The weekend


Each time I think about the weekend that just went by my hands immediately go to my head, and I feel overwhelmed, or mortified, or glad it’s over. Even more, I wish it hadn’t happened.

Last week, on Friday, we buried my cousin’s son. It was the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever attended. He had so many friends and family, and it was really a celebration of his life, and showed off how loved he was. I want to share something really beautiful from the day later this week. But first I need to share this…

On Saturday we had a bit of a get together. My sister was up from Sydney with her husband, and my cousin popped in with his kids, so we put on a bit of a lunch. It was fun. The sun was out, everyone was celebrating life, I made a really good cake, and good times were being had. The good thing to come out of someone passing is that people are often closer, more reflective and they let the little things go. I felt grateful to be living breathing, and enjoying the simple things in life.

My cousin has a daughter a little bit older than Lacey and they have great times together, always. On this day they decided to go out and jump on the trampoline together.

Yep, I said that word: trampoline.

We have one of those trampolines with the safety net, so it’s safe, right? Well, Lacey was doing her new trick which is jumping high to touch the top of the net. She jumped, her tooth got caught in the top of the netting and then she fell back… leaving her tooth in the net. It was her fully-grown adult tooth.

Somehow, she grabbed the tooth and ran inside, blood everywhere.

I want to say that I picked her up, placed the tooth back in and stayed calm… but I’d by lying. I freaked out, and dropped to the floor in shock. A million thoughts went through my head, and then I called out for my mum. Yes, like a little girl I called out to my mum. I don’t remember any of it though, my family reminded me the next day while making fun of me.

Hubby was home, as was my sister. They’re the two most capable, unstressed people in the world. I think I just knew that I could freak out because they had it together. I know if I was home alone, I’d just get the job done. OH MAN I HOPE I’D PULL IT TOGETHER.

We rushed to the hospital. It happened on a Saturday night, so no dentists open and the emergency dentist I called sounded like he was at a party. I wanted to yell, “I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE TIPSY! I’LL PAY YOU ALL THE MONEY, JUST COME AND HELP US!”

We got to emergency and were ushered in. Within an hour they were attempting to put the tooth back in. Poor Lacey was covered in blood. It was through her hair, covering her face and all over her clothes. She was in shock and scared, and in pain. Seeing her on that bed hurting, just ached me. As they put the tooth back in, I crouched on the ground and rubbed her legs. And then it hit me again. She was crying in pain, and I felt like I was going to vomit or pass out. I asked for a vomit bag… and the head doctor yelled, “Get on the ground. Lie on the ground!”

I lay on the ground and just sobbed. A nurse walked by and yelled, “Oh! Mum’s down!”

I was mortified.

Apparently us mums often don’t cope well. It’s a thing {or that’s what I’m telling myself!}. They see it often. As soon as I felt better I tried to sit up in a chair, but they insisted I sit in a wheelchair with blankets covering me. “You’re in shock. You’ve gone cold and lost colour.”

So I sat there, like a loser, in a wheelchair while my husband held my daughter through her procedure. I knew we’d laugh about it later, or hoped we would… but man… weak lady! Unfortunately the tooth didn’t stay, and fell out over time so we had to have another procedure, putting Lacey to sleep to get it done properly. But first I had to drive to a late night pharmacy to get some mouth guards.

Of course I drove along crying like I was heartbroken listening to a Mariah Carey song. I just wanted the night not to be happening and for my beautiful girl to be safe and happy. If I could have swapped places with her, I would have, in a heartbeat.

When I arrived back, the doctors prepped for the procedure. Two head doctors, and two nurses went over the plan. The top dog doctor started explaining, “OK, if she stops breathing we’ll use the blah-blah-blah, and then if she continues to stop breathing we’ll….” I freaked out. “What do you mean stop breathing?! Is she going to stop breathing?!”

I was not for even a moment logical or calm. The nurse patted me on the shoulder, and explained that it was a worst case scenario plan.

The procedure went on beautifully, the tooth was replaced and she didn’t stop breathing. I wouldn’t have known though, because I was sent outside to calm the heck down and let them do their thing. And by sent, I mean I retreated outside on my own accord because I was not coping and it wasn’t helping sweet Lacey. Thank goodness for husbands.

So, now we’re home. Lacey has to wear a mouth guard and eat through a straw or syringe for a week or so, and we wait and see if this tooth can stay. The doctors said the odds were against us because it took so long for the tooth to be put in position, but I think we’re lucky and it will stick.

