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Can you smell summer? I can. It smells like coconut, and sunscreen, and salt water.

I look forward to summer each year, until I remember how insanely hot it gets up here and then I crave winter for a little while! But I do love the swimming and the dresses, and the balmy nights.

Today I’ve got a rather cool giveaway for you. Fernwood Fitness has been around for yonks, well since I was 9 and Rainbow Bright was in her prime, and they get women. They get that health and wellbeing is a physical thing, but also a mental thing. They’ve got 68 women-only gyms around Australia but they also do something rather cool that you might not know about.

Starting on October 26th, they’ll be running their online program. A 6-week course to help you get healthy and happy for summer, called Summer Sculpt. It includes exercise ideas you can do at home which are tailored to your own body type, meal plans and advice for helping with your mindset too. Plus there’s round-the-clock advice from experts, and access to an awesome community too. It’s all covered. It costs $99, and is available where ever you are. If you’re near a Fernwood Fitness gym, joining will also give you access to your local gym for free for two weeks. You can see your nearest location by visiting their website.

Here’s a little bit more about the program:

So if you’re eager to make this your best summer yet, to feel healthy, happy and awesome, I’ve got two spots for two lucky people to join the Summer Sculpt program. To be in the running to win a spot, simply comment below and tell me what you’re looking forward to this summer. What is it? And why?

Competition closes October 22nd, and is open to Australian residents only.

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  • Caitlyn

    I’m looking forward to getting back into nature after a semester of uni and work. The beach, bushwalking and bike rides in the cool afternoons. And of course the fresh food that goes with summer, mangoes, watermelon and ice blocks for days 🙂

  • Monica

    I’m looking forward to it being my first summer out of my parents home to enjoy long nights with friends, chilling out at the beach and enjoying the sun.

  • Megan Boswell

    I’m looking forward to our Family holiday to Kingscliff! Hanging out with my sister, our kids being together on xmas day. No work for a couple of weeks and just relaxing with family, that’s what I’m looking forward to.

  • Kate Waters

    We have 2 kids under 2 and are attempting our first family holiday (with thanks to my amazing in-laws for coming with us!) to Heron Island. I am beyond excited. I can’t wait for the sun, sand, turtles & cocktails. I can’t wait to see the joy on the kids faces when they splash in the ocean and build sandcastles. December cannot come quick enough!! X

  • Kerry p

    Spending some time in the sun, and getting my flexibility and agility back. Making time for me, to do the above is important, took a little time to realise this but I’m on board now …,

  • Bel – Life at no2

    Mine is really simple, I look forward to a summer where I feel comfortable in my own skin. Where I look in the mirror and am happy with the reflection I see.

  • Natalie Hunter

    I am looking forward to being more decisive, doing something for me and being a great role model for my two girls. We have had a couple of rough months but now the sun is starting to shine… ?

  • I loved Fernwood! Was a member for years. So good.

  • Olga Poulos

    I’m looking forward to a bright summer of healthy food, higher energy levels and a great new body for me!

  • Heather Goldsmith

    Ah, summer. I am so looking forward to getting down to the beach early in the morning, because I just love the scent of fresh morning at the beach in summer. It makes me feel like a kid again, 😉

  • Emma

    2015, The Summer of Acrostic fun…..

    Summer sun, sand and sky
    Uplifts my soul as beautiful
    Memories are made,
    staccato’d by the
    Munching on crisp
    watermelon that sneakily
    paints skin pink with its
    sweet, sticky juice,
    Earth and sky celebrate
    together as
    Rain falls on tin roofs-summer
    in paradise!

    I can’t wait! I would so love to have the opportunity to prepare for summer fun with an awesome challege like this one!!! Thanks Fat Mum Slim xx

  • Keryn Bradbury

    I’m looking forward to a summer where my mental health doesn’t dominate my life.
    I’m looking forward to a summer where I’m surrounded by family and friends and I can just be in the moment.
    I’m looking forward to a summer where I can stand to look at myself in the mirror, where I feel comfy in my own skin and where I can bear being me.
    I’m looking forward to time with my son: at the beach, the playground, by the river, in our backyard.
    I’m looking forward to these things because since my son came along I’ve struggled to find joy in my life. I lost my mind and my happiness. Three years on the joy is coming back. Exercise is a huge part of this! It’s the best free antidepressant that there is!

  • Trish Church

    I’m looking forward to standing up on my paddle board for longer than 5 seconds before falling off, not feeling like a hephalump at the beach and my cozy not feeing so I snug because I want to enjoy my family life with a laugh and a smile.

  • Pam

    Just had a bout of shingles and have been unable to do anything for six weeks. Would love a structured program to help get me back in shape in more ways than one .

  • Fiona Roth

    I’m looking forward to getting healthy, eating well, being happy with my body and being a good role model for my daughter 🙂

  • Shannon Walker

    Im looking forward to a fun, active summer with my two kids. After battling PND since the birth of my 2nd 2 years ago, its been a struggle to get out each day, which has been so unfair to my poor kids as they love the outdoors. Its my time to shine now, here’s to a fun summer in the sun playing with my two munchkins!

  • Mandy Rorsch

    I’m looking forward to days spent picnicking, bike riding and swimming at the lake with my 2 and 4 year old daughter because they happiness on their faces when we are outdoors is truly contagious and brings me so much joy.

