10 minute cookies: honey snaps

Do you ever want a sweet fix immediately, if not sooner? These biscuits can be made from scratch in just 10 minutes – from the pot to your mouth in 10 minutes AND you only need 4 ingredients. AND they’re delicious. What more could you want?

So if someone calls and says they’re coming around for a cuppa tea… you can whip these up before they’ve even rung the doorbell. Easy.


1/4 cup {2 fl oz} honey
90g {3 oz} butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup plain {all-purpose} flour


♥ Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius {335 degrees Fahrenheit}.
♥ In a small saucepan over a medium heat, melt the butter, honey and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. This shouldn’t take long at all – it took me about 3 minutes. Add the flour and mix until smooth.
♥ Drop tablespoons of mix onto a baking tray lined with baking paper.
♥ Cook for 5 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Makes 15 cookies.


  1. Sarah says

    Love this! I shall give these a whirl this week, before I pop over to see my bestie for a catch up; perfect with a cuppa! Thanks for sharing x

    • says

      I can’t be sure, but there is no rising agent in the recipe – so I can’t understand why it wouldn’t. So you know – the consistency was quite runny (slightly thicker than honey) – so just make sure you’ve got something similar going on with your ingredients.

      Let me know how it goes?

  2. Jodie says

    YUM!!!!! Totally going to have to give them a go!! Thanks for sharing!! (or I may not be thanking you later when I cannot stop eating these! haha)..

  3. gemski says

    Feeling down in the dumps, read your blog…. these are in the oven this minute. Looking forward to a sweet hit in 5 mins!

  4. Twoblackdoggies says

    They look yummy and sound so easy to make, will have to print the recipe for my husband while he is on a cooking spree :-)

  5. Misskat says

    Tried making them, they were very runny, kept adding more flour and it was still a total failure, runny mess, was really hoping these would be delicious…..

  6. Sarah Jane says

    Made them for the kindy teachers to celebrate world teachers day… Was a brilliant recipe as it was easy enough for my kindy boy to feel involved. He packaged them up in super cute brown paper bags that he decorated.

  7. TheEMM says

    Should they be a little soft and floppy when finished in the oven or crisp? mine have been in for ages – 10 mins – and aren’t crisp

  8. katharine says

    Ok – so mine looked NOTHING like yours, but man alive they were good! I even shared them with my Sunday school class who loved them!
    I only use grams to measure butter, flour, sugar etc so I could have made dodgy conversions

  9. Daisy says

    The first ones I put int he oven didn’t work out.. but then I tried letting the mixture cool down in the saucepan first, then spooned it onto a floured tray (was out of baking paper!) they turned out a better the more solidified the mixture was.

  10. Bec says

    Made these with gluten free flour. I didnt exactly measure anything cause I was too lazy to get out the scales or a measuring cup. also, as I object to using saucepans (cause then Id have to wash them) I stuck the butter sugar n honey in the microwave till it stsrted to bubble, then just added the flour. Taste! amazing! Thankyou!!

  11. Sally Green says

    Wow, a lifesaver recipe, knocked out 30 of these little mummas this afternoon after realising my son needed to take something to cubs tonight for a Jacobs Join. Scrummylicious – thank you Chantelle!

  12. Bellyrina says

    Tried this recipe as is, and it turned into a runny mess in the oven :( Spread across the entire tray, and ended up having to peel it off like fruit leather. What am I doing wrong?

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