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Here it is! Photo a day August challenge list

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It’s time! Time for another photo a day list. Are you ready?

I can’t believe that I’m consistently taken a photo every single day this year {ok, I missed one but made up for it the next day}. That’s a pretty good effort. I’m the sort of person who gives up diets by lunchtime and can’t keep a routine. But this, I’m DOING this.

I’ve even managed it while moving house and other big life changes. Have you been doing photo a day? How do you fit it into your life? How do you manage to remember?

Now on to the August list. This month is challenging. People said they didn’t want any repeats from previous lists, so I listened. And I created. The reason I often do repeats is because people haven’t played every month, but most of all it challenges people to be creative. With the same prompt, you don’t have to take the same photo you’ve taken before – you have to think outside the box. Not that it matters for this month, because they’re all new.

The hashtag for August is #photoadayaug

If you’re new to photo a day, click here for instructions on how to play.  In a nutshell, just follow the list, use the daily prompt as inspiration and take a photo. Share that photo anywhere you like, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter etc.

Here’s some more details on the list, explaining what each prompt might mean – BUT you can interpret it however you like. There are no rules.

1. Outside: Take a photo of outside {outdoors} or something outside of something. So a person outside a door, a lolly {candy} outside a lolly {candy} jar.
2. One: This can be anything. The number 1. The word one. A single item.
3. Coin: This can be money. Perhaps a coin you see on the ground. One from your wallet.
4. Somewhere you sat: Where have you sat today? Take a photo.
5. Logo: Take a photo of a logo, on something you buy, somewhere you see it or something you have at home. Or even your own logo? If you have one.
6. Writing: This could be your own writing, something you’re reading, or something someone wrote to you.
7. 8 o’clock: Take a photo of whatever you’re doing/seeing at 8am or 8pm. Or both.
8. Glasses: This could be drinking glasses, sunglasses or spectacles. Great creative in how you shoot them.
9. Messy: What’s a mess? Take a photo of it. Again, be creative. Think outside the box.
10. Ring: This could be a ring {like a wedding ring}, or a circle or even someone on the phone? It could be a whole host of things. Even gymnast rings.
11. Purple: Take a photo of something purple.
12. Spoon: Take a photo of a spoon, the eating utensil.
13. Simple: Take a photo of simplicity, whatever this means to you. Perhaps it’s a really simple photo {without much distraction} or a photo of something simple in your life {a simple dinner like eggs on toast or something}.
14. Arrow: Take a photo of an arrow.
15. Ready: What’s ready right now? Are you ready to explore? Is your lunch ready? Are you ready to leave? This one will get you thinking.
16. Food: Take a photo of food, real or play.
17. Faces: Do you see faces in things? In clouds, on cars? Take a photo. Or take a pic of real faces.
18. Inside: Go outside and look in, take a photo. Or take a photo of something inside something else.
19. Hole: Take a photo of a hole.
20. Today: Take a photo of something in your day today.
21. Cool: This can be something in temperature or something that’s ‘hip’.
22. Home: What reminds you of home? Or even take a photo of your home. Or simple a house.
23. Pair: Take a photo of a pair, two people, salt and pepper, two things that go together.
24. Path: Take a photo of a path, or your feet on the path.
25. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh. Like fresh food, or the weather {if it’s fresh} or something cool {“That’s fresh!”}
26. Dream: What did you dream about last night? Or what are your ‘hopes and dreams’?
27. Tap: Take a photo of a tap, or someone or something ‘tapping’.
28. Clock: Take a photo of a time-telling device.
29. Down: Look down, take a photo. Or however you want to interpret this!
30. Card: Take a photo of a card, a business card, a loyalty card, a gift card or something else.
31. Hidden: Take a photo of something hidden.

So that’s the list. I hope you’ll play along.

Where should you share your photos? There are many places you can share your photos. Here are few:
♥ Instagram – just upload your photo each day and add the hashtag #photoadayaug
♥ Facebook – add your photo to your personal page or onto my Facebook page
♥ Twitter – share your photo and add the hashtag #photoadayaug
♥ Flickr – share your photo to the group pool

If you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

And if you’re playing along, let me know in the comments where you’ll be sharing your photos. x

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  • Amanda

    Love this list! Some items are going to be challenging, but that is what it’s all about! Can’t wait!! x

    • Sarah

      Cant wait 🙂
      I will be posting to your facebook!

    • Anonymous

      Try Day 14. Arrow… Hard item… I’ll have to go with my tribe friends…

  • Michelle Arms

    Love a challenging challenge! As I do every alternate month, I’ll be taking my pics on a manual camera (not iPhone!) and will be sharing these just on FB this month. Thanks again. You are awesome.

