Where I love to shop: Plus size clothing in Australia

I consider looking for plus size clothing in Australia a sport, and I’m self-awarded gold medalist. I love it. I think it’s part of this feast and famine thing, where I was deprived for so many years with no options, and now there a so many options, I am FEASTING. Give me all the fashion.

Here’s a not-so-secret secret. I love fashion. I do. You might not have known that here much though, because I didn’t share photos of myself in my clothes (that sounds like I shared naked photos, but you know what I mean, right??). For a long time, when I wasn’t feeling great about myself, I wore black all the time. My wardrobe was a plethora of black. Still beautiful black things, but always black.

Now I’ve added more colour and I’m excited about getting dressed most days. Dressing my plus-size body hasn’t always been easy. In my early teens and twenties, there wasn’t much available where I lived, so I made do by either squeezing into normal size clothing or into men’s clothes. It was kinda depressing.

So, now, I am ALL about fashion. I love it. It makes me happy. So here’s where I love to shop!

WHERE TO SHOP plus size clothING in Australia


Every Monday night, the lovely team at Little Party Dress {LPD}, release a new range of clothing which makes it a fun store to keep a regular eye on. While the range only goes up to an 18, it’s important to read each item description because they have a section for ‘FIT’ details, and it shares whether it’s over-sized. I find that when an item is oversized I can wear it, as it’s a generous 18. Shop Little Party Dress here.


Living in Australia, where the weather can be sweat-city for at least 50% of the year, it’s nice to have a plethora of cotton, breathable options to wear for us curvy ladies. A new discovery for me is the store Cotton Dayz, which has straight sizes, as well as sizes up to 24. I like that they do style, and comfort, and the quality is top-notch. Shop Cotton Dayz here.


City Chic is my reliable brand, as I know it will always fit and there will always be something that I like. I particularly love the jeans, their basics, the underwear and the swimwear. In this photo above I’m wearing a City Chic bodycon dress, and the chambray top is from Target. Shop City Chic here.


Forget the clothes for a second, Birdsnest has the best returns policy of all the online stories I’ve ever encountered. You can return up to 365 days after purchase, and the process is really simple. Now, the clothes. Birdsnest offers a huuuuuge range of clothes, and makes it easy to shop by your body shape and size with their online functionality. Shop Birdsnest here.


This is a label that I wear most often, for everyday wear. In fact I’m wearing it as I write this blog post. I mostly love the dresses as I find them floaty and easy to wear. They’re really comfortable, and beautifully made. I size up generally, because I like this style to be on the more floaty side and I like a little extra length too. Shop Bohemian Traders here.


I have loved Simply Be for such a long time. They have a lot of stock, so it’s worth browsing their pages to see if you fall in love with anything. The sizing is on the small side, being a UK-based store, so keep that in mind when shopping. I actually love their nightwear, and tees. The quality is really great. Shop Simply Be here.

iland CO/ One size fits most {up to around 24}

This is my summer uniform. I find it light to wear, and I like to cover my arms, so a kimono is a dream for me. Iland & Co has a one size fits most, and they have a press stud if you like to cover up a little more too. They also come in various lengths too. Shop iland co here.

JAASE / Up to size 20

If you like boho, there’s a good chance you might love this. Sizing is hit and miss, so I always opt for things that are elasticized at the waist. Not all items go up to a size 20 either, some got to an XL which is around a 16-18. Pricing is more reasonable than most boho too. Shop Jaase {via Salty Crush} here.

SPELL / Up to size 3XL {around size 18-20}

There are no clothes that I feel more beautiful wearing. This isn’t a plus size brand, but they have recently extended sizing to XXL {which is around an 18-20 depending on the type of clothing}. I don’t fit everything in this brand, but the elastic waist dresses are a yes for me. The prices are high, but they are pieces I will keep forever. Shop Spell here.

KMART / Up to size 26

I have to be honest and say that I haven’t found many clothes here that I love, but this one dress has been quite the gem and enough to make me check their site regularly for beautiful pieces. I mean, it was only $25. Bargain! Shop Kmart here.

NEXT / Up to size 22

Next often has hidden gems. They’ve recently launched a curve range, but it’s not particularly generous, so keep that in mind. I love the fun prints they have. Shop Next here.

HARLOW / Up to size 26

I am obsessed with Harlow for basics. They are such quality and they last super well. Their bodycon dresses are perfect and wash so well, and their tee range is perfection. I love them for exercising, and for wearing with jeans. Shop Harlow here.

MODCLOTH / Up to size 34

Ah, Modcloth. I’ve loved these guys for almost a decade now. It’s not somewhere I shop super regularly, but I check out often. It has a bit of a vintage vibe and really great quality. They’re a US company, but have affordable and quick shipping. Shop Modcloth here.

ARNHEM / Up to size 16

Now, don’t get too excited here. Arnhem doesn’t do extended sizing, so it’s not something you can rely on for plus size clothing, but it’s worth keeping an eye on items for kimonos, or for when they release a generous fit item. The quality is stunning though. Shop Arnhem here.

ACTIVE TRUTH / Up to size 26

I’m obsessed with this brand for exercise gear. I actually won’t wear any other exercise pants cos these are so good. They go up to size 26, and don’t roll down. Brilliant. I’m releasing a collaboration with Active Truth next month, so stay tuned. Shop Active Truth here.

GORMAN / Up to size 14

OK, I know this only says 14, but they do the most delicious designs and if you choose carefully, you can opt for an oversized option and they fit up to 18/20 {depending on your bust etc}. They’re worth trying out! Shop Gorman here.

ASOS / Up to size 32

Ah, ASOS. This is on trend stuff, and they’re always bringing out new stuff so it’s fun to keep an eye on. Shop ASOS here.

Also worth a mention are, The Iconic, Eloquii, Blue Bungalow, Whitehaven Emporium, and Zarc.

Do you have any plus-size stores to add? I’d love to know about them!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase.