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This matters to me

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Yesterday as I drove along a big rainbow filled the sky. You know when you see one you often only see part of one, the end or middle is obscured by something… clouds, buildings, anything.

This was big, and clear and it spanned across the whole sky. I was driving along to breakfast with my Ma and Sis and the rainbow just kept getting bigger and brighter as we drove. It was like the Universe was trying to celebrate something.


I’m not a particularly political person. I don’t get impassioned about political topics often, and definitely not in public. Maybe because I know I’ll lose the debate. Perhaps because I don’t want to offend, and I only know what I feel… and I don’t want to say something out of place. I don’t know enough about policies, or politicians, and debating about it in person or on public platforms doesn’t seem fun to me. Hubby and I will banter back and forth about things we read in the news, but more often than not we’re on the same page.

What I am impassioned about is fairness. Equality.

I messaged my Dad a few weeks back. He’s older. Old enough to be my dad, of course. But he’s not old. He’s not completely grey, he’s not yet wrinkled, and he’s only 20 years my senior. He’s old school though, but similar to me in that he never spoke about political topics in public, and not often at home either. But I’ve grown up with him, and I know what he’s often thought about things… so I wanted to message him.

Because equality matters to me, and if something matters to me I want to know where the people around me stand. My love for them won’t change depending on their view. I’m not going to convert them to my way of thinking. I don’t think we all need to agree, but like I said, I just want to know where people stand, particularly the ones that I love. I had a pretty good idea where the rest of my family stood, but my Dad… he was a wild card.

The text read: “Hey Dad, if we had to vote tomorrow… whether to legalise gay marriage, would you vote for it or against?”

I had no idea what reply I would receive. A few moments later I heard a ‘ping’ and the message was there. “I’m for it. As long as it isn’t a Mardi Gras every day.”

I laughed.


That rainbow yesterday definitely meant something. Something more than reflections on water on a rainy day. It meant hope, that we’re moving in the right direction. That the world is becoming a fairer place. I don’t know. It matters to me. I just feel like we’ll look back on this one day, and wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. We’ll look back with disbelief that it actually took us this long.

Hopefully Australia is quick to follow. I hope.

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  • Kathryn Marks

    It matters to me too. I’m the same as you, I don’t often discuss issues in the public arena but I do have my own views on many things. I have one son who says he probably won’t marry as he doesn’t think you need a piece of paper to be committed to another. On the other hand I have a gay son who would like the option to choose. Equality for all only seems fair to me. Cheers Kathryn

  • Cassandra Muller

    It matters to me too Chantelle

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    It matters to me. With 5 living relatives who are gay and a couple who went to their graves unable to live an authentic life…it matters. I hope Australia acts swiftly and introduces equality legislation, without fuss or hype…but with respect and compassion. It’s been too long, we all deserve to live and love equally.

  • It is not often that I am proud of America, but I am proud now…and I hope that my adopted country of Australia soon follows suit.
    Now if the US could just do something about all those guns…

  • Lauren Boase

    It matters to me too- some of my best people are gay and it fruriates me that they can’t marry because of who they love. I can only hope our government sees the light and listens to the world soon!! Xo

  • It matters to me too. Love is love whatever your sexuality and whoever you choose to love. I really hope the government opens their hearts, their eyes and their ears.

  • Barb N

    …. Chantelle … this matters to me too…..I’m also with your Dad…I don’t want Mardi Gras every day…. equality is important… Maybe here soon.. xxxx

  • Lynnette Parent

    I’m in Canada and we’ve had same-sex marriage for 10 years now. It has not affected anyone in any way – except gay people wanting to get married (and their families who want them to be happy). I’m the proud mom of a gay son (and straight daughter) and I’m glad we live in a place that it is not a big deal any more!! Come on over Australia!! 🙂

  • And a double rainbow, to boot! Thanks for this thoughtful post, Chantelle – it matters to me too. I live in a country (Canada) where marriage equality has been a reality for some ten years now, and I do hope Australia follows suit.

  • While same-sex marriage has been legal in my state (Washington) for about two and a half years now, I still can’t believe it has taken this long to legalize it nationwide. So many other countries are so far ahead of mine on this subject… and I’m happy to say that we’ve finally joined the crowd! It’s great to be reading the support from other countries, as well 🙂

  • michelle barrington

    It matters to me too. I personally know a lot of people who don’t support it and it just I challenge my christian friends who don’t support gay marriage to realise in todays society we require a separation between legality and morality.