How was your weekend? And if you’ve ever freaked out inappropriately I’d love to be comforted by your story… please.

P.S. Anyone want a trampoline?



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  1. When my oldest was 7 he had a friend over, cricket in the backyard ended in my son tripping on a chair and putting his teeth through his lip. Blood freakin everywhere! Master 4 in full dress up mode as Tigger and crying because I was screaming. I calmed tigger, grabbed master 7 and his mate and made frantic calls to hubby and the other child mother. I was FREAKING out! The extra kid actually told me to ‘settle down’. Smartarse! Turns out his mum was a dental theatre nurse who laughed her arse off at me when she arrived to pick up her son. I’m crap in a medical emergency that involves my kids and blood! I hope Lacey’s tooth holds, now have a good lay down and calm your farm xxxx

  2. Oh no poor Lacey and poor you…. Yep those darn trampolines… Do you remember when layla had her accident on the “safe” trampoline…. I think I was quite calm, I managed to ring the ambulance, give our address etc and still not fall to pieces…. Since then there has been countless trip to the hospital with broken wrists, shoulders, dislocated elbow, asthma attacks and I don’t think I have freaked out yet, but I could be wrong I could just think I am calm.. Fingers crossed the tooth doesn’t move. Xx

  3. My hand went straight to my mouth as I was reading. I hope Lacey (and YOU!) are ok now x
    When we were little, my sister and I had 3 incidents in the space of a few months requiring a trip to the hospital for stitches. I tripped in the hallway and split my forehead open; my sister fell on the pathway and split open her chin and she also split open her eyebrow on the tap at bathtime. The nurses were more worried about mum – she was a wreck!

  4. OMG gross. I’m a paeds nurse but teeth freak me the hell out. And yep, mums not coping is stupidly common, we always tell them they don’t have to come, but of course they want to be there for their child. But then they freak which makes it harder for the kid and if they really freak I’ve had a couple pass out. So as silly as you feel you’re not all together unique. ? hope the tooth stays.

  5. There’s something about accidents involving teeth and mouths. My son fell off a step while baking (yes, baking). That day is an absolute blur and ended in midnight emergency list surgery to reconstruct his lip with 10 sutures and fix his teeth. I also passed out in ED while they were attempting to fix it. I got home the next morning to a crime scene. Blood everywhere. Husband blissfully missed it all as he was in Phoenix for work…

    I hope Lacey is ok. Take care of yourself mumma. L x

  6. We just got one of those trampolines! I thought they were supposed to be safe! I feel your pain, I was holding with white knuckles onto the “parent” chair just watching my little girl have her first filling so I have no idea what you must have been going through. Hope all is better soon. Must have been an emotional week.

  7. What are the chances of that happening? Oh my goodness – Freak accident. Imagine if it was written on the label “Warning: Children’s adult teeth may be caught in net.” HA! Oh my. I have one of those trampolines too!
    I think I must have been a freak to look at when I went into the ER when my baby was 10 days old. My husband was far more relaxed but he hadn’t been up for 11 days and 10 nights straight with a newborn. So….
    I love a good, honest story. Gosh, don’t we just love our kids to the moon and back!

    • Yes, they need that warning on there. Maybe I should email them and ask them to make the netting finer.

      Sleep deprivation makes everything worse, plus you’d JUST had a baby and your emotions are all over the place. xx

      • It would definitely be worth sending them a link to this blog post so they can see the full story of what happened for themselves. May save some other mama some drama πŸ˜‰

  8. I agree with the others… there is something extra horrific about accidents involving teeth.
    I pride myself on being pretty together even when things go bad but I rang my Mum crying like a baby when my then three year old smashed out her three front teeth at the library (yes the very dangerous library)… and don’t even get me started about how I almost vomited in theatre as the anesthetist gased her in my arms and she lay there lifeless as he said ‘say good bye to your daughter’…

    Fingers crossed it all works out well and your girl is back smiling soon.

  9. I had a freak when my youngest got a high fever. Called my mum in tears who Had to take the day off work and stay with me and called my hubby home from work too. Ended up in the ER. For. A. Fever. In my defence she ended up in hospital overnight a year ago to the day it happened at only four months old. I was convinced it was going to happen again. Bloody children can be so stressful!!!

  10. oh you poor thing – im a nurse – so i can completely understand your reaction – I’ve seen it often. The problem with being a nurse is something literally has to be dangling of my daughter for me to be concerned! Also not helpful!! Hope all goes well with he tooth!

