17 of the best Aussie activewear brands for curvy women IN 2024

As a curvy girl, whether you’re running, biking, walking or doing a spot of yoga, finding the right activewear is a must. For so long we were limited to cheap leggings that became see-through when we squatted, but now there are so many options for us, it’s fun and exciting to shop for exercise gear, and there have never been more options for plus size activewear in Australia.

I’ve done the hard work for you (no need to break a sweat), and gathered all the best plus activewear brands in one spot. I also checked in with the other curvy Aussies to see what they’re wearing and loving, and this is what they’re loving. Active Truth was the top mention (also my own personal choice for activewear), with many loving the reliability and the support it offers. Hine Collective, and Embrace Active are two that are getting lots of love too.

Tips for shopping plus size activewear in Australia

  • Read the reviews. There’s no better tell-take sign of whether a brand understands curvy bodies than the review section. You’ll also be able to tell, from a quick read, whether you need to size up or down based on what customers are saying.
  • Check their social media. I’ll admit that a pet peeve of mine is when a brand says they cater to plus size, and then when you go to their social media and there isn’t a plus size person in sight. Whhhhyyy? I always do a quick check of their socials to see if they’re trying and testing on curving bodies, or just doing a token size increase.
  • Know what you need. If you’re into high intensity workouts, and need high functionality from your activewear, be sure to check that the brand caters for you. Active Truth is one brand that always keeps functionality in mind.


Active Truth | Sizes 8 to 26

I must confess, I am addicted to Active Truth and it’s where I get 80% of my exercise clothes. Among the curvy community, Active Truth is known for their exercise pants that don’t roll down (because don’t we all hate that!), compression tights that keep everything supported as you move. Use code FATMUMSLIM for 10% off all purchases.

City Chic | Sizes 14 to 24

City Chic has been a shopping staple for plus size women since {almost} forever. With generous sizing, and reliable quality, and on-trend styles, City Chic Activewear is fun, vibrant and easy-to-wear.

Taking Shape | Sizes 12 to 30

Comfort meets function at Taking Shape. With supportive and functional activewear pants and comfortable tops, Taking Shape has been a go-to for curvy girls for over a decade.

Nike | Sizes 1X To 3X

In more recent years Nike has really stepped into curvy space and started creating beautiful activewear for curvy bodies. I own a few pieces, and I love their breathability. While they’re not compression style, they are so easy to wear and in the heat of summer, they give you room to move.

Empress Athleticus | Sizes 6 to 30

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, with sustainability in mind, this beautiful brand creates activewear in gorgeous prints and plain black. They also do different length activewear shorts {yay, options!}, and dresses too.

Best & Less | Sizes 18 to 26

With prices as low as $8, yep $8!, Best & Less is a go-to for affordable activewear in basic styles. Of course for the lower price point, there’s no bells and whistles like pockets, compression, zips and fancy things, but if you’re looking for comfort and ease, Best & Less is a great option.

AIM’N | Sizes 4 to 22

This female-founded business has mutlifunction in mind {think exercise, brunch and beyond} as well as style, and long lasting pieces. Created in beautiful colourways, and stunning fabrics, this is quickly becoming a favourite.

Exotica Athletica | Sizes 4 to 26

Exotica has forged a new direction in curvy activewear, injecting it with colour and fun. This is weaved through everything they do; their prints, designs, and then also through their Instagram too. Their pieces are affordable, fun, and full of colour.

Be Keane | Sizes 6 to 38

We love a brand that truly embraces inclusivity, and Be Keane does just that with sizing from 6 to 38. Their styles are colourful and fun, and well thought out.

REMMIE by Riley | Sizes 6 to 26

Founded by curvy influencer Riley Hemson, REMMIE is the activewear collection she created when she wanted to have options of stylish pieces to wear from the gym to lunch and beyond. If you’re looking a cute matching activewear outfit, this is the place to shop.