  • Claire

    Interesting list! I’ve been tempted to do this for a while now but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stick with it. I’m going to bite the bullet this month though and give it a shot! How exciting 🙂

    • charmaine

      claire i have the list stuck to my cupboard near my front door, i look at it each morning and plan what i might take a pic of:)

  • This will be my third month participating! Can’t wait!

  • my home is so ready for the messy day!! 🙂

    • Maybe put off cleaning until then. 🙂

  • Love this list Chantelle! I will definitely be playing along, and will be sharing my photos on my blog and on Instagram @houseofpowell.
    Can’t wait for August – it will be my first month playing!

  • Minna

    I’m a first timer and certainly going to give it a good go and will post them on fb. Cheers

    • sal

      This will be my first time too. Should be fun 🙂

  • Filed under photos – photoadayaug. Really enjoying this along with friends who aren’t ‘official’. Some have commented that they look forward to the photos each day even though they’re not involved! Thanks for the fun.

  • Brea

    Joined your blog for July and now Iam hooked so here we go brig on August
    And I want to thank you for making me do something different and thinking outside my usual 9 to 5 24/7

  • Nancy Haas

    I love to do this, been playing since May. Thanks!!

  • I am going to do this on my website/Facebook page ( but with a “Coffs Harbour” and/or kids twist (where possible) to each daily theme. Should be fun!!

  • Chantal

    Ive been admiring some participants for months & now im going to give it a go myself! Im already secretly obsessed with Instagram so now my photos will have purpose (or MORE purpose) Cant wait! My user name on instagram is channy_j

  • Jayne

    My daughter pointed me in the photoaday direction in February, and I have been taking a photo every day (almost) since. I take my photos with Instagram and share on tumblr – thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’ll definitely be playing, I’ve been slacking this month

  • Fionna Marshall

    I can’t wait for August, my 4th month of the challenge. I love it, and can’t believe I’ve just read the instructions for the first time! Thankyou Chantelle for inspiring me (and so many others). I love seeing everyone’s interpretation of the day’s theme.

  • Thank you! What a wonderful process to support those creative juices. Photo a Day came to my attention just after I purchased a new camera. Perfect serendipity.
    You can see my photos here:
    and a group of us on facebook:
    Photo a Day Phun

  • Sherri

    I started doing these in June and have enjoyed trying to be creative. I share mine on instagram, Facebook, and twitter (@missindyjones). This month will be a challenge for sure!

  • Ali

    This will be my 7th month (and only one photo missed!!)! I love it, it’s helped me so much this year in getting through a rough time…just by having something creative to focus my attention on, thanks again. I share my photos on Instagram at @yorkesgirl and at the end of the month on my blog. Am looking forward to the new month’s list…it looks great! Thanks for creating this and sharing your ideas…am posting on my blog this week some things I have created with my IG photos 🙂

  • Gary H

    A friend had started a facebook event to serve as a reminder each day, and there are many people from several countries participating now. I love it, I have been doing it for several months now, I post them on instagram (@garyharding), and on the event wall ( I also love your blog! My favorite entry there, the story of meeting your husband, awesome!

  • Melanie

    I’ll be playing this upcoming month. I couldn’t play last month because I had to order two replacement phones in the mail so I was SOL. I’m up an running now though!!!

  • I can’t believe it’s time for the August challenges! Where did July go? =)

    • fatmumslim

      I don’t know. I’ve been thinking the same thing!

  • Christy

    I am having so much fun with the Photo A Day challenge. 🙂 I have several friends who participate as well, and it’s a lot of fun to see how everyone interprets the prompt. I will be posting on my facebook wall in a specific photo album just for the August challenge. Christy Burns

  • Will be my first Photo A Day challenge, but I will be putting a spin on it. My blog is about my business where I make Wedding Invitations. I will be putting up a ‘Wedding’ related photo for each prompt. I will be sharing these photos on my blog

  • After wishing I could join in but knowing I’d never grab the camera and actually post a pic on facebook or the blog every single day II finally got an iphone last week and promptly joined up with Instagram. Now it’s going to be super easy so I’m finally joining in and I’ll be sharing my pics on Instagram. I’m 1onthesunnyside.

  • Sandras

    Hi Chantelle, thanks for another great list, I’ve been going since January and the repeats have never bothered me. I just thought they were an extra challenge. But that’s very lovely of you to accommodate the requests for new prompts and the list looks fun. I’m a little like you, I don’t normally see things through, so I’m a little baffled how I have kept going every day. I suspect sharing on, and being slightly addicted to, instagram helps! Thanks again Sandra x (@s_gale)

    • fatmumslim

      Thanks Sandra. I love this comment. And thanks for sticking it out. xx

  • Kai

    I’m running it on a brand new blog 🙂 Really looking forward to it too!

