44 thoughts on “Win a $150 ASOS voucher”

  1. Fantastic survey! So much fun. I love colour, i can’t get enough of it. It is absolutely 100% important for a creative environment!

  2. I’m ok with my standard neutral colours in the house with a splash of colour but am not that brave. 🙂 It’s very exciting for you to be decorating your new place lovely! x

  3. Just took it! Made me feel like I need to do something to add more color to my house. Now the wheels are spinning.

  4. I love bright colours, but sometimes I’m not brave enough to use them as much as I’d like – especially in my clothes. Although I’m starting to buy and wear more colours now.

    How exciting that you get to decorate a new house! I can’t wait to do that with my new apartment one day 🙂 Have fun!

  5. Easy and quick survey, right up my alley! The last question seems to have a minor typo that momentarily confused me but I assumed the word should have been “do” instead of “to”. Thanks 🙂

  6. that was a good one, i enjoyed filling that out! I love bright colours sometimes i feel its hard to incorporate them in the house..


  7. this is so cool! I loved the survery 🙂
    It made me think more about what I want my home to look like when I’m moving out one day 😉
    I love red, my whole room is red/white and I adore it 😀


  8. I can’t wait to move into a new home too, will be a while before we stop renting though!

    Favourite colour is definitely red. Have red all through my clothes, jewellery, bedroom, lounge, kitchen etc etc…

  9. Still in the process of decorating/renovating our home (after 5 years still going)…. This new years resolution was to fight fear (not too bad so far, short dresses, above the knee that is, are next on the list as the weather warms up)…. So we spent new years eve and the actual day painting our whole house white (all the walls were blue orginally). I cried (literally tears rolling down cheeks) when I painted the first wall white but I am happy now we did it… I was afraid of neutral and now I love it…Plus the punches of red and navy/blue now really pop!

  10. Quick and easy! I wish I could add more colour to my home and wardrobe….This survey got me thinking!

  11. Loved the survey!
    Congrats Chantelle on your exciting move into your new home. A real dream come true for you all.
    Will chat soon.
    Take care,
    Cheryl ( mummyto5)

  12. I am redoing my place at the moment and I have a lot of BRIGHTS ! but work in progress so very excited to see how it turns out 🙂

  13. LOVE ASOS!! we do a lot of neutrals both in the home and in my wardrobe but I love my bright floral cushions and a bright pink lippy 🙂 strangely my favourite colour is actually blue though….

  14. I love the introduction of colour, bold bright colours. Trialling new colours or a colour theme that links throughout the house can be so much fun. Congrats on your new home. Strangely enough my favourite colour is also blue.

  15. Yeah another Pink lover, I like. My life is all about color!! Am African and color is our thing, but do I say;-)) All the best with the new home and the décor journey. Keep us posted.

  16. All those photos are delightful! I would buy those pieces too. I like bright colours but don’t know how to inject it into my stark white room. Enjoy your new home! Your family must be so excited :))

  17. I would love to add more colour around the house and to my wardrobe. Bring me out of my boring black/white/grey scheme!

  18. Hahaha – I need to win that voucher…just realized after answering those questions that my wardrobe is not filled with enough colour, just a lot of black !!! #needcolournow

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