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For Bloggers: The Social Media Health Check you need to have.

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Bloggers, the social media health check you need to have

How long has it been since you went through your blog and social media platforms and gave them a little spruce up? Or a health check-up? Quite often I get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that I forget to check-in and make sure everything is up-to-date and working properly. Below is a checklist of health-checks you might just need to perform on your various platforms. Go on, the Doctor is in the house!


▢ How long has it been since you updated your profile photo or cover photo? For tips on how to make a great cover photo for your page, have a read of this post I wrote last year.
▢ How is your Facebook page working for you? Go to your last post and down the bottom you’ll see ‘X people saw this post’, click on that. It’ll show you the post that connected most with your audience {or more correctly that the most people saw}. Have a think about how you can bring a bit more of that good stuff to your followers.
▢ Are you sharing a mix of links, photos, status updates etc on your page each week? Have a think about how you can mix it up a bit and engage your audience.
▢ A few bloggers have now taken on a new method of sharing links to their blog posts, by writing a status update and sharing the link in the comments. While I’m sure it works for some, remember two important things: user experience and share-ability. Is it offering your readers a good experience to have to click through the comments to get to the link? With Facebook one of our main goals is to make something so good that people want to share it {make it viral baby!}, and if you’ve got a link in the comments it gets totally lost and the post isn’t shareable at all {well it’s shareable, of course, but they’ll be sharing your status update not your link}.


▢ Does your profile photo look like you, or is it a photo of you in 1998 when you were at your most fabulous? Make sure you have an updated photo of the current you.
▢ Have you checked out your profile page on Twitter? It will be one of the first places people go to check you out, so make sure it gives a great insight into you, or is at least witty enough that they’ll want to follow you ASAP.
▢ How is your header looking? Add a little jazz to your Twitter profile by uploading a photo or collage that shares a bit more about you. If you need a little help, you can use TwitCover to create one.
▢ Ask yourself – “Why am I actually on Twitter?” If it’s to connect, make sure that you’re taking a little time each week to be active and connect with others online. If it’s to share your website/blog, then why not check your blog stats to see that people are actually clicking from Twitter to read what you’ve written.


▢ Again, how is your profile photo? Is it up-to-date?
▢ Make sure that your website URL is highly visible so if people like your pins they can find more of you elsewhere.
▢ How often are you pinning stuff? Have a think about how you want Pinterest to work for you, and then set aside an amount of time each week/month to grow it. Perhaps it’s just a place for you to play, and that’s a-ok too!
▢ Is the content on your blog pinnable? You can check who has pinned your content by using the URL: {so mine is}. What are people pinning? Think about how you can make more shareable content on your site.
▢ Another great thing to do is to find people that inspire you online and follow them. Being inspired is a wonderful thing!


▢ Instagram won’t bring a huge amount of traffic to your site, but that’s not really what it’s about. It’s about having fun {mostly!} and growing your profile online. There are loads of ways to get involved {challenges are just one way}. You can share even the most boring on Instagram, but just as long as you’re sharing.
▢ Clean up your following feed, and find inspiring people to follow. Comment on their photos, be active in the Instagram community. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make friends and connections.
▢ Are your profile details up-to-date? And how long has it been since you updated your profile picture? Freshen it up if it’s been a while.

Your blog

▢ Go through your blog with fresh eyes. Pretend you’re visiting it for the first time. Check your about page, contact page and other links. Make sure there’s a photo of you somewhere. Does it need a freshen up? Click all your social media links and make sure they still work. Go through and write a list of anything that needs updating or changing and put it on your to-do list for the next few weeks. If you want a new header but aren’t so crafty, look on Etsy for a new design or affordable designer.
▢ Make sure you’re being legal. If you’re running competitions on your blog, make sure you’re doing it right. In Australia all giveaways need to have an element of skill to them, otherwise you need to purchase a gaming licence {around $80 from here}. If you’re running a Rafflecopter competition simply asking people to ‘like’ your Facebook page to enter, and you haven’t purchased a licence, you’re risking hefty fines. Play safe!
▢ I know stats are so boring, and I try not to look at mine very often – but it’s good to check out what patterns are forming and get an insight to how people read your blog. Delve into what the page impressions and unique browsers have been for each month so far this year. Is your traffic going up, or down? Which posts have had the most impressions? Why do you think they did?
▢ Where is your traffic coming from? Have a think about how you can make that work for you more.
▢ Look at comments. Which posts got the most people talking on your blog?
▢ Look at shares {Facebook, Twitter, Pins etc}. Which posts got the most shares on your blog?

Do your blog and social media platforms need a little health check-up? Which one do you give the most attention to?

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  • Thanks so much for this checklist Chantelle. I’ve printed it out so I can go through and check all of my sites.

  • Sarah – Style Unearthed

    Great tips – thank you so much!

  • kim

    Thanks for that post, Chantelle. Always great:) My social media button has stopped showing it’s photo. I’ve fiddled and fiddled with it to try to fix it. Then I leave it for another day. It’s now been a week. Not a good look. Must get onto it. Same too with my page buttons. They are boring and need a lot of revamping. Your blog is looking great x

    • That’s frustrating. When I have those things that need fixing and I can’t figure out how to do it – I just get Liz and her Hubby to look at it. It’s not too expensive {but having my own business I can claim it as an expense} and it stops driving me batty!

  • Gaz

    Great advice. Thanks.

  • Great list. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reminder. Even if I have to face my ageing portraits!

  • Thanks for this! I have been putting off an “update” .. must do now!