  • Tima

    I’ve had so much fun with this. I started in January. I’ve taken March and July off because of vacations without internet connections. But I’ll be starting back again in August. I have a huge calendar above my desk that I write EVERYTHING on. So I pencil in the day’s photo so I can see it at a glance all day and remember to take my pictures. Thanks so much for doing this. It’s really inspired me to get back into photography.

  • i’ve never played before so i’m going to DO IT in august! 🙂 on instagram @sar3096. yay!

  • Just wanna tell you how much I have enjoyed July so far, and will definitely be joining in the fun in August. I share my photos at Thanks again! 🙂

  • Lisa

    I have not been able to complete a month yet. So my resolve is to complete Aug. I will be sharing my photos on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for doing this. I may not keep up but I love it and I love it when my friends get involved.

    • fatmumslim

      You can do it! xx

  • Hompsa

    I try take photo every day…
    And share those in Instagram @hompsa

  • LOVE your new layout for the list, with the weekends highlighted! Cool!
    Joined in July
    I post on Instagram + Twitter @annembray

    • Question: I’d like to use your Photo A Day badge frame at bottom of site. I’ll put one of my images in there and linkback to the “How to Play” page. May I?

      • fatmumslim

        Absolutely! Thank you for asking. xx

  • I was thrilled to see that this goes on every month. July was my first month and I’ve loved it!! I’ll be continuing to post my photos on – come visit!

  • Kelsey

    I love doing this! So much fun!

  • I have been looking for a photo a day challenge! I will be doing this one! Other don’t really give much direction but this one looks fun! I will be sharing my my blog, instagram, FB and anywhere else!

  • Oh, that’s fine! I will continue to post my photos on my blog. You can find them here:

  • Love love love photoaday. I get excited for the lists each month. I share on Twitter, instagram @aubreyzaruba Facebook and my blog

  • Erica

    I’m going to try and start this month! Missed out the first few days last month and so then just didn’t start… hopefully will be sharing on facebook and instagram (ekdavey14) if i figure out how to use it!

  • Nora Johnson

    Starting my 3rd Photo a Day in August, having so much fun! Sharing on Facebook and Instagram, lots of friends have joined in. Thanx for the inspiration Chantelle!

  • I do try to keep up! But sometimes life just gets in the way! I have a new dslr withe an eyefi card in it which send directly to my phone, this will make it easier for moi! I also have for the past couple of months had the list as my lock screen, so every time I unlock my phone I get a reminder, rather than having to go to the saved photo to check what the prompt is! Does anyone else do that?

  • Glenny

    Awesome list! I’ve been playing since march, I found your website in the middle of february.
    I’ve been sharing my photos on instagram & pinterest (feel free to follow me: @glennygs

    Thanks for coming up with this idea and the lists for each month.

  • Hi! I started following you on instagram a week or two ago. Up until then I had not heard of the photo a day. I do my own photo a day on Facebook in the form of a quote or something inspiring ..I will be doing yours this august and hopefully the rest of the year, I will be posting the photos on my instagram account @saregiak and as a joint post on my blogs-
    Looking forward to it!

  • Whoohoo! Mine will be on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr all under the username of cinnabubbles. Feel free to follow along!!

  • Great list! I started playing mid-June and love it. I started a blog because I wanted to share more about the photos I took. I also have a public album on Facebook.

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  • Alice

    I really need to get back on the wagon for this… Love the list!

  • Heather Powell-Thornhill

    I will be doing this for the first time, I have been keeping track of two girlfriends doing this for awhile and joining in, will be posting on Instagram @heatherk73, can’t wait!

  • Heather Powell-Thornhill

    I will be posting on Instagram @heatherk73 can’t wait to start, I have been following two girlfriends and I love to see what they post daily

  • Christine

    I’ll be playing on instagram! I totally missed out on this month due to a busy schedule but will do August

  • kylee Hardgrave

    I sore this on a friends Facebook page…so I’m new to this but I’m going to give it ago for August. Thanks this will be lots of fun to do….cant wait. 🙂

    • kylee Hardgrave

      Oh and I will be posting on Facebook. 🙂

  • Going to play along again, I’ve missed a month or two but this will be my 3rd time playing along..,..posting on Facebook and my poor neglected blog…
    Thanks for the great list! 🙂

  • Paula Elder

    Love the new list. I started back on the 1st Feb and plan to do the whole year. As a stay at home mum it really helps explore my creative side and look into my everyday life. Some days it really helps when everything else isn’t going to plan. A few of my friends have started too! Thank you for starting this up Chantelle and all the work that goes into it every month. You can follow me on Instgram & pinterest as Paulamikegracie

  • Reba

    Thanks! This is always fun – I’ll be sharing on instagram. User name is rebaspark

  • Marthe

    This is so fun!! Im in!!
    I’ll be sharing on Instagram, username; frumk
    Thanks for inspiring me to take pictures, and have
    a little fun every day:)

  • I like this challenge! I’m playing since July and I love it! I always make soms time free to make the photo of the day, it’s really a moment for myself AND it’s getting me more and more creative :-)) So thanks for this new list!