  • I’m looking forward to barbeques with the family on our new back deck, running under the sprinklers with my kids, and enjoying all the fresh produce from our vege garden! And lovely walks around the lake to get some sunshine on my extremely pale legs 🙂

  • Belinda

    This summer I am going to be that mum joining in with my boys (Swimming, riding scooters, going for big walks and playing soccer) instead of watching from the sidelines! I have started my weight loss goal but still have a way to go until I will be able to keep up with them fully 🙂

  • AshleighG

    I’m looking forward to finally having a summer that I make mine and hopefully continue that mentality over into the New Year, each year I vow to make that year one of my best and this summer I am finally going to do it.

  • KellieB

    This summer I look forward to many adventures with my darling girls, not getting sunburnt and relaxing with a cold bevvy at the end of the day.

  • Plain and simple I am just looking forward to hanging out with the whole family down by the beach.

  • Kristy Annett

    BBQs, sarongs, cocktails, sunshine, friends, laughter, freedom, ice creams, beach, relaxation, watermelon, smiling, sprinklers, bliss!

  • Racheal Kamer

    I’m looking forward to watching our little super fish enjoy the beach for the first time and to see her face on Christmas morning. I’m looking forward to the simple things.

  • Kim Stamiris

    I’m looking forward to spending some time on me – I’ve spent every day and night on my family and forgotten about me. It’s time for a change, when I’m happy my family will be happy too.

    • Hey Kim. I’m excited for you. Change is good. I’m sending you an email now. You’re a winner! x

      • Kim Stamiris

        OMG, thank you so much I’m so excited to being able to take care of me!

  • Jade Symonds

    I am looking forward to sunshine-y, Christmas-y joy and ending the year on a positive, creative and happy note!

    It has been a bit of a shaky year for me so far but I am on a mission to smother my inner mean girl with a little kindness!

  • kelly

    I love the long, warm days in Qld! I love and look forward to playing outside until dusk. I can’t wait to play under the sprinkler and eat mangoes! I love going to movies in the park with my babes and I can’t wait for end of the year celebrations like carols by candlight and Christmas concerts and of course being with my family for Christmas.

  • Joy

    I’m looking forward to my brother’s wedding! He is marrying a lovely lady who our whole family adores. Relatives are coming from interstate too so it will be the perfect time for me to look my best and get that sexy dress that I’ve been wishing to buy if only I was in shape

  • Felicity

    Hi Chantelle,

    This summer I am looking forward to enjoying our revamped backyard. Watching the kids and dogs play in the big yard, on the play fort, climbing trees. Just being around home with my family.
    On a more personal front I am at last looking forward to a real change in myself. Just recently discovered I am suffering from dysphoria (a form of depression). Now that I know what is going with me I can finally take the steps I need to get back to my happy self 🙂

  • Kate

    The thing that I’m most looking forward to this summer are the warm summer nights. I love spending the evening with my family outside soaking up the days last rays when the sun is not so hot. I love that the kids are playing outside after dinner and that they go to bed for a good night’s sleep after an active day!

  • Rachel

    I’m unsure what to look forward to. Life is really topsy turvy at the moment. I guess I’m looking forward to a new beginning. And mangoes. And black plum. And fresh apricots. And mince pies. All the food!

  • Naysie

    Mangoes!! Saltwater, salt in the breeze, long, hot days and nights, frangipani flowers, pineapple dole whip, the festive season and my birthday and the birthdays of three others I love! I love Summer so much I named my daughter after it!

  • Amber Cubis

    I’m looking forward to introducing our daughter to the wonders of summer. Splashing at the beach, backyard cricket, messy mangos and watermelons, BBQs and quality time with friends and family. Watching her experience everything for the first time is so magical it makes me feel like it’s the first time for me too. Her joy is just contagious!

  • Tara McIntosh

    I’m looking forward to exploring the bike paths around our new house with my son Peter. I will now be walking distance to sushi for lunch.
    I’m also looking forward to putting a vege patch into our new backyard, planting trees and a fernery under the deck. We have plum trees and cumquats, so should have some yummy jam to make.

  • Jodie McDonald

    I’m looking forward to getting fit, i have been dieting & moving more, we go to the beach every sunday & i never get in the surf with my kids as i don’t wear a swimming costume in public & i just really want to do it with them & for them.

  • Mrs B

    I am looking forward to being my best, to lose the last 5 kg’s, be healthy and enjoy life once more

  • Shantell Sheard

    I’m looking forward to long hot days at the beach because my whole families soul is nourished at the beach

  • Anita Duesterhaus

    I’m lookin forward to the summer holidays so I can enjoy moments with my children. Water fights and bbqs. Fish and chips at the beach. Runninbunderthe sprinklers at the park. Christmas. Birthday celebrations. Taking my baby to the beach so he can feel the sand between his toes for the first time. Balmy nights spent chatting with my love after the kids are in bed.

  • Kristy Winters

    This summer I am looking forward to our family road trip from south Australia to New South Wales to visit all of my brothers and sister and their children and my dad. It’s been too long

  • Manda

    I am looking forward to getting pregnant!! Been trying for 10+ years, and hubby and I are working with a specialist now, looking at IVF in March – here’s to hoping I get fat this summer!! 😛 I do need to stay fit though xxx

  • Jade

    Fun, sun and wonderful times with my amazing family!

  • Veronica Longo

    I’m looking forward to a summer where I can be around my family and friends and feel confortabke how I look
    I look forward to a summer where I can take my son down the local pools and actually go in the water with him in a costume and feel confortabke
    I look forward to a summer where I can where what ever I want and not feel paranoid

  • I am looking forward to getting swimsuit ready thanks to Fernwood and FatMumSlim

  • Gayle Richardson

    Getting healthier and fitter. I have started shopping more regularly so I have fresh fruit and vegetables and also have started walking/running.