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10 minute cookies: honey snaps

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Do you ever want a sweet fix immediately, if not sooner? These biscuits can be made from scratch in just 10 minutes – from the pot to your mouth in 10 minutes AND you only need 4 ingredients. AND they’re delicious. What more could you want?

So if someone calls and says they’re coming around for a cuppa tea… you can whip these up before they’ve even rung the doorbell. Easy.


1/4 cup {2 fl oz} honey
90g {3 oz} butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup plain {all-purpose} flour


♥ Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius {335 degrees Fahrenheit}.
♥ In a small saucepan over a medium heat, melt the butter, honey and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. This shouldn’t take long at all – it took me about 3 minutes. Add the flour and mix until smooth.
♥ Drop tablespoons of mix onto a baking tray lined with baking paper.
♥ Cook for 5 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Makes 15 cookies.

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  • Jessica Flett

    These sound great. I’ll be sure to give them a go. Thanks. Jx

  • Sarah

    Love this! I shall give these a whirl this week, before I pop over to see my bestie for a catch up; perfect with a cuppa! Thanks for sharing x

  • Would this work with ground almonds?
    Thank you, Lmc

    • I can’t be sure, but there is no rising agent in the recipe – so I can’t understand why it wouldn’t. So you know – the consistency was quite runny (slightly thicker than honey) – so just make sure you’ve got something similar going on with your ingredients.

      Let me know how it goes?

  • Yumbo – I’ll attempt a gluten free version and let you know how they go!

  • Ana Lía

    Chantelle, look delicious! I`d like to know how the 3 annies contest came out. Thanks!

  • Helen Deeds

    These look interesting! I might try them!
    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  • Julie

    Yum! Can you pop over and make me some?

  • 10 minutes… wow!!! a must try x

  • Oh, SO yum! I pinned this for future reference. I’m doing a gluten-free trial for now, so I’ll be making these sometime in the coming month!

  • Oh. Wow. This looks too good to be true! I’m going to have the excuse, I mean opportunity, to try it out this weekend! Could turn out to be dangerous… 😛

  • Sarah

    I make these for the kids lunch boxes but add low GI museli to is as well. They go down a real treat!

  • wow these look lovely, gonna whip some up today =D Thanks !

  • Giving them a try now!

  • Jodie

    YUM!!!!! Totally going to have to give them a go!! Thanks for sharing!! (or I may not be thanking you later when I cannot stop eating these! haha)..

  • gemski

    Feeling down in the dumps, read your blog…. these are in the oven this minute. Looking forward to a sweet hit in 5 mins!

  • Jodie

    made these earlier and they’re a failure…. very odd, seem to need much more flour, they’re wafer thin.

    • maddi

      from the picture it looks like they’re supposed to be wafer thin… 🙂

    • They’re meant to be wafer thin. Was the taste wrong too? Seems odd.

  • Ooooh these look yummy. Must try!

  • how2home

    These look amazing!

  • Twoblackdoggies

    They look yummy and sound so easy to make, will have to print the recipe for my husband while he is on a cooking spree 🙂

  • Misskat

    Tried making them, they were very runny, kept adding more flour and it was still a total failure, runny mess, was really hoping these would be delicious…..

    • Hmm. That’s odd. I’ll make them again and see if I had one-off success. Did you use normal flour?

  • Penny

    Just tried it, they are in the oven now! I hope they come out ok!

  • Judi

    I made these today Chantelle and they are very very moorish! Next time I will have to allow a little more room for spreading and stop myself from licking the spoon (ouch! it was very hot!)

  • Sarah Jane

    Made them for the kindy teachers to celebrate world teachers day… Was a brilliant recipe as it was easy enough for my kindy boy to feel involved. He packaged them up in super cute brown paper bags that he decorated.

  • oh dear mine do not look like yours. i made them exactly from recipe. perhaps my oven was too hot? they spread all over the tray…

  • TheEMM

    Should they be a little soft and floppy when finished in the oven or crisp? mine have been in for ages – 10 mins – and aren’t crisp

    • TheEMM

      Smell ‘delish though!.. hubby keeps going and opening the oven.

      Also, what about if you cooled them over a muffin tin ala brandy snaps and you could make a YUMMY case to hold fruit and or icecream or many taste-y treats!

    • They’re a little soft after cooking, and then they go crisp. If you like crispy you want them to be nice and really golden. x

  • katharine

    Ok – so mine looked NOTHING like yours, but man alive they were good! I even shared them with my Sunday school class who loved them!
    I only use grams to measure butter, flour, sugar etc so I could have made dodgy conversions

  • Daisy

    The first ones I put int he oven didn’t work out.. but then I tried letting the mixture cool down in the saucepan first, then spooned it onto a floured tray (was out of baking paper!) they turned out a better the more solidified the mixture was.

  • Al

    Just made these! They are perfectly delicious! Made your recipe exactly as you stated.

  • Nina

    Mine ended up covering nearly the whole baking tray. But oh so tasty! Yum! And easy!

  • Bec

    Made these with gluten free flour. I didnt exactly measure anything cause I was too lazy to get out the scales or a measuring cup. also, as I object to using saucepans (cause then Id have to wash them) I stuck the butter sugar n honey in the microwave till it stsrted to bubble, then just added the flour. Taste! amazing! Thankyou!!

  • Sherri Falkenburg Farris

    Making now!

  • Sally Green

    Wow, a lifesaver recipe, knocked out 30 of these little mummas this afternoon after realising my son needed to take something to cubs tonight for a Jacobs Join. Scrummylicious – thank you Chantelle!

  • Just made them and they are amazing! Husband loves them!

  • Bellyrina

    Tried this recipe as is, and it turned into a runny mess in the oven 🙁 Spread across the entire tray, and ended up having to peel it off like fruit leather. What am I doing wrong?