  • Sharon

    Love the challenge. Been following since beginning of June and have a great time finding things to take my photos of. Thanks
    I post on instragram. Username is Shazkeay

  • Jen

    I’m in for August, hopefully I’ll make the whole month, will be posting mine at

  • Hello 🙂
    This will be my first photo a day challenge month!
    I’m excited 🙂 I’ll share the photos on Facebook and Flickr.
    See you around on the world wide web! 😉
    Have a nice day!

  • I am excited to be doing another photo a day challenge. Love the list! My pictures will be posted on my blog
    Thank you

  • Sam

    I post my photo a day challenges on…..

    Twitter – @5a5a5am
    Tumblr –
    Pinterest –

  • Anna Johansson

    I just found the photo a day challage this month but I am already hooked and I will definitely take on the August list. I added a little twist by adding the prompt into the frame of the photo. I have not yet figured out how to knot the August photos together. I am sharing in Instagram, @egoannaj.

  • I’ll be playing along on my blog @

  • This was my first month doing any kind of photo a day challenge. It has been fun sharing on Instagram (timecrafted) & seeing how others interpret the themes. I’ve also do catch up posts with the photo a day pics. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is snapping next month too! :>

  • July has been my first month of joining in, but I’ve kind of lost my mojo!! Going to try again though 🙂 I’ll be at _mammajoy_ on instagram. This Aug list looks awesome 🙂

  • Not to sound like a broken record, but thanks for making this list of challenges once again! July was my first month of actively participating in the challenge and I can’t wait to continue for August! I love being reminded to think outside the box and get creative at least once every day. 🙂

    I share my photo-a-day challenges on Instagram (@apey83) & Twitter (@april_denise83) simultaneously, and Pinterest. Then what I do is make a collage of all of the photos I took (broken up throughout the month, like the first 10 days, then the rest of the month), with the day and prompt written on each individual photo and share that on my personal blog/Tumblr/Facebook.

  • Jenn Bennett

    This is my first time doing this so we’ll see how I do. What a great, fun idea.

  • I have tried a few times to do this – I really enjoy it even though I am not a good photographer. I seem to recall you tweeted something that allowed you to put the prompts into an iPhone calendar? Are you able to supply that link again, if I didn’t imagine it that is 🙂 Thanks

  • THis will be my 2nd month, and I’ll be posting them on my blog!

  • This will be my first month! Yay! Just joined Instagram and got a new DSLR last month so I am all set and ready to go. Will be posting daily on twitter @claimourspace and/or Instagram “claimingourspace” and plan on doing a collage of the August photos on our blog http://www.claimingourspace at the beginning of Sept.

  • Jasmine

    I definitely will be doing this! It’s my first time doing a Photo A Day Challenge, so I really want this to be a creative project for me!

    Instagram @jazzyisabel

  • I am so doing this! Excited!!! ♥

    • Been telling myself to do this January but I was afraid I might be bad and fail at it. Here’s to being hopeful, that this month is only just the beginning! 🙂

  • izzy

    Cool! I love this list so much! Keep it up! Update for september next!

  • Chantelle, thanks! This is an interesting list, and your prompts really helped stir the imagination! 🙂

  • I am going to try this, I have tried doing this a couple months ago and failed, mostly because I didn’t have the list at hand. But I will do it this next month. 😀

  • Lara

    I have been doing “photoaday” since April, and am hooked – my kids are great at thinking of ideas too – which brings out the creativity in all of us!! Definitely great for taking time out of the day to day routines of life, and to share on Instagram and FB is wonderful. Also love that celebs are on board such as Pink! I have managed to recruit a few friends each ,onth and plan on marketing through a noticebaord at work as well.
    Thanks so much Chantelle #fatmumslim
    <3 #laraelliott2

  • Melinda

    This will be my first month playing, not sure that my pics will be as good as others, but I’ll give it a go! They will be shared on fb

  • Love the next challenge!!! thanks so much for doing this!

    you’ll find the photos on my blog:


  • I’m joining you this month after doing the #dailybookpic at I’ll be tweeting my photos with your hashtag via Instagram!

  • Sarah A

    Awesome! My son turns 1 on the second, so this is perfect! 🙂

  • Holly

    Love these! How do you make the challenge list? In photoshop or do you have an app for that? Thanks!!

  • Helen

    This is great thanks for sharing it with us hope to do better this coming month.. i put mine on @Skylawest instagram and on facebook

  • Anne

    I’m going to play now that I’m back from my holliday. I post at Instagram under dammand. Love the list.

  • Karen G in Colorado

    August will be month 4 for me.
    I love how the challenge has ignited my photography
    bug again!

