The 9 best things to do in Bali with kids

I love Bali. I really do. It’s hard not to love it. I spent many years thinking it wasn’t for me, so didn’t even consider it a location I would visit with my family. Then one day I found myself there {an impromptu trip to visit my sister who was going through a challenging divorce} and fell deeply in love. There’s something about Bali. I think that it’s nurturing, and makes me feel so relaxed. I think it’s the perfect spot for families because it’s affordable, has loads of great places to eat, and also tonnes of things to do.

While we head to Bali to relax and unwind, I also like to try new things for kids each time we visit. Below I’m sharing just a few things I’ve loved doing with my family, and I’m sure this list will get bigger over the years.

The best things to do In Bali With Kids

What To Do In Bali With Kids

1. Uluwatu Temple

This is one of my favourite things to do with the family in Bali. Located on the cliffs of Bali is the Uluwatu Temple. It’s about an hour drive from Seminyak, and worth the drive {it’s a beautiful trip, by the way}. Not only is there the beautiful temple to visit, there are also monkeys on your walk to the temple. The kids will love watching them, and seeing how cheeky they are {keep your valuables hidden!}.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

2. Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is home to over 1000 animals, and a great day trip for families. We did the safari, and it was one of the best things I’ve done. We got to see the animals up close, and give them a little snack. There are loads of options at the Bali Safari Park, including an Agung Show that is apparently the best in Bali!

What To Do In Bali With Kids

3. Finns Recreation Club

I’d asked friends who frequented Bali where the best water park in Bali was, and this was the place they recommended. It’s got the perfect mix of slides and pools and kids, but areas for adults to chill out as well. Finns Recreation Club is a one-stop spot for the whole family, and has spots to eat, a sports bar, a kids club, Strike Ten Pin Bowling, Body Temple Spa, and is sprawled across four hectares.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

4. Shop!

The great thing about Bali is that the prices are low, which makes for a less stressful holiday for families. Many people find haggling prices with local store holders an art, but I find it a little uncomfortable so I generally play a little bit with them to be respectful and then settle on a price that makes everyone happy. With kids though, it’s good for them to explore the value of the Indonesian Rupiah, and also learn to haggle gently themselves. Lacey negotiated a hat for AUD$1.50 and I don’t even know how she did it, or that she was doing it. I find the best value shopping is Garlic Lane, just ask your driver to take you there.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

5. Visit the beach

What’s a trip to Bali without going to the beach? While the beaches in Legian, and Kuta can be busier and sometimes not as clean as our beaches back at home, it’s nice to take a trip and explore a different beach area. We headed to Balangan for a night to stay at the Indah Balangan Villas. It’s a quieter area, and absolutely gorgeous. Next visit we’re keen to try out Nusa Dua and Sanur, so I’ll report back with how we find those areas.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

6. Swim!

This is one of the reasons we visit Bali, because we want to swim, swim and then swim some more. We’ve always chosen to stay in Villas, so we can have a pool privately to ourselves. One day I’m sure we’ll try a resort, but for now I’m so in love with villas. We choose the villa we stay at with two things in mind; the location and the pool.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

7. Get braids

I know, I know! I know it’s stereotypical for kids to get braids while in Bali, but why not. I mean, I’m all for not having to do their hair while on holiday. It’s a treat for them, and a treat for them. We got coloured extensions because when in Bali, why not?

What To Do In Bali With Kids

8. Get pampered!

This one is more for me really, but you know… happy Mum, happy kids, right? Each night after dinner we head to the day spa for a foot massage. Sometimes we’ll do it for just half an hour {$6} or for a whole hour {$11}. It’s the perfect way to end the day, and by the end of our stay we’re always so sad to say goodbye to the crew.

What To Do In Bali With Kids

9. Eat!

The food in Bali is soooo good. Again, because food is generally so affordable it takes the stress of eating out away. One night each stay we like to have a cook come to home and make a little feast for us, but most of the time we head out and explore places to eat. We like to start our day at Biku because they cater to the kids beautifully, and always give colouring-in to keep the kids happy. They have a mix of Indonesian food and Western food, so everyone is happy.

There is so much more to do in Bali, and we’ll add to our list every time we visit. With most of the travel we do, we jam-pack our days with family-friendly activities, but Bali is the place I like to do less and really relax. So our days are spotted with activities and lots of downtime.

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Have you visited Bali? What are your favourite things to do with kids in Bali?