Running Bare | Sizes 8 to 22

Running Bare has been a stample in women’s activewear in Australia for a long time now. When I played netball I loved their bikeshorts for their comfort and breathability. With simple styles and ranges, Running Bare is a great option for plus size activewear.

RunFaster | Sizes 4 to 22

Runfaster has been a favourite in the curvy community for years. Loved for its firm fit, yet still stretchy and comfortable clothing, their high-waisted style promise to stay put as you workout.

Hine Collection | Sizes 8 to 24

I’ve heard such great things about Hine, with people raving particularly about the design. They’re not just smaller styles made bigger, they’ve really considered curvy bodies and what we need when we workout. This New Zealand brand offers something for everyone, including men and kids.

Kmart Active Curve | Sizes 18 to 26

We all know Kmart as the reliable place we can go to and pick almost anything up on a budget, and curvy activewear is no different. They have simple basics, in easy-to-wear fabrics at affordable prices.

STAX | Sizes 4 to 24

With their limited edition collections, and inspiration taken from runways, STAX is the street activewear label seen on people that want to be seen, outside of the gym.

Mama Movement | Sizes 6 to 22

Sustainable, colourful, and also giving you the opportunity to match with your little one {cute!}, Mama Movement is all about celebrating you and helping you have fun while wearing their colourful pieces. The fabric used in their clothing is so soft and comfortable to wear, it’s something I reach for over and over.

Big W | Sizes 16 to 26

When it comes to budget-friendly activewear, Big W is bringing it to us. With pieces as low as $7.50, you can put together a whole outfit for under $20.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for activewear? I’d love to hear about it!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase.


21 thoughts on “17 of the best Aussie activewear brands for curvy women IN 2024”

  1. Yay! I’ve put on so a lot of weight and have outgrown most of my exercise gear but I still want to run and still want to look good while I’m doing it. I’m going to have fun checking these out. You will totally get back to running, I know it, maybe one day we’ll be running round Disneyland together?! Now there’s a goal to run towards x

  2. One Active (from Michelle Bridges) does some plus size active wear. It’s sold in Big W and Ezibuy online.

  3. Hi Chantelle I have had the same dream about being a runner and I have just completed a running course with a group called Operation Move. They have a Learn to Run programme that goes for 12 weeks. It starts with running for 30 seconds and by the end you are comfortably running 25 mins at a time! It was fantastic, very achievable and the pace was absolutely spot on. They are also an awesome bunch of ladies who are totally supportive of all the ups and downs that we all go through. If you want to get back into running I would highly recommend it. You can find them on all the socials. Good luck xx

  4. I have some great Michelle Bridges leggings in size 18 from Big W & have worn them for at least 3 years. Still look great. TS have some great tops with wicker weave for comfort when sweating which again I’ve had for years but I just bought a fancy new hoodie sleeveless style from their active range. I love the running group idea mentioned , I think I’ll follow up. I’d love to run, it seems so liberating!
    Thanks all

  5. Just always, always, always, check stretchability to make sure undies aren’t visible under the leggings!!!

  6. Hi Chantelle, You should check out Sixty4 bras. They’re designed in Australia by a friend of mine for chicks with boobs who want to move. They go up to an 18DD and they’ve even got an Aquabra that you can wear under your swimmers if you’re doing a triathlon or just need some extra support when there’s not much on offer. They run Fit Clinics at gyms and at running events to make sure you’re fitted correctly and – the best part – they’re affordable (from $20-$45 – but there is a more expensive shock absorber bra that goes up to 16H!). Check them out here http://www.sixty4store.net/ They’re awesome!!

  7. OzPhysique.com has some amazing active wear up to 5XL. I’m a size 4XL and have bought several tops and leggings which I love!

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  8. Ive just started getting off my butt and its hard to find places with pretty plus size that arent just black!! Thank you so much!!

  9. “Curvy Chic Sport” Australia have a fabulous selection sport clothing Size 10 to 26 ????????Jen Wylie

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