  11. That’s terrible. When I am faced with things like this I freak out, too. If I think it’s particularly bad or to do with teeth I can’t look and make my husband look (because I had a tooth broken as a kid and I can’t stand the idea). Otherwise I laugh…. Highly inappropriate! I hope it’s all still going well and that tooth stays where it’s meant to.

  12. you brought tears to my eyes! i am so sorry you had to go through that. you know I reckon there are more of us that would react that way, but possibly just not as honest as you at sharing it! thanks for bearing your soul, through your sharing i am sure you will help other mums who react like that too! i will be praying that Lacey’s tooth stays put. xxxx

  13. My eldest was about 9 or 10 & had called from the monkey bars at school. His knee was torn open by a stick- ouch & gross!
    At the doctors they were trying to clean out his knee after putting a local in it & he was shaking & crying. He keep saying he could still feel it but the doctor & nurse wouldn’t believe him. I was leaning over him trying to comfort him & he was pulling me closer, clinging to my neck when all of a sudden I knew I was going to vomit. The nurse said the same thing to me- ON THE FLOOR! So there I was, lying on the floor breathing into bag & trying to reach up& grab my boys hand so he knew I was there & not a total flake but feeling like the most useless mother in the world.

    Hugs to you guys. And I totally covered my mouth & leaned back from the screen when I read what Had happened- shit!!!

  14. Hopefully this will make you feel better… My almost 2 year old had to have her tonsils and adenoids out earlier in the year. I was allowed into the recovery area after her op. She was hysterical as if she was having the worst nightmare ever – the worst I’ve ever seen her. Apparently it’s normal when they come out of anaesthetic. She had a little bit of blood coming out her nose, blood in her drip and this weird smell, and I started to faint. The nurses had to give my oxygen while I watched another nurse hold my poor baby. Lowest I have ever felt. My husband was at home with our older daughter who also had grommets in her ears that morning – I had been fine with her – so I had no one else, just the nurses, who she knew and could hold her while I got over it. I feel sick just thinking of it.

  15. I’m usually calm at the moment when its needed, and freak out later. When my Mum had her heart attack, I was helping her, talking on the phone to 000 and ended up having to send my Dad outside to wait for the ambulance. When I went into the hospital the next day to see Mum, I had a full blown panic attack that ended with one of the nurses getting me a chair, face flannel and checking my BP.I felt mighty embarrassed.
    I have my fingers crossed the tooth sticks!

  16. This is the second post I’ve read about a trampoline incident. What a crazy weekend!! I would hope that I wouldn’t freak out but who knows how you react when you come into a situation like that? I hope the tooth stays in. xx

  17. I really needed this story, well the fainting part to be specific. I did snort and I may have had tears of laughter, but I did so in the absolute knowledge that if your hubby wasn’t there you would have nailed that coping crap. Thanks for sharing xx

  18. We have all freaked out at some point with our children hurt. And don’t feel bad about “fainting” , my mom would do it every time when it involved one of us and blood. It’s ok.
    And yes, if it had just been you and Lacey, you would of been great! A trooper! And then afterwards, shaking, crying and falling apart. That is what I do. You are a Great mama. Don’t forget that.

  19. But you buried your cousin’s son on the same weekend? Isn’t that the main story here? Not to take away from the tooth incident but really not life or death πŸ™‚

  20. Oh my goodness. I would be right there with you on the ground. I don’t deal well with blood, especially if it is my son’s. And I had no idea that such a thing could happen on a trampoline. The pain your daughter must have had! So terrible. Hope she’s mending.

  21. Holy cow :O you poor thing and Lacey of course !! How terrifing! I think I too would have struggled to cope πŸ™ crossing everything for the tooth to stay put xx

  22. When my son was two he somehow managed to slash his toe open, deep enough to need stitches ( still don’t know what he cut himself on- he was out side playing in the grass) I had to drive him, my five year old and myself to the hospital for stitches. He was bleeding and crying and I ws trying to drive the twenty minutes to the hospital. then I saw a doctors surgery that was open so I went in a forced the guy to stitch up my son. I almost fainted and was made to go lie down while my five year old comforted his brother. So yeah I feel your pain.

  23. I know this. A week ago my 2 year old broke his leg. We had a lot of yucky hospital moments especially when he had a general to have his plaster put on. We’re all a bit traumatised by it. I kept my cool mostly but my insides were freaking and there were many tears…. Why do kids insist on having freaky accidents???

    • We should just keep them wrapped in cotton wool.

      I am sorry you went through that. I can’t imagine doing that to Lulu, she’s so active as well so it would be hard to keep her happy or calm.