  • oh my goodness yes! That link is in comments thing, sheesh that pushes me over the edge. I don’t care how many more people you’re reaching, if I have to open your status to then maybe click on the link, I’m not doing it. I know you’re trying to manipulate me and the system and it’s not a fun feeling.

    Worse though is the out of date profile photo. It happens in real estate too with out of date agent photos and people are like, errr who are you again? Haha. Update them people!

    A great GREAT list. Great post.

  • Amanda Smyth

    Great tips Chantelle – any advice with regard to the upcoming closure of Google Reader?

  • that is so good! can I just say I could never do the link in the comments because I never ever click on it when I read someone else’s update so if I don’t do it then I figure other people don’t either!!! great tips

  • Thanks for this post! All my social media sites needed a good cleanup along with new pictures and revisions 🙂

  • Lauren

    Your link to the post for how to make a great facebook cover photo isn’t working and I had to search to find your search box :/

  • I’ve noticed a few posts along these lines, thinking it may be due to the recent business screw ups on social media.

    • Nope. Just realised I needed to do a ‘health check’ myself. Haven’t seen any other health check posts or noticed any major screw-ups

      • One of my blogger friends had one up about a bakery telling people on facebook that they didn’t need their business and calling them bitches.

  • Fantastic tips! …and AMEN to your point about FB page updates and links in the comments. You’re so right! It has to be something REALLY good for me to go through all the trouble of clicking back through comments to click that link.

  • Another totally awesome post! I love all your top tips. Hubby is my Technical Director and so I will have to wait for him to bestow his technical expertise on the blog, which I can now see needs an extreme makeover! Instagram is my favourite thing and probably gets my most attention. It may direct the most traffic to the blog, but it is certainly the most fun!

  • Katherine | Kapcha The World

    The link to the post about updating cover photos doesn’t work. Would be interested to read that as mine needs doing. Haven’t changed it in ages.

  • Great advice. I am the biggest guilty-ist blogger on this. I updated my pic recently and a “friend” said thank god for filters! I still like her but her voodoo doll is not looking so pretty.

  • Bec

    some great tips. I have noticed the link in the comments section recently on business posts and i saw an article about it the other day. The way in which facebook promotes the post to followers is actually increased when there is no link in the status. I tested it out and the reach was much higher when no link was attached the the main status… guess this is why it’s happening a lot now.

  • Clare

    Great tips Chantelle! It’s on my “to do” list 😉

  • Great tips, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Lauren

    I can’t find anything about giveaways on the OLGR site. All I can find is information about people paying to enter and that’s a raffle, not a giveaway. Could you please provide a more specific link?

  • samstone76

    Thanks for these tips Chantelle. I really think I need to update my photo 🙂 It was back from when I was looking fabulous – not so much anymore 😉

  • Mummy Manifesto

    Hi Chantelle, thanks for the checklist to beat all checklists..have just emailed it to myself and will print it out. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Diane Dalmasy

    Such a great post! Thanks for all the tips!

  • Felicity

    They are really great ideas! I was wondering if you could fill me in on why people put their blog post link in the comments? As you say, lots of people are doing it lately. Is there a reason? Is it meant to increase your stats on fb if someone clicks into your comments section? I agree that it doesn’t make the status update as shareable, but I thought there must a reason people are doing it. Thanks x

    • My understanding is that Facebook ranks status updates quite highly {meaning they’ll appear in newsfeeds more than a straight link would} so people were finding that if they did a status update with the link in the comments it would be likely to be seen by more people. 🙂

  • thanks for the reminder to keep on top of all the bits and bobs

  • Thank you for touching on that “link in the comments” thing – I am not a blogger, but a blog reader and it just bothers me. Right up there with “500th liker gets a prize, share this” (um, what about the 1-499 people who already care about you?) and statuses complaining that nobody is seeing their posts – which happens from all Facebook pages, not just bloggers. Focus on making content that people miss from their news feeds, I say.

  • Robyn (Mrs D)

    Great tips!! these have really given me some food for thought. I need to get busy!! Thanks Chantelle xx

  • Taylor Elyse

    Loved this! I really like how you asked about the why behind every social media site. So help ful!

  • victoria bodanyi

    chantelle — when you post on facebook about your blog posts, do you use a special service that posts for you or do you do status updates? i love how your blog posts show up as a box, with not only a picture from the post, but also with the blog post title and the first sentence or so of the post. i can’t seem to get mine to do that! and i would love to know what you use or how you get yours to do that. thanks! vic

    • Hello. I do it myself. When I share a link like that, I just paste the link, wait for it to load, and then delete the link – and write whatever I want about the post.

      The information it’s capturing is usually the automatic metadata {the same information that Google captures for it’s searches}. What platform is your blog on?

      Link me to your blog so I can see if it works for me if I attempt to share a post {I won’t share it – but I’ll see what it does if you like?} x

      • victoria bodanyi

        thanks for your help! my blog is — it’s still a work in progress, but any help is much appreciated!

        • So it loads for me, but the words don’t come across like they do with mine. So paste the link, let it load and you’ll see the data pop up.

          You can then click on the title, and the description and add your own copy. For the header I’d use the title of the post, and for the description perhaps the first two sentences from the post?

          And make sure you delete the link you’ve pasted, and then write something compelling to get people to click across.

          I’ve put a screenshot up of what I see. Hope that helps. x

          • victoria bodanyi

            awesome! thanks for your help; i really appreciate it! i will definitely try this out next time i have to post something.