitation printable}


Hello! Because we’re smack-bang in birthday week, I thought I’d share this sweet invite printable that Melyssa of The Nectar Collective made for me. Isn’t it cute? I love that you can use it for boys, girls, adults, anyone and that you just circle the date, put in the time and you’re good to go. Party time. Excellent. Download the invite and print it out, by clicking here.

Fat Mum Slim Birthday Giveaway: Day Three {over $700 worth of goodies}


A Lambini Baby Carrier valued at $349 The Lambini Baby Carrier is Australian Made and made from Australian Merino wool and babies absolutely love being carried around in it. They feel completely at home and love the soft texture of the wool. It is the ideal baby carrier especially for the cooler months of the year. A Pamper Hamper Company hamper The Pamper Hamper Company is Australia’s Most Luxurious Gift…

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No-bake Tim Tam Rocky Road Slice


I’ve always worked alone. Well, with people, but I’ve never been in one of those environments where everyone sits around the lunchroom chatting, or meeting for drinks on a Friday night. I started working as a nanny, then worked online {from home} so while I had people around me, it was never in an office space. So, I always wondered what it would be like. I’ve heard horror stories, but…

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Fat Mum Slim Birthday Giveaway: Day Two {over $1200 worth of goodies}


The giveaway continues today with these most excellent prizes. Enter for one of them, or all of them. Good luck! Armadillo & Co Jester Rug valued at $660 Isn’t this rug gorgeous? I can’t believe that one lucky reader is going to have this in their own home! It’s made from wool, and 1.4×2.0m by 1.7×2.4m in size and worth $660. Gorgeous! Pop over to read the story behind this…

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The mum bag


I have a handbag. A nice one actually. I saved up and shouted myself a beautiful one earlier this year. It’s not fancy, but definitely better quality than the other fall-apart bags I’ve had in the past. It holds everything it needs to, and a little more. I have a special talent of carrying everything in the world in my handbag. {Note: That’s not a special talent at all really,…

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Fat Mum Slim Birthday Giveaway: Day One {over $1800 worth of goodies}


It’s really hard to believe, but my blog {this very one you’re now reading} turns seven this month. I can’t figure out if it feels longer or shorter than the seven years it is. Some days it feels like such a part of me that it might as well have been with me forever… and sometimes it feels like just yesterday I started it. But here I am anyway… seven…

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I don’t need saving


I wrote this post a while back, and never shared it. By a while back, I mean a month ago. Then I wrote this post instead. Anyways, I wanted to share both, so here’s this. I’ve been fat for pretty much most of life, besides a few crazy moments of being less-fat, but for the most part I’ve existed on this earth with a little more meat on my bones…

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Periscope for Bloggers: 11 fun-filled tips!


I don’t know if you’ve heard through the grapevine, but there’s a new kid in town, and she’s called Periscope. It comes to us from the team at Twitter. It’s like a live-streaming video app, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a video that goes live to your followers as soon as you hit record. I love that it’s immediate, but it also freaks me out a bit. Ha!…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 29


Oh gosh, I know you’re just going to LOVE this artwork for the photo a day list. I just know it. It’s beautiful, and fun, and created by the clever Sarah Epstein. I’ve met so many talented designers this year so far {28 people!} and it’s made me really want to improve, and explore my creative skills. Sarah’s artwork has just stepped that up a notch. You can check out…

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Making time for me


Brought to you by Dermaveen. When is the last time you took time out for you? I want to share something with you, and it was a big moment for me. I find my 30s has been a lot about these moments of learning, which I like. The wrinkles that come with aging I could skip, but these life lessons I do like. Late last year I found a life/business…

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Quick and easy pork dumplings


I love dumplings more than is probably healthy. I’ve said that a few times here, and the love-affair is probably not going to end anytime soon. They’re so good. I made these ones at home, and I’m a bit embarrassed at how unattractive they turned out. The good news is that they tasted awesome, and that’s what matters. Ingredients 200g pork mince 1 cup finely chopped cabbage 2 spring onions,…

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Glad moments


Brought to you by Glad. If I asked you what makes you feel happy, glad, or awesome, what would you tell me? I can think of a whole heap of good things. Things like sleeping until my body wants to wake up, laughing til I cry, really good carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, cuddles from my kids and that look from my husband. Glad asked me to put together…

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We’re THAT family


I believe that there are little notes in computers in various places around the world, warning people of my family. No, I’m not having a moment of paranoia. I believe this is the truth. Those computers are sitting at the reception desk at the hotels we’ve visited. I swear they’d say, “PUT THAT FAMILY IN THE MOST SECLUDED ROOM OF THIS HOTEL. WARNING. NOISY FAMILY ALERT.” Traveling with kids is…

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