      Big hugs Vicki! xx

  24. I have no doubt I have the potential to crumble under pressure but with my husbands track record I wouldn’t have a choice but to be strong! When I was having my first child, I was getting an epidural and happily chatting away to the nurses in between contractions when all of a sudden they just ran. I looked over and my husband had passed out on the floor and they had rushed to help him. It wasn’t like he was even watching the giant needle go into my spine, he was in front of me! hopefully Lacey’s little tooth stays in for you!! And don’t be too hard on yourself!!

  25. Oh my goodness!!!!! You poor thing & poor darling Lacey. I totally understand the panic and shock thing. I’ve experienced both when my kids have had scary injuries or seizures. I hope Lacey’s tooth sticks. I was just saying yesterday how much I want to get a trampoline for my kids. Instead I’m going to bubble wrap them and keep them with me at all times! Just kidding (not really kidding at all but trying to make myself sound less helicopter mum!)
    And to the person below who made the comment comparing the funeral to losing the tooth, you clearly don’t know Chantelle at all. She has perspective. She has more empathy and love than most people. This story wasn’t being compared to the loss of her 2nd cousin. This story was simply this story. You have no idea how Chantelle and her family are grieving so I think it’s unkind and unfair to make the comparison.

    • Thanks Amy. That comment has really upset me.

      We’re a close family, and Justin’s mum was really worried about Lacey after the accident. She wouldn’t want me not to worry about my girl, in fact I’m sure she’d want me to worry and love on her harder after her losing her son. I sat in that hospital room dissecting it all, and just being so grateful that it was ‘just’ a tooth and that I had my girl with me.

      It’s all just super emotional. It feels surreal at the moment, and a bit of a blur.

  26. Trampolines–evil devil spawns! My oldest daughter sprained her ankle on one when she was 5, I said ” Come on your fine and made her walk five houses find” only to have to take her later that night to get a cast! Same kid 16 the day of prom…jumping on Trampoline no net, bar for net swings and smacks her in face–chipping front tooth! Not everyone has the stomach for emergencies–it is ok. πŸ™‚ your weekend was emotional. I don’t think anyone could have guessed how they would have reacted.

      • Please don’t. It will reinforce that trampolines are dangerous and they really aren’t any more dangerous than riding a bikes. its like giving away the family dog because it nips you one day. When the tooth heals , encourage her back on and downplay it. Kids have accidents its part and parcel of the territory. It will be fun for her the day she climbs back on and has fun again. Empowering even. x

  27. Oh I couldn’t believe the bad luck for Lacey to get her tooth stuck in the net. The poor thing, I reflexively covered my mouth when I read it. This mumma gig is a tough one isn’t it. Thank heavens for good husbands who can step in.I have had moments like that when they have wanted me to walk Raffy into the operating theatre and I have had to get his daddy to take him. In situations on my own I have been badass and relax – you would be too.

  28. Oh FMS, I know exactly what you went through. My son was 3 at the time, it was a Saturday, hubby at work and we where off to swimming lessons. We had a great morning at swimming, my son (Chris) was particularly proud of himself as he mastered his diving that morning and couldn’t wait to tell his dad about it. Hubby arrives home at around noon and I had to rush off to work (got called in). Well I get a call a couple of hours later from hubby, “now don’t panic, I’m at the hospital with Chris, everything is ok”. What do you mean don’t panic, I’m panicking, I’m his mother. So off I go to the hospital, thinking all the worst. Hubby meets me outside emergency. So what happened. Chris had decided that it wasn’t just good enough to tell his dad about how well he dived at swimming lessons but to demonstrate it. He stood up on the lounge, held his arms above his head and dived off the lounge and straight into the corner of the coffee table, splitting his head open. I’m crying by now and when I saw the mess that Chris was in, blood all through his blonde hair, all over his face, I instantly felt sick. I tried to be brave but all I remember is a nurse leading me outside for some fresh air, I had passed out. I was so embarrassed, but apparently ist very common for mums to do this.

