Things You Totally Must Do At Disneyland Resort

Hello, it’s me! Your Disney-fanatical friend. I’m the one who jumps up and down with glee {and let’s be honest, I’m not really into jumping but will jump for this} when someone tells me they’re planning a trip to Disneyland. I am obsessed. I know that a person planning on going to Disneyland has the most magical time ahead for them, and they’ll be creating memories of a lifetime.

And for us Aussies, Disneyland is often but a dream, so it might seem odd how excited I get by it all. But once you go, you know it. You know that magic. With Disneyland being so far away from us in Australia, I wanted to share a list of all the things I think you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting, because they’re the best, most magic things to do. One thing that you might not know, Disneyland Resort is made up of two parks, Disneyland and California Adventure Park, so I’ve split my list into two depending on which park you’re at. I recommend visiting both, because most people do spend time at both parks.

Things You Must Do At Disneyland Resort in 2019

No matter which park you’re visiting, you have to get yourself some ears. Each day I changed it up. One day I wore the subtle cap with ears, and others I went all out with glitter ears. Wear the ears. Even Hubby got around with glittery ears some days. We’re totally into it!

First up, Disneyland Park!

Get emotional as you walk down Main Street

This is where the magic begins. It will feel like you’ve walked into a Disney film, with the beautiful castle in your sights and the beautiful storefronts at your side. You have my permission to get teary and emotional. I do, every single time.

Pop into City Hall and get your free badge

You might not know, but you can get a free badge from City Hall {to the left as you enter the park} and grab a badge. They have badges for people who are visiting for the first time, people celebrating their birthday, those who are just married or celebrating a special anniversary. Wearing a badge makes you feel special as you’ll find cast members comment on whatever it is you’re celebrating, and you might even find people singing happy birthday to you while waiting in line.

Head into the Disney store and get an autograph book

You’ll see characters as you make your way around the park, and it’s handy to have an autograph book so you can get them to sign and leave you a little message for memories sake!

Download the Disneyland App

This is going to be a game changer! With the Disneyland App you can control all the fun in the one spot. You’ll find the maps, showtimes, wait times for rides and most importantly you can find fast passes {if you’ve purchased them}. You an also get all your ride photos {and character photos} in the App, and you can also make dinner reservations, or order food ahead of time so all you have to do is pick it up, no wait times!

Bop along to Mickey’s Soundsational Parade

This is the parade to watch. Oh my goodness, it’s magic. You can find the times and days it happens in the Disneyland App, and I recommend that you grab a spot to watch it around half an hour before it starts. Grab some popcorn and a drink, and settle in for a good time.

Ride my favourite ride, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I love this ride! Take a fast rickety ride through caverns and old mine aboard a train. I could ride this over and over again, and hope that you do!

Get dizzy on the Mad Tea Party tea cup ride

It has to be done! Get on and enjoy it!

Stop into the Royal Hall to meet the princesses

This is the best way to meet some of your favourite princesses in one go. Walk into the Royal Hall and meet and greet with characters like Belle, Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel.

Pop into the Tiki Juice Bar for a Dole Whip

You won’t regret it! This frozen pineapple treat is delish!

Take photos of the Mickey balloons

I’ll never not love taking photos of the Mickey balloons. Try it!

Head to Toon Town and visit Mickey’s House

And you can also visit Minnie’s house too. Tour through their houses, and then have a little meet and greet with them. Remember to take your autograph book to get it signed!

Be inspired at Mickey and the Magical Map

I am embarrassed to say, but I didn’t even know this show existed but happy to say that we got to see it on our last visit. It’s a live musical show that will really ignite your imagination. Show times are in the free Disneyland App.

See the new look of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Later this year the new look castle will be unveiled and I can not wait to see what it looks like. It’s going to be amazing.

Eat Mickey Mouse-shaped treats

Because why not? You’ll find food carts around the park with treats like Mickey-shaped pretzels, but my favourite is the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe where you can get delicious treats. You can also find them in the food stores in Main Street. So many Mickey treats to try!

Revisit your childhood on Peter Pan’s Flight

This is such a beautiful ride, and one I recommend for all ages. It’s great for small kids, and adults, and just magic!

Smile your way through a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn

If you can swing it, it’s so good to experience a character breakfast during a visit. You can eat a delicious brekky, while hanging out with your Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters. To avoid disappointment, I recommend booking before you go.

Have swashbuckling fun on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

And keep an eye out for Jack Sparrow.

Ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Because it feels like being a kid all over again.

Get positively frightened at the Haunted Mansion

The kids were so scared on this one that I had to take a secret exit with them and miss the ride. Lacey ended up getting brave enough to go back and try it though, and loved it!

Take the Star Tours, not just for Star Wars fans

This is Shane’s favourite ride, and he’ll often disappear and I know he’s on this ride. It’s different every time he rides it, which means he never gets bored and can’t wait to go back again and again.

Enjoy a chowder at Cafe Orleans

In a sourdough bread bowl. So good!

Disney California Adventure Park

Visit the new Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier has been newly re-imagined and had a little makeover, and I like what they’ve done! Toy Story is my favourite film, so I love that I can run into all my favourite characters here and ride some Pixar-themed rides.

Be a dare-devil and ride the Incredicoaster

This is Lacey’s favourite, and probably going to be your fave too.

Battle your friends and family on the Toy Story Midway Mania!

This is the cutest 3D ride where you have to shoot at targets and try and get the best score possible. Competitive old me still hasn’t beaten Hubby, but I will… one day!

Meet Woody and Buzz {and more} at Pixar Pier

When we visited, we saw Buzz just strolling around having fun, and being a cheeky bugger. You never know who you’ll see!

Zoom through Radiator Springs

This is my favourite ride at California Adventure Park, and I insist that you ride it! It’s the most popular ride at the park, so if you can grab a Fast Pass, I encourage you to do so. It’s so much fun!

Enjoy a Napa Valley meal at Wine Country Trattoria

I didn’t get a chance to eat here on our visit {too busy riding!} but I’ve heard that it offers the most amazing food.

Indulge in a Churros, or three

Churros at Disney is THE best.

Go back to your childhood days on The Little Mermaid Undersea Adventure

This is the ride that we’ve done the most of all the rides at both parks. Lacey loved it on our first visit years ago, and Lulu adored it this visit. It’s beautiful, almost romantic and just so pretty!

Be absolutely gob-smacked with joy on Soarin’ Around the World

THIS RIDE! Guys. This ride is just magic. You’ll travel around the world, feel the wind in your hair and smell the scents from around the globe. I took my sister on it {as well as the rest of the family} and she was blown away at how beautiful it was.

Learn to draw at Animation Academy

This is a free class, and it’s so much fun. We learned how to draw Mickey, and even the kids had a go and totally nailed it.

Pop into the Cozy Cone Motel for a treat

The whole Cars area of California Adventure Park is so cute and themed to perfection, but it’s the Cozy Cone Motel that will have you gasping. You can grab all kinds of cone-shaped treats including nachos in a cone, ice creams and more.

Have you ever been to Disneyland Resort? Or do you have dreams to go there?

My family and I traveled as guests of Disney. All opinions are my own.