My 11 must-have travel beauty products for under $50

Whether you’ve got a trip planned, or you’re just looking for affordable every travel beauty products, you’re going to love this list. It doesn’t make sense to pack everything you own, the whole beauty kit and kaboodle, when you travel, especially when you have to take into consideration baggage weight limits, so this light-on list is filled with essentials with a focus on glowy good skin, and easy to manage hair products.

Check out my 11 must-have travel beauty products

1. Dove Summer Glow, $9.50

I’m one of those people that thinks life is better with a tan, a fake tan. Always a fake tan. This is such an easy way to tan without basking in fake tan and washing off – you can pop on your moisturiser in the morning and tan as you play and explore. You can grab it from Woolies for $9.50.

2. FOR A Clean Face, $42

I swear by this cleanser. I love it because it’s nourishing while also cleansing, and works whether I’m sweating it up in balmy Bali, or hanging out in cooler (i.e. skin drying) climates. And it smells like a day spa. Shop A Clean Face here.

3. Go-To Face Hero, $45

This. Is. Everything. I swear by this oil for anything and everything. It’s great to put on at night before bed, to help restore your skin, and also for daily use when you’re out and about traveling. I feel like it gives me that holiday glow, but also protects me from the harsh environments, especially when you’re in and out of humidity and air-conditioning. And I’m probably not meant to but sometimes I’ll put a little in my hair to tame it too – if I have any residual oil on my hands. Shop Face Hero here.

4. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+, $47

I am so super fussy when it comes to face sunscreens, so when I tell you that this is the best, you know I mean it. It’s the only one (or one of very few!) that don’t make me want to take my face off when I wear it. Dramatic? Yes. It’s light, and I don’t even know I have it on. Shop Queen Screen here.

5. MCo Beauty BB Cream, $12

For the most part, when I travel, I like to go bare-faced and just enjoy my time traveling, but there are times, like dinners with friends and work events, that make-up isn’t almost necessary. I go for a toned down version, with this MCo BB cream for a light covering. Shop the BB Cream at Big W.

6. 1000HOUR Eyebrow Dye, $19.99

I swear by this dye, it’s great for keeping brows looking beautiful between salon visits. You can just toss it in your suitcase and apply when you feel like your brows need a little lift. Shop 1000Hour Brow Dye here.

7. Hourglass Unlocked Mascara, $24

If you want to be able to swim on holidays, without emerging looking like a raccoon this mascara does the trick. It coats, lengthens, and never feels clumpy. Shop Unlocked at Mecca here.

8. Trinny London Lip2Cheek, $49

There’s something about a 2-in-1 product that delights me, and this is no exception. It’s colour that works as a lipstick, and also as a blush. Best of all you can use the colour match system that Trinny London has on their site, so that you can find the perfect colour for your skin tone. Shop Lip2Cheek here.

9. Sportsgirl Illuminating Cheek Powder, $14.95

Some of my favourite make-up pieces have been found while roaming around Sportsgirl, and this is one of those finds. It’s a great highlighter, for that holiday glow, and sometimes I’ll make it double as a little eyeshadow if the day calls for it. Shop it at Sportsgirl here.

10. TRESemme Extra Hold Mini Hairspray, $4.29

My hair likes to go frizzy in humid weather (thanks hair), so sometimes it’s a slick back bun with a little (or a lot) of hairspray to the rescue. This one does the trick. Shop hairspray at Woolies.

11. Lady Jayne Tangle PRO Wet Brush, $23.49

I don’t know why I put this last on the list, when it deserves to be right at the very top. The best brush for brushing wet hair (it doesn’t tear) and even beachy hair that’s had a great day in the ocean. Although a little pricey, I’ve had to buy one for each of girls so that the kids don’t keep stealing mine. It’s that valuable! Shop Tangle PRO here.

What Are your must-have travel beauty products?

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