The verge


This week a new baby will be born into the world. Not just any baby, but a baby in my family. I’ll have a new niece or nephew. Right now, I feel on the verge. On the verge of new beginnings, new life… life is about to change. Isn’t that a little bit magical? Last… 

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Sunday morning drive


I live in the country. I know when I’ve written about that before some people have been up in arms that it actually ISN’T the country. I don’t know what the definition of country is, but I think if I can hear cows mooing as I type this… then that’s pretty much country. But perhaps… 

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One man’s trash


This week in the area I live in is council clean-up week. For the uninitiated, it’s the week when people finally go through their garages and throw out the stuff they’ve stored, never used and never really needed. You’ll see a lot of treadmills and exercise bikes on the roadside. Such good intentions… Some people… 

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Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Her favourite book at the moment. Green eggs and ham all the time. There’s something about Sundays, don’t you think? The pace is a little slower. Everyone is a little calmer. There’s less to do, more time to relax. Every second Sunday Hubby works, so last Sunday {when… 

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Think about unicorns instead


I don’t like birds. Oh gosh, how many posts have I started with that sentence? I just don’t like them. All those feathers, and feet, and beaks, and unpredictable flying and landing. Worst of all is the dirty ibis. It scavanges for food and is a dirty pest. And hey, it ain’t pretty either, right?… 

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