    I post on Instagram @krbeegee and on Facebook.
    Follow me and see what you have inspired!

  • Samantha

    This past month I started this challenge. I missed a bunch of days but I’m gonna try again for August. I post the photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @Samanthat4d

  • Marissa

    Started following in July. Love this! Sharing on Twitter.

  • Awesome list! Looking forward to keeping up in August. My photos are posted on my blog:

  • I love this challenge. I started in March, did April and July (albeit skipped a few days because I’ve been on vacation but have been making it up. My blog is MarissaDW’s Love at or instagram.

  • Wow, that’s pretty cool, I’ve been taking a picture every day for the last couple of years, it might be fun to try and follow a list. I think I’ll give it a try for August.

  • Jaymi

    I’m lovin’ it.

  • Morgan

    will be participating via my Instagram/Twitter… @mashleigh323

  • wow, we are halfway through! i only missed 2 pictures so far 🙂

    love this list, can’t wait to start august

  • Lauren

    I discoveredthis throught a friend on twitter and I LOVE it! Last year I took a picture a day and posted them on FB, and it was a so much fun I decided to do it again. However it was a little boring so I stopped. But this is fantastic, having a topic to think about all day, how you’re going to represent it, is so much fun. I’ll be sharing on twitter and FB. Thanks for doing this!!

  • robert

    Im gona try to make it through the whole month this time, this one looks fun. Follow me on instagram @liankeeng

  • Liv Coyne

    Hey there! I’ll be playing along on instagram: @livinsydney and sharing on facey: Liv Christina Coyne! Looking forward to my first photoaday challenge! August, here I come! 🙂 🙂

  • Carola

    This will the forth month already that I’ll be participating. I sometimes miss of forget to upload for a few days, but I do catch up on them most of the time, because I do really love the challenge 😀
    You can find me @damaniacarola on both Instagram and Twitter.

  • oooo im excited… this is my birthday month !!! this will be my 4th month playing along…

    follow me on facebook at
    or on instagram … @Rockstar_Tash

    cant wait to get this month up and running!!! hehehehehe 🙂
    Chantelle U Rock My Sox!!! 😀

  • Jess

    I’ll be starting this for Aug, i cannot wait! Instagram is my weapon of choice, @jstone5.

  • Hi, I’m going to play and share my photos for the first time!

    Love the challenge! Hugs! Greetings from Poland!

  • This is a brilliant idea!…wil be joining the august challenge and using pintrest

  • Been wanting to do this forever! August will be my first attempt and it sounds like I waited for the challenging month, lol!
    Posting on Instagram & Twitter (@usmcwife06) and blog @ =)

    • Jane

      HI – are you the same USMCwife06 that is on if so .. we are a connection 🙂

  • Following along for another month of photo memories…

    Thanks again for a lovely challenge list

  • I’m going to give this a go (first timer!)

  • Chantelle, as you know, July was my first month of doing this, and I am hooked! I have loved the creativity and waking each day to see what the next prompt is! Looking forward to Aug now x

  • I’m looking forward to starting this project tomorrow… I love taking photos, so I’m glad that there are themes available to challenge my creativity!

  • I’m in too! Sounds like fun!

  • I’m in too! This looks like so much fun! It will stretch me!

  • Michelle Harlan

    This is the first time I’m trying this. I’ll be sharing via Facebook

  • About time I did something…

  • Monique

    I’ll be doing it on Facebook. I take hundreds of photos a day anyway (mostly of my kids though) – this will force me to be more creative! : )

  • Wow! great list! I’ll try to comply with this photo challenge 😀

  • yep I’m up for the August photo a day challenge…thank you so much for hosting this….I’ve done 2 months previously (well almost every day), and have totally enjoyed it! It’s a challenge in itself to post every day, and to have a photo to go with it….great fun!
    I will be posting on my blog and also on Facebook (when I remember to)

  • Nicole

    My 1st time participating I am looking forward to the whole being creative with pictures should be fun. Will be sharing mine via facebook 🙂

  • Hi Chantelle, I’ll be doing the August Challenge with you. I’ve done the last three months and enjoyed it very much. I share on Face Book and my other blog, Barbs Random Things.

  • Oh dear! I have tried to do this every month. August. August will be my month! Thanks for organising 🙂

  • Yay new list! 🙂 I’m still playing along and sharing my photos on Instagram under my username @violetsteel 🙂 <3

  • Hello there! I’ll be playing along in Instagram and on my blog

  • Hi! I’ll be playing along in Instagram and later posting the feature on my blog

  • Kelly

    This is the first month I have participated and I will be uploading my photos via Instagram 🙂 Looking forward to the challenge!

  • I’m so excited to have found this, and can’t wait to play…BUT I’m so sad it’s AUGUST and I’ve missed it all year!! I’ll be sharing them on my blog…! Thanks so much!!

