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Why women love The Notebook & men love to hate it

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One of the best things about visiting ‘home’ is that it always feels like you’re stepping back in time. The weekend before last, when I visited, the local radio station was playing re-runs of Hamish and Andy {circa Megan Gale & Andy in a relationship – so over a year ago} and because I missed this particular show so many months ago, I got to hear it for the first time.

Hamish was talking about girls and sad movies. He was in disbelief that someone would purposely go out and pick a DVD that would make them cry. “It’s like going to a restaurant,” he said, “and ordering a meal that you know you’re going to hate, just so you can vomit it up.”

As a girl that likes sad movies, and doesn’t like vomiting, I can assure you {and Hamish} that it’s not the same at all. I love sad movies. I love crying at sad movies. And there is no sadder or more tear-inducing movie than The Notebook.

I know that when Hubby reads this post, he’ll be rolling his eyes. He and Hamish are from the same party {that being the ‘I just don’t get women sometimes’ party}. He refuses to watch The Notebook, and I think the first time I made him watch it, he poked me in the side and ribbed me for being so pathetically emotional. I could watch the movie over and over and over again, and cry every single time, preferably alone.

Davina Dummer recently wrote over on Yahoo, “In the film, Noah romances Ally despite her initially rejecting him, embarks on a romance with her, despite over hearing her family‚Äôs dislike of him. After breaking up, he writes to her everyday for one year, 365 letters, rebuilds her dream house and informs every woman he meets that he still loves Ally. Skip ahead and we discover that he has looked after her as she has battled Alzheimers. Is anything more romantic?”

No Davina, there isn’t. It’s the most beautiful love story… ever. So why do men dislike The Notebook? Davina says it’s because “a man like Noah does not really exist. Men dislike that we want something, which we ultimately are not able to have.”

I’d also like to add that it lacks the obligatory fight scenes or blood and gore that most men seem to enjoy when it comes to movie watching.

Why do women love The Notebook? For me it’s because it’s a beautiful story of true love and triumph. The part that gets me so choked up is that their love lasted all the way to the very end. They promised to love each other forever, and they did.

And then there’s the emotional release, the crying, the tears, the roller coaster ride of emotions {even when watching it for the seventh time}. I can’t explain that part, but I love crying at sad movies. All I know is that it’s not like eating a meal you know you don’t like & vomiting it up. Oh no, it’s not like that at all.

Do you like movies that make you cry? Why do you think women like movies that make them cry?

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