  29. We’ve had two ‘incidents’ and I think I handled them ok-ish. When our little boy was one he touched the hot oven. I thought my husband had him, he thought I knew he was following me, cue trip to emergency. He had a blister covering his whole palm, so they cut it off. With scissors. ? I was fairly calm for that, probably helped by the fact he was fascinated by the whole thing!
    My daughter broke her arm while I was out with some friends for the first time in years. Hubby thought it would be a good idea to tag me on Instagram in a photo of her asleep on the lounge with an ice pack with the caption ‘I don’t *think* we need to go to the hospital!’ We did. When we took her back a week later to get her proper cast, the Dr looked at her X-ray and said “hey, her elbow is dislocated, she’s going to need surgery”
    It took 5 people to pin her down and hold a gas mask over her face to put her under. That’s when I finally lost it and had to be escorted out by a nurse, absolutely howling lol

      • My 5 year old is fine, he breezes through immunisations and blood tests but my daughter is always petrified. She’s such an anxious little thing, it’s heartbreaking to watch her so distressed πŸ™
        Hope Lacey is feeling better today, and you too x

  30. Me and you are two pea in a pod.. My almost 2 year old put his tooth in this lip last week lots of blood I was hugging him then yelled to my husband quick take him and dropped to the floor, yep I’m that mum too! because his only 2 some times mama hugs only work so I’m on the floor in a blurry sweaty mess holding my baby. Like you I hope if I’m home alone i would pull my shit together. Hope her tooth stays put for you poor baby

  31. I freaked out when Ivy fell and cut her lip at day care. We took her to hospital and she needed stitches. She was about 18m old and they gave her something called ketamine (or something like that) – basically she was awake but so drugged she wouldn’t know what was going on. Any way they started to stitch her up and she was screaming. Adam was holding her with the nurses and I was pacing up and down wanting to throw up. Balling my eyes out I eventaully fled the room sobbing with snot dripping out my nose and ran through the ED department not stopping for anyone!! I could hear her screaming all through the ED! It was a bit over dramatic but I couldn’t bear it anymore. So I ran outside where I couldn’t hear her. I really hope Lacey’s tooth stays put!

  32. Oh lovely Mama!! I hear and feel you. I dropped Sam resulting in 2 broken teeth, I too screamed for my Dad, who came running in, grabbed my boy whilst I continued on to the bathroom to vomit. Each time I see his beautiful little broken teeth I am catapulted back to the horrific moment. I felt his pain and terror as if it was my own but way worse. I dry retch at the thought alone. Thats what happens when your heart lives out side your body. Be kind to yourself honey, you feel this bad because you love so wholeheartedly. This is Motherhood. xx

  33. Oh man, what a weekend of absolute emotion! that would be a terrifying situation to be in, and throw in the already emotional state of the loss of your cousins son would have just tipped the water works and set it all off. The thoughts that must have been going through your mind! I am the type of person that kind of goes into action mode at the time and then completely crumples at the end when the adrenalin has worn off.

  34. Oh noooooo the poor love and poor you. I am so bad in an emergency and scream hysterically for everyone to hear and don’t stop. We’ve had a few over the years and I’ve never coped well in any of them.
    Really hoping that tooth stays in, I have an implant in one of my front top teeth and they are very good now all compared to when I first had it done, but let’s hope you don’t need one. Give yourself a week or two to stop reliving it all xxxxxx take care xxxx everything always happens at once so hope things quieten down

  35. My face was all crunched up reading that! Here’s hoping the tooth survives! This kid rearing thing is fraught with dangers no matter how safe we try and make their worlds. This made me remember that my friend had an inground trampoline (for safety – didn’t want the kids to break arms/legs etc) but had a volleyball net strung across the middle. Her daughter did the same thing – tooth caught and wrenched out. Makes me feel all icky!

    Having had our fair share of broken bones with our kids now and recently my 19 year old broken his collarbone and had to have two ops to repair it -he now has 8 screws and a plate in there. I am so ok with injuries until they involve gaping wounds and/or blood. Then, I crumble. If I don’t look I am ok. I have been known to put my hand over a wound so I can’t see it. Until the blood seeps through my fingers….

  36. Oh no poor Lacey, I hope her tooth stays put and she’s eating back to normal soon. Its horrible seeing your little ones in pain. Last year my eldest fell over in the school playground that hard her top tooth cut a gaping whole in her lip. There was a whole lot of blood and tears from my daughter, thankfully I didn’t stress out and gag, at times I’m a sympathetic vomiter, so glad it wasn’t on this occasion. πŸ™‚

  37. If it makes you feel better Dad’s are just as bad. I was having stitches in my head when I was 10. Mum sat off to the side because she knew she couldn’t cope and Dad was all “I’ll be here. I’ll hold your hand. ” As soon as the local went into my forehead he fainted cold!