  • Loved the July challenge – giing August a try!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • rachelle

    Will try this out this month. I’ll be posting through instagram (leillamas) and facebook. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for doing this!!! July was the first month I participated, and I had an absolute blast.
    My photos are under @pinkpostcard. I enjoyed it so much I am sharing your blog and the August challenge on my blog today 🙂 Thanks for keeping us connected and creative!

  • This looks like a ton of fun! I found this via another blog and I think it’d be fun to join in! (I’m an instagram addict anyways at least now I’ll have a purpose!) I’ll be following via Instagram and Twitter

    Instagram: @axdancexmommy
    Twitter: @axcowgirl

  • I’ll be posting mine on twitter @monica_mocha
    My instagram name is mochajoe2

  • Jenni

    Hi ….I will be doing this on my blog since i dont have instagram ….and I might also do it on my facebook…but this is the link to my post about the challenge

    …Thank you so much for creating this…I am excited to begin !!

  • Jenni

    Ill be participating 🙂 cant wait to get started…. thanks for creating this !!!!

  • Hannah

    I’ll be posting my photos on instagram! hannahsheps 🙂

  • suzanne

    so much fun and challenging! I have been posting on facebook for July and plan to do the same in August. Makes me look around creatively everywhere I go…and carry my camera. Loving the challenges!

  • DJ

    I would like to participate. I will be blogging from my blogger: I hope I can keep up 🙂

  • This will be my 4th month of participating. I sometimes forget to upload, but I do catch up on them after a few days. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @damaniacarola

  • Always thought this looked fun, so this month, I’m joining. I’ll be posting on Twitter @littlevictorian. Thanks for hosting!

  • I share on Instagram (@caseylhenry) each day and on my blog ( at the middle and and of the month! Thanks for doing this!

  • Mandy Wright

    hmmm.. This is just what I need I think to blow away the cobwebs and get a bit of sunshine today.. I don’t really know why we’re do this, but it sounds like fun.. So I’m in and will probably post them on my FB page.

  • I share at Instagram ylmommyx4.
    I really have fun with these prompts. Sometimes I cheat and use old photos because I forget or just don’t have the opportunity to capture that shot on that day. Thank you!

  • ESB

    Im going to try this, sounds like so much fun! I’ll be posting my daily photo on Facebook.

  • Alicia Chapman

    This is my 1st time participating and I will be posting via my iPhone to Facebook!!

  • Fee

    Yay for a new month. I haven’t missed one single day this year. Love it!

  • Crystal

    I played along last month. This will be my first full month of playing along. I just became aware if this website when I did a search for photo a day August. Last month I only posted on instragram. This month I think I will post on twitter, Facebook & instragram. This is a lot of fun!!! Thanks for helping us be creative.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo challenges!!!

  • I am going to do it! I’ve seen these lists around and now I am going to play along! You can check me out at

  • First one up! Sharing at @ingiatully on Instagram and my blog:

  • Shelby

    This is my fourth month taking part in these challenges and I love them! 🙂

  • Michelle Cordova

    Had fun doing July…am really proud I only missed three days!! Looking forward to August. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram (urmysunshine02).

  • I am doing my first photo challenge for August. I will be posting on Instagram and my blog.

  • Jill

    I will be on instagram and twitter…handle is sharksgirl213

  • Jessie

    This is so cool! My friend just turned me on to this and I can’t wait to start. I’ll be posting them to Facebook and Flikr ( Thanks for this! xx

  • Simone

    I will be posting mine on Facebook

  • this is my first time participating I will be posting them to my instagram account

  • Sarah

    This is my first go at Photo A Day and am really excited! I will be posting my pictures on Facebook.

  • I’m on instagram @roxtheworld07

  • Crystal

    I will be playing along on instagram. My name is @stubborn_taurus420.

  • Gina

    I’m in @gennatay on instagram

  • Anonymous

    After a very lazy July, I will be return to taking and posting pictures for August. My photos will be posted to Thank you so much for creating this lists. I may not take my pictures as consistently as I’d like, but I always make sure to share you lists!!

  • Irina Ferreira

    Excellent challenge. I will post mine on Facebook.

  • Thanks to Ali n Son for pointing me here! I have been thinking about doing this, and have decided August is the month. I will be posting to Facebook with possibly a weekly round up on my blog.

  • I’ve been doing photo a day for two months now, I’m really loving it!
    I’m posting the pictures on my blog and instagram ( happycheerfulthings)
    I can’t wait to do this months list!

  • Hi Chatelle! 🙂
    Joined the list. Can’t wait to start (and it starts TODAY! hahaha)
    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.
    xx from Brazil!

