7 thoughts on “What makes you come alive?”

  1. my husband asked me pretty much this question the other night…my answer was “taking photos”. he said “how?”. i said, “well you push the button on top”. ha. no…in all seriousness it makes me really happy and i do it everyday.

  2. what a great quote! i think my children make me feel alive, i love just being with them! {but thankfully they are asleep at the moment!}

  3. Loving this quote Chantelle. A world where everyone felt good about themselves and being in it… ah perfection!
    I feel alive when I'm exercising, dancing, playing with my boys, spending time with good friends and my beautiful family. Oh and shopping! Shopping gives me a rush like nothing else… maybe not a good thing, who knows ;o)
    Unfortunately having a sinus infection sucks alot of that life right out of me!

  4. Oh that is just the BEST quote ever! what makes me come alive are my two boys who bring so much love and joy into my life…and being creative and surrounding myself around creative and inspirational places and people. 🙂

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