  38. Oh my gosh. Poor little Lacey and poor you Mumma! I hope the tooth sticks. Kids are so resilient and I’m sure she will bounce back quickly. I was so sorry to read about your cousins son. So terribly sad. Sending big hugs your way xx

  39. FAR OUT!!! How stressful and scary! It’s always so heart wrenching to see them in pain. She must have some pretty awesome tramp skills to be getting up high enough to touch the top net!! Fingers crossed the tooth sticks :).

  40. Its not just the moms! When I was 12 my dad came to my soccer game. Probably the only 1 my mom ever missed in any yrs of playing . I was knocked down and my wrist broken. Dad and sister took me to the hospital. They froze my wrist so they could set it. And by set it I mean yank it back out of where it went and push it back to where it should be. I’m squeezing the life out if the nurses hand and she looks over to my sister and tells her to take my dad to the chair just outside the door before he falls over! He was white as a ghost! Once the cast was on and dad was recovered we headed home to mom who wondered where we were. No cell phones back then and none of us thought to find a payphone.

  41. Oh my, how traumatic! I am much like you, I can handle any kind of blood and guts, so long as they are not my kids or husband. Then I can feel their pain, literally feel their pain. And then I go to pieces. I do hope your gorgeous cherub is feeling much better. Xxxx

  42. You’re a braver woman than I Chantelle … i think i’d reel – the same thing happened to my little sis when she was about three only she banged her head on the ground after falling off her wheelie horse onto the floorboards and her tooth was pushed up into her gum. Awful. She lost the tooth but suffice to say she now has the biggest most beautiful smile with big white shiny happy teeth, and only we know one is a ring in.

  43. OH MY GOSH I had tears in my eyes reading this – you poor thing! I hope Laceys tooth does take. One question though why Mariah Carey at a time like that? I laugh at your music choice (with love)

  44. I swear those stupid trampolines with the nets are the dumbest things invented. Hate them a passion.
    They are zero fun , stifle a child’s risk calculation , gross motor and still cause just as many accidents because they give a false sense of security . Hope the tooth holds and Lacey is ok.

  45. Oh god, poor Lacey and poor you! I would’ve reacted in the exact same way! When my son was a few months old he had to go into hospital for the day for some tests. One of the, involved a detailed body X-ray. Hubby and I were allowed in the room but we had to dressed in full lead vests. They were heavy and hot, that combined with my major dislike for hospitals and general worry over the tests led me to nearly pass out! I had to excuse myself and before I knew it I was in recovery surrounded by nurses, soooo embarrassing! And I felt like I’d failed my duty as a parent and let down my son in his time of need. Thank god for husbands is all I can say! Hope all turns out well with Lacey’s tooth.

  46. This exact same thing happened to my son, on exactly the same type of trampoline! It was an adult bottom tooth and after much deliberation we decided not to put the tooth back. The teeth have now all merged and centered themselves so you cannot tell. It was very scary at the time! I hope things improve for you!

  47. Ahh this story sounds very familiar – well the part about going into shock.
    I went to get a contraceptive implant put into my arm and I took my partner with me (as you do). He’s totally unphased when it comes to these things – he can watch the blood run out during a blood test!

    Well. How wrong I was! The doctor was numbing my arm and preparing to insert the implant when the nurse was briefly called out of the room. I innocently asked my partner when he was going to uni that day… His reply was a groan as he dropped to the floor! The doctor was right in the middle of putting the implant into my arm, so he was begging me to stay put. Meanwhile my partner was instinctively trying to stand up! The nurse came back in and was thankfully able to sort my fiance out.

    They made is sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes – to see if my fiance was OK!!! He looked so pale, I’ll never forget it. Now he says when we have kids, he’s NOT looking when they come out! It will be a struggle to even get him in the room I think πŸ˜› ah well, learnt my lesson – don’t let your loved ones watch!

  48. Oh what tha?! that is surely not a regular accident? Man I hope not and of all the things a tooth?!

    Harrington slashed his right hand pointing finger down to the bone through tendons and everything at 18 months old. My problem is I always assume it will all be ok and am possibly too relaxed..

    Laceys tooth will stay.. I feel it in my bones x

  49. Oh darling, what an awful accident for Lacey – and such a horrid ordeal for all of you actually. That’s the second accident I’ve read of, within a couple of weeks, where one of those fancy tramps were involved. My kids live on the edge here with an old style tramp that I didn’t put the net up on – more a space issue, I like to flip the tramp to use the garden more.
    I do hope little Lacey has a wonderful recovery. And you too xx

  50. OMG I would have vomitted and then passed out but not before bursting into tears. I’m so bad with physical trauma!

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