  • I’ll be on instagram! @thatsadie

  • I’ve been tempted to try this for a couple months, but haven’t because I just KNOW I won’t be able to keep it up every day. Well, I finally decided I’ll never know for sure if I don’t give it a try, so… I’m giving it a try. I’ll post them over at Twitter: @charleenlynette

  • I’m in. I’ve been “in” before, but I am not going to give up this time. So what’s outside is on my mind right now. 🙂

  • I’ll give it a shot. This will be my first Photo-A-Day too. I’ll aim to post on my instagram @erykacherise1, twitter @erykacherise, facebook, and my blog.

  • Elizabeth

    I find this to be an interesting challenge! I will be posting my pics on Facebook.

  • Céline

    Love this concept! I’ve just heard about this today from a friend. I will try my best to keep up! I’ll be sharing my photos on Instagram and Twitter, both @sleenfox. Great opportunity to take time out for a few minutes a day! Have fun snapping everyone!

  • First time for me too. It looks like lots of fun. Follow me on pinterest. Donna ryan

  • I love this idea! I promoted it on my blog:

    I’ve done it a few months and it really helps you see your world in a more abstract and creative way. Plus it’s just fun to share with others. Thanks for keeping it up 🙂

  • Emma

    My first photo a day! I’ll be sharing pics by instagram @mvlover987 #photoadayaug

  • Excited to do this again! I’ll be posting on Instagram as @cinnabubbles, with a end of month recap on the blog. 🙂

  • I am so excited because this is my first month! I am going to share my pictures on twitter @inspirationfor and on Instragram. Thanks for a fun reminder to capture a little bit of everyday. 🙂


  • Mamaintheburbs

    Playing along @Mamaintheburbs

  • I’m playing along, my photos will be on my Instagram (crickle1969)

  • Ilona

    A first timer yelling ‘I’M IN!’ 🙂 Pics to be posted on FB….

  • What a wonderful idea. I’m going to join in the fun! Found this via Make, Do and Spend and glad I did – love your site too! Am going to add you to my reader so I don’t miss your posts 🙂

  • Vikki

    Fun! This is my first time. Will be posting on Twitter (@Vikki58) and Facebook.

  • I just joined in on the fun! My instagram username is @theprettypinhead 🙂

    Looking forward to the PAD challenge!!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  • I’m in this month!

  • Hi, we’re playing the Photo A Day August Challenge! Day 2! Yay

  • Suz
  • i join every month but usually just to my fb. this month i am joining under my blog page to your fb and also with

  • Michelle

    Gonna try this. Posting to FB

  • My first time joining in! I’ll be sharing on Twitter and Facebook (and if the photo is taken with my phone, instagram).

  • t wolf

    I am posting on my fb page.

  • I am posting on my fb account but not sure if I am doing any of this right..things have a way of not working for me

  • Pam

    I’ll post on your FB & mine

  • Mandy Wright

    Did do yesterdays, but thought I’d join yesterdays and todays together and called it “One outside the box”…
    Any ideas where I can show it off?

  • I will be posting my pics on Instagram!

  • I’m posting my photos on my blog!
    What a brilliant and fun idea! Thanks!!!

  • Kelly

    I’ll be doing this in my twitter and instagram 🙂 @BYEkelly and kellylynnteresa
    Never done one before really excited 🙂

  • Yay I started this today!! I will be posting on my blog.
    On my Facebook
    and on Twitter. My name there is SherriDavidson1.

  • A friend has just recommended this and I am very excited!
    I’m on instagram @luxeaddition
    Thanks Chantelle for this fabulous idea!

  • I will ne tryin this for the first time im really excited about it

  • This is my first time participating and I’m sharing on Instagram @lifesrichpattern Thanks for hosting!

  • I’m finally going to play for the first time! I always forget until the middle of the month but this time I’m going to do it. Will be posting on FB. and maybe twitter

  • I will be playing and posting on Facebook. This is my first month, I am excited!

  • I finally get to play. 🙂 My photos will be at

  • Ansley

    Great list! I’m playing on Pinterest ( and on my blog (

  • Yay! I’ve been looking for something like this, and I’m so glad to be participating this month!

  • This seems like a great challenge, I’ll be posting on my facebook photo page in the album Photo a Day Challenge – August.

  • Wendy

    Looking forward to this. Did the 365 project and was pretty faithful for about 5 months. This is a little different and will be a challenge! Will be posting on fb! 🙂

  • Count me in!!! This will be my first time 🙂
    I’ll be posting on Instagram (@joanafc), Twitter ( and Flickr (

  • I love this challenge. I just started blogging and I’m definitely incorporating this onto my own blog! Thanks for the inspiration

  • KP Reilly

    OMG, I just stumbled across your site and the photo list. I am a few days too late, can I join in. I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to do this.


  • I am taking part in your photo a day challenge for the first time. I found you through You can follow my pics here, im really enjoying it xx

  • Naia bowman

    I’m doing the challenge and it is just awesome come and like my photos on instagram my username is heyNi_ Ni X

  • Rachel Sagrestano

    looks like fun
    ill be posting on facebook 🙂

  • Playing over here at – having a blast – thanks for your hard work

  • net

    hi.. i am a newbies.. will post my photo using instagram n twitter..nickname sependabiru.. hv a nice day..

  • I only just found this but am super excited – am I allowed to catch up on the last five days this week? Two pics a day? Suddenly feeling inspired 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy to join the photo a day challange for the first time.
    Thank you so much for this great list!

    Instagram @titatoni

  • I’m gonna play! Starting late, but better late than never! Looks fun. I’ll post via Instagram most likely, and also to facebook. nevermouse is the username. 😀

  • I love this challenge list! I’m sharing photos via my blog and sharing my blog posts via Twitter (@workngmomaholic) and my Facebook page ( ).

    I look forward to checking out as many of the participants pics as I can.

    Thanks for the challenge!

  • I’m a little late but I wanna play.
    I’ll be sharing my pictures on instagram @applesndroses

  • Hi just wanted to pass by and say thanks for hosting this photo challenge. I’m having a lot of fun with it and it’s inspiring me to write differently to usual as well.
    I’m posting on my blog and it also is shared on my twitter account: @thisislemonade 🙂

    • fatmumslim

      That’s great. So glad you enjoy it. x

  • Just came across your site, love the photo a day and will try very hard to keep up with it. Using Instagram loaded up onto Facebook. Will first appear on my profile page but then I will share on your page. Thank you for the chance to be creative!


  • Michelle Wilcox

    Thought this might be fun. Will be posting on my Facebook page ( because that’s the only one I’ve figured out how to use.

  • I found the list on Pinterest but only just found the link to your blog. I always take a photo a day for the Blipfoto site so this month am using your challenge there 🙂

    I plan to put all 31 as a blog post afterwards. Great ideas 🙂

  • Paul Birnstihl
  • Amanda Carr

    Thanks for such a fun game Chantelle. Friends of mine have done June and July and I’m relly excited to start. I’ve hopped on at day 13 ( my son’s 12th b’day..eek!) I’ll be leaving mine on instagram under amandayogaglow and sharing on facebook – where are yours?
    Warmest regards, Amanda.

  • mamabok

    I’m sharing my pictures on facebook and – actually i started my A Photo A Day in 2008 but I became very busy and didn’t continue after a bit. But I kept the website till now.

  • mamabok
  • kay

    You can find my photos on my blog …

  • kiwi

    You can find m pictures at instagram ( livehappenslovehelps ) 🙂

  • Jo

    I’ve been doing this since March and posting on my blog. I now have a teammate who wants to join and another that is always asking me what the photo prompt is for that day… and making photo suggestions. Who knew it would be such a team building activity.

  • Amy

    This is my first time doing this – loving it! Makes me think of taking a shot everyday when i’d normally think ‘i’ll take it later’. Thanks to my sister ( for suggesting it to me, and to yourself for creating it! I’ve been following some other peoples, and figured I’d put mine up here, see if anyone wants to take a look. On instagram: ‘globallocal’ and flikr:

  • I am starting this today. Looks like alot of fun.

  • Christina

    What do you do with your pictures after the month is over? Do you upload them somewhere and then print them? I am curious to see what others do.

  • Lindsay

    i did this for several months in a row and got burnt out. i’m ready to go again in September!! thank you for doing this. 🙂

  • Keith

    I’ve been having a blast with this all month. You can see my photos here

  • Can’t wait until next month.. This has been fun.

  • sheryl hurd house

    Favorite part of my day…thinking of tomorrows photo!!

  • Clarissa

    When will next months challenge be posted?

  • Abigail

    This is a really cool idea. Thanks for being the most inspirational thing I’ve read all week =)

  • Karla

    This looks like fun. I am at Luvmyfamof5. I will have to have my daughter do this too. she is a great and creative picture taker!

  • Can’t wait to see what Sept holds

  • Nanny Bug

    This is really fun. I got into it in July with my son and he gf. Now a dtr in law wants to do it so looking forward to Sept. Thanks.

  • Jae

    I recently started participating and was so sad that I missed out on the previous months! My friend introduced me about it, and I’ve been posting on Tumblr. 🙂 Here’s the link: — thank you, FMS, for such a fun adventure!

  • filipa pais rodrigues

    Hi Cantelle, I am looking for ways to turn my blog more dynamic, but I just noticed that the challenge finished… is there another nice challenge to start soon? hope so… please let me know, thanks, filipa

  • Jrosie0816

    I’ve done a couple of these challenges without having seen this sight, as I found them on Pinterest! I’ll be on Instagram